Thursday, April 14, 2011


And those Desperate Action Alerts just keep coming. The latest one today, Brenda Barnette should fall into the category of being a murderer of animals, according to the All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA) and their Messiah, Nathan J. Winograd.

According to the cult philosophy followed by the All Desperate Liars, the one pimped by Nathan Winograd, there is no pet overpopulation problem. Thus they conclude that the euthanization in shelters is a decision made by ineffective shelter directors who take the easy way out by euthanizing for time and space. They call these ineffective shelter directors murderers.

So with the euthanization increasing each month that Brenda Barnette has been on the job and euthanization is the highest it has been in 10 years, what does that make Barnette? Is she one of those ineffective shelter directors that makes the decision to kill rather than to save lives? If the All Desperate Liars says that euthanization is a "choice" because there is no pet overpopulation problem, then they also have to accept that Brenda Barnette is making that choice and therefore she should be classified as a murderer. Explain that one, All Desperate Liars.

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SayNoToBarnette said...

After 9 months on the job, one would think Breeder Barnette would be making some headway. Instead it has been a steady slide downhill. I'd like to know how the ADL explains how their philosophy applies to one and not to another.