Saturday, April 23, 2011


How did I miss this one? I didn't! Just waiting to see if this All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA), "Desperate Action Alert" announcing THE NEW LAAS WEBSITE DATED MARCH 7TH would pan out, but as usual, it bit the dust without anybody asking. BUT I NOTICED and want to know what's up, Pammie?. As you can see, the subject of this Desperate Action Alert is the pitiful LAAS Web Site. . Have you looked at the website lately? Pitiful!! Before BB came, it had icons on how to get spay/neuter information and a picture of the doggie policeman telling you to License your Dog--It's the Law. At least the homepage looked like an animal services agency. Isn't that what LAAS is supposed to be?  There's now a green license tag that looks like it's covered with mold. At least It's supposed to be a license tag, I think. SO HERE'S WHAT THE ADL-LA PROMISED US:

Sent: 3/7/2011 10:34:07 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Fwd: [stopthekilling] New LAAS Web Site Coming Soon!
Evidently this picture is on the Home Page of the new web site! It was sent to us by an anonymous individual who has apparently seen the site. We think it's GREAT!


Thanks to a huge volunteer and staff collaboration, a new website has been designed by an amazing web designer who wants to remain anonymous; (but sources "leaked" to ADL-LA that the cost was donated by the incredibly brilliant, savvy and compassionate animal advocate Erika Brunson of Spay4LA SHE IS ADL-LA's HERO OF THE WEEK!

We heard the new sight has already been circulated to members of staff involved in public relations, web specialists and some of the Board of Animal Commissioners for comment and to test usability. Having completed those steps, the site is now in the hands of a Spanish speaker to translate the most important parts of the site for our Spanish speaking community; FINALLY! If there are any volunteers who would like to translate to other languages, or even help the Spanish translator translate more pages on the site, then step on up and contact Brenda Barnette's assistant Maria at 213 482-9556.

ADL-LA has not seen the new web site nor even parts of it, except the picture above, but from what we hear from different sources, the new web site is not only MUCH MORE user friendly, easier to navigate, BUT it also contains inspirational and educational information regarding our shelters that were previously left out on the current web site.

AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT WE GOT!! The ADL-LA should turn in their scary costumes if their latest post is the best they can do for animals. They've only got one song and it's been sung to the point of making us puke. They could have been a voice to help LA animals but their narrow minds (down to two now, Pammie and Teri MASSIVElardo) calling everything "No Kill" only concentrates on adoptions while completely overlooking the lack of information on the "new" website about spay/neuter, the real solution. Even Animal People News reported that a decade of focusing on adoptions has set us back, impounds are increasing and thus euthanization is again increasing. We can't adopt ourselves out of this, how long does it take the ADL-LA and their other "No Kill" cult followers to realize this? And how many more animals have to suffer before they do?

While there on the home page, look to your left and see the license tag picture. See what I mean!! Would you want to put this on your dog? Where did Brenda Barnette find this tag, off one the dogs she killed at the shelter? What was she thinking, or the better question is was she as usual not thinking at all but just trying to cover her butt?

And isn't this just toooo sweet? Here's what All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA) posted on March 7 to get us all excited about the new programs and new website that Breeder Barnette was ready to unveil. BTW, folks, this kennel-adoption program they are talking about was developed by Kathy Davis and Linda Barth and making good money before BB came. Haven't heard any recent reports on it since she arrived, so she probably tossed it down the toilet because it didn't help the breeders. Her Bigtime Breeder Buddy Cathie Turner was supposed to put together great programs for the breeders to help the shelters, like bringing in old newspapers and rags. What a novel idea. Why didn't we ever think of that before? Well, how about each breeder who sells puppies in LA paying $300 to adopt a kennel every month? Makes lots more sense to me. But here's the All Desperate Liars take on this.

Another new program is the adopt-a-kennel program whereby members of the public can sponsor a kennel cage for a year for $300. This program is designed to bring in much needed funds from the community.This is a brand new program, but if you walk around the six shelters, you can see the local community support starting to grow at each of our shelters. In fact, we went to the North Central Shelter and saw a plaque that reads as follows:
Our sources tell us there were more than 25 individuals and groups who chipped in for this tribute. This really says it all!

Really now, a piddling $300 total tribute to the new GM contributed by WHOM? Did it take 25 breeders at $12 each to get a kennel adopted in BB's name? Did you bother to check on this "tribute". How do we know she didn't pay for this herself? How much did the ADL-LA chip in, Pammie? Did you put your money where your mouth is? Grasping at straws AGAIN, All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA) but the haystack is getting bigger and it's harder to find even a straw with BB's name on it. Time for the City Council to set it on fire. That will bring out all the rats fast.


Anonymous said...

Best Friends will also be sending merchandise catalogs and solicitations to the public whose names they extort through this PUBLIC shelter.

There is a big problem with this as ALL merchandise sold by Best Friends (every Tshirt, mug, vitamin, sweatshirt, sticker, everything!) goes to FOR PROFIT COMPANIES that spill the cash directly into the personal bank accounts of the founders.

Look at their Guidestar IRS filing to see the for profit companies.

People think they are helping pets by buying all this merchandise with the cutesy animal cartoons, but all they are doing is helping con artists and cultists get wealthy.

Best Friends has already pulled this scam by sending merchandise catalogs at holiday time that purported to help Best Friends and were in the name of Best Friends, but were actually merchandise sales catalogs for these private businesses owned by the founders of Best Friends.

Again, anyone who purchased from these catalogs thought they were helping pets but they were just enriching the founders.

This is a SCAM, and they now intend to scam the public and sell cutesy dog Tshirts and all their other merchandise (either directly or stealing names and addresses for mailing lists for catalogs) so Best Friends cult founders can profit from taxpayers who are paying the bills for this shelter!.

Best Friends is doing less and spending less for and on animals on a daily basis. They are ceasing to run a sanctuary altogether, which is why they changed their name from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to Best Friends Animal Society. More and more of the donors' money is being siphoned off into big salaries and perks for Best Friends higher ranking employees and managers that are just stealing the donors money to also spend on things like first class air fare to jet around and promote themselves, stealing from donors who falsely think the money is going to animals because of all the fake puff pieces that high paid public relation experts write for Best Friends web sites and magazine as advertising for BF (these same managers and founders who use the slave labor of volunteers and underpaid low ranking staff to do things like landscaping and maintenance at the founders free houses, paid for by Best Friends donors who thought they were supporting animals)

Best Friends will not only be profiting from illegally taking names and addresses for solicitation from people who thought they were supporting the city's animals, Best Friends will also get their dirty hands on licensing lists to solicit money from the public. Using city shelter animals to get rich!

Meanwhile, the rescue groups will still be going broke trying to save these animals as Best Friends management orders them around like the slaves they are accustomed to abusing, and BEST FRIENDS will get the money, not the rescue groups!

Using this public shelter is a scam by the profit-takers and donation thieves running Best Friends.

There needs to be a lawsuit on behalf of taxpayers who should not be funding the thieving of private individuals using "animal rescue" and "No Kill" as their fronts.

A business like Best Friends has no right to be using public property, and no right to be taking away jobs from union members so that the capitalists at Best Friends can get richer.

Anonymous said...

This is also a ploy by the Rick Berman set like Winograd to infiltrate public departments and take over public employee UNION jobs!

Winograd and Barnette have already been bitching and complaining about union employees "getting in their way,", wanting to annihilate union member jobs so they can hand out the money to their cronies and enable private takeover by their fraudster friends.

The union needs to deal with this direct threat immediately.

Berman, Barnette, Winograd and Best Friends are UNION BUSTERS! and thieves, setting up a direct assault on taxpayer money.

This is their ploy to get their foot in the door and spread their poison, and make sure that as many animals as possible suffer for the profits of this corrupt gang.

HonestyHelps said...

Best Fiends don't do these things because they are nice, they do these things because they are greedy.