Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Just predicting the future here, I've had many successes in predicting the future. As we know from my previous posts, Breeder Brenda Barnette, has taken ACO's off the wicked streets and turned them into minimum wage canvassers for licenses in order to save her butt. She knew when she did this that the City already had plans to put ACO's on a furlough due to budget cuts.  

LA City Mayor is ordering forty-two (42) furlough days (eight and a half weeks of unpaid leave) for Animal Control Officers. This combined with the dog license canvassing proposal BB has implemented will cripple the city’s enforcement efforts for animal control services. Looks like it will be the wild, wild, west in LA City for stray dogs and animal suffering. One additional note, most ACOs already receive at least six (6) weeks of paid time off (holiday, vacation and sick leave). This will equate to a total of more than fourteen (14) weeks off for each ACO or three months. So now LA, which is already short on ACO's (there's never enough) has reduced their ability to pick up strays by a quarter.

No jurisdiction, in my opinion, could meet the needs of the community by furloughing animal control staff for two (2) months. Animal control is a twenty four hour a day service and this proposal will cost the City additional money in overtime compensation. As more dogs are abandoned and run loose, this will cause greater impacts on the Department to respond to injured animals after hours and other priority calls. Costs actually increase when you furlough a twenty four hour response agency.

The bottom line is how this plays into the Barnette Grand Scheme. Fewer impounds, fewer euthanizations. Just like San Antonio who tried to go "No Kill", the streets filled fast. And the same will happen to the City of LA. This was no fluke, folks, it was a well thought out plan to destroy, just like Barnette did in King County. Just like the transportation programs are designed to destroy local shelters by taking homes away, more euthanization. 

You think people who claim to work with animals are nice people, you think wrong. They are as conniving and ruthless as any Costra Nosta leader. Barnette is the head of this mob mentality. Be prepared to take your lives in your hands just trying to get from your front door to your car. Forget about walks, forget about letting your children play outside, to do these activities can be hazardous when strays abound on the streets.

I've always supported spay/neuter as a means of achieving no kill, because it is easy to figure out that you can't kill 'em if they ain't there. Barnette subscribes to the same except her version is just don't pick them up, take ACO's off the streets, and they don't come into the shelters thus they don't get killed. Of course they do get killed but scraping them off the streets is another department's job.

And when all of this happens, it will be easy to convince the public that animal control needs to be privatized. I have said it before and I will repeat myself, Barnette was hired to destroy animal control and get it privatized for the Mayor. He wants to be rid of it, only problem is he can never be rid of it. He just doesn't understand it well enough to know that placing animal control in private hands is not the solution. There is a bright side, gun sales will probably increase and that means more sales tax dollars. Hey, one always has to find a bright spot in any situation, doesn't one?


Anonymous said...

Indianapolis Indiana and Winograd & Best Friends lackey Doug Rae all over again!

Animals dying in the streets while Doug Rae falsified his "numbers" and fired animal control officers.

Best Friends and the breeders want lawlessness and suffering.

HonestyHelps said...

Exactly, PBP, I think I liken this to Doug Rae in a previous post. I actually saw the emails from ACOs where they reported Rae telling them to not pick up in the field.

The scheme of "No Kill" is much larger than imagined. We need to be afraid, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that no kill places don't accept strays...doesn't that defeat the purpose of Animal Control and animal shelters?!

I thought shelters were originally built for the sole puropose of getting dogs/cats off the streets. Shelters seem to be mutating into something unidentifiable.

I don't donate money anymore(too disgusted with how it's being spent), I'd rather volunteer my valuable time interacting with the dogs and cats that may never leave the shelter. It's really about them, afterall.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, these shelters do as they please. Usually they don't accept owner relinquished. So where do they think the strays come from? I think all states have a requirement for the municipalities to collect all stray dogs because of rabies, but almost none collect stray cats unless the cat has harmed something or is injured or contained. It just doesn't make sense to turn away an owner and create a stray. It costs more to deal with a stray too. The logic of "No Kill".