Friday, April 29, 2011


Every week another "No Kill" shelter bites the dust. Plus every article shows how ignorant the media is in treating these hoarders/abusers. The media just can't imagine that a person who "loves" animals can put these animals in jeopardy like they do so the media comes up with the excuse that this was someone who became "overwhelmed". So does becoming overwhelmed mean that you are blind to the neglect and cruelty that you are causing? That's the part I don't understand.

"I've never wished myself to witness anything like what I saw over there. Very bad," Monsalve said. "The filth, the amount of cockroaches, rats. We were killing huge spiders out of the bowls of water the dogs had."
A humane society official called it one of the worst cases seen in St. Lucie County.

"This is absolutely the worst case of hoarding and neglect of dogs and cats that we've seen in the longest time," said David Robertson, operations manager with the Humane Society of St. Lucie County.

According to the Sanctuary Animal Refuge website, Dorsey founded Sanctuary in March 2004. The website states the Sanctuary is a "not for profit no-kill organization dedicated to the overall protection, care and conservation of animals."

It's getting worse, folks. Recently over 500 animals were found in horrid conditions in Ohio, again a "No Kill" shelter. Hoarding is on the rise and "No Kill" gives them credibility, just like it does for breeders and puppy mills. Our animals are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to "No Kill", there is more abuse than ever, all in the name of "No Kill".  This evil has to end and none too soon.

There has been a lawsuit filed against Palm Springs, CA animal control and a non profit who houses for them. I have faith that this case will not have the results that the "No Kill"ers want, in fact I think it will end up being a kiss of death to this movement. It is ridiculous to arbitrarily set a 10% euthanasia rate as a standard for "No Kill". This has put pressure on all shelters to the point that they can no longer make wise decisions regarding whether an animal is a good candidate for adoption. It is destroying shelters and setting the public up for failure, not to mention attacks from these "rehabbed" pit bulls or any other breed. This particular lawsuit can't get into the courts fast enough for me. Will keep you posted on this.

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Anonymous said...

The No Kill Killers want to force the shelters to warehouse, let animals kill each other in cages, and give animals to hoarders, dog fighters, and puppy mills to kill the slow, torturous way.

No Kill doesn't just push others to do it, they do it themselves!
Best Friends does that. (Don Chambers, the Vick dog killing other sanctuary dogs, etc)
Nathan Winograd does that. (PACCA in Philadelphia)

This is the dream that the breeders and AKC have. Use No Kill to turn animal shelters into torture chambers, all so the breeders can go unregulated, untaxed, and go on committing cruelty with no one to enforce the law.

These No Kill maggots may as well sue in the name of Rick Berman, their True Leader. Rick Berman bought out Best Friends. These sue-happy slimeballs are more than likely connected to Best Friends, advocate FOR animal cruelty.