Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, folks, I did some research on other comments on the Internet about this book and the Best Fiends "Satanic Cult," as some people call it.  Here are just a couple of doozies for your consideration.  In my opinion, folks, you can't make this stuff up, but I'll just put it out there and you can decide for yourself.

The Processean theology worshipped both Christ and Satan. Their belief is that Satan will become reconciled to Christ, and they will come together at the end of the world to judge humanity, Christ to judge and Satan to execute judgment.”
“…The Process never came to terms with its Satan. Its failure in this regard is, I suspect, the reason it has attracted such ferociously negative publicity as a 'Satanic' group,” writes a former Processean.  http://skepticaltheurgist.blogharbor.com/blog/_archives/2006/1/30/1733065.html#1429412

And LA Weekly’s Doug Harvey (July 22, 2009) ends his review of Love, Sex, Fear, Death, this way:  “It is an unglamorous saga of indentured panhandling, Dumpster-diving, child neglect, public-access proselytizing, and Heathers-level Machiavellianism — detailing the insidious banality of evil more convincingly than Process theology or Maury Terry ever could.”

“De Grimston was forced out by Mary Ann in 1974, and after unsuccessfully trying to start a Process revival, gave up and got a real job. Mary Ann kept revising and renaming the group, gradually removing all references to Satan and Lucifer before realizing that it was easier to persuade the rubes to part with their hard-earned jack for the protection of poor little defenseless animals than to facilitate the immanentization of the eschaton. Ultra-ironically, Wyllie recounts a rumor that her death in 2005 was the result of an attack by feral dogs that had broken out of their “sanctuary.” Who says Jehovah doesn’t have a sense of humor?”  http://www.laweekly.com/2009-07-23/art-books/love-sex-fear-death-the-inside-story-of-the-process-church-of-the-final-judgment/   

(From Circlesphere)  “What permeates Wyllie's writing however most noticeably is his regret about the Process children. It is a serious issue as is evident in Gabriel de Peyer's son's 2007 book, Coast to Coast. In the first chapter, Jonathan DePeyer describes how he was belted by his “watchers” when he was hungry and attempted to get some raisins from the kitchen:

“When the watchers found me with raisins in my hand, they immediately woke up all the other children and dragged them downstairs to the kitchen. The raisins were taken away and I was led to the center of the room while other kids watched. The watchers were adults assigned to care for us, like some sort of surrogate parents, but in truth they weren't always kind and gentle … Within a few minutes my pants and underwear were around my ankles and one of the watchers removed his belt. The beating was my punishment … The long sturdy leather belt came up and down on my backside.”  http://circlesphere.blogspot.com/
Now I ask you, do these people sound like someone you would want for a neighbor? Nope, and neither should they be allowed to steal one of the LA City Shelters.


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A few posts ago someone asked about if there is any mention of Francis Battista. Here are a few blogs that mention him.




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Oh my gosh. I am sorry. I hadn't read the middle link (the above comment) in its entirety. I was searching for Francis Battista.

The middle link is a pro dog fancy one. Me bad/me sorry.

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Reading about this cult and the treatment of the children, there is a Jim Jones element to them. It sickens me that they were not held accountable for what they did to the children they spawned.