Monday, May 9, 2011

You Gotta Read This!!!

You may or may not be aware that Breeder Brenda Barnette wants to turn over one of the new LA City shelters to her cohorts in crime, Best Fiends. She wants to "lease" the new shelter for a dollar, robbing the taxpayers who are paying the bill for this new shelter. Currently it is being used to house moms with babies and cruelty cases. This will mean those will have to go back into the open shelters and many will face euthanization. Cruelty cases will take up space and again cause more euthanization. So BB, are you or are you not trying to work toward "No Kill"? Trying to cater to your friends means more animals will have to die.

Are these the types that you want to bring into LA? All Best Fiends wants to do here is collect names and addresses so they can solicit for donations. That's their purpose, raising money, it has never been for the animals. The only reason they exist is that they think dogs can predict the end of the world and they want to surround themselves with dogs for that reason. Tell Best Fiends no deal.

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