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This is meant as a satire and it could be funny if the issue wasn't so sad. Comments are welcome on the OV site and feel free.

Ah yes, pit bulls, don't you just love them? I love them to the point that it doesn't matter the amount of damage they are doing, people need to change their ways to avoid the attack of a pit. I say that you need to lock yourselves in your homes, don't take out your trash, don't let the kids play in the backyard, don't walk down the street, especially with another dog.
And don't forget to block your windows and doors because pits will come through if you are provoking them by just being there. I just know that the grandmother who was sitting beside her grandchild and the pit came through the screen door and killed the child, had to provoked that pit bull, it was the grandmother's fault. After all pits are called the "nanny dog" and although that description has no basis for truth, you can repeat it anyway, no one will know the difference.
Pits are never at fault, the victims always are. The world needs to learn how to accommodate pit bulls instead of wanting to put restrictions on pit bulls. They are great, loyal pets. Forget about how many attack their owners, after all anytime there is an attack, it is the irresponsible owner to blame, not the pits. Pits can do no wrong.
So what that it is said that pits are committing two-thirds of the fatalities. We, as pit owners and apologists, know that we can always say there is no such thing as a pit so those figures are not credible. Another thing is that pits are misidentified and the media has a conspiracy to "get the pits". It makes for good headlines to blame a pit bull.
Yes, I know that it is not the reporter that identifies the attacking pit but we can always say that it is an ignorant reporter who doesn't know a chihuahua from a pit. Besides chihuahuas bite more than pits, use that the next time. Doesn't matter that a bite from a chihuahua probably won't land you in the hospital or a casket, compare those apples to oranges, the public doesn't know the difference. Always talk bites, compare bite records to fatality records, it is confusing to the general public.
Also refer to "dogs will be dogs" just like when a guy rapes a girl, they always say "boys will be boys". The public understands this. Just because pits were bred specifically to fight and kill, unlike other dogs that were bred to be of service to mankind, doesn't mean they are different. Just because a pit doesn't have the same body language of other breeds doesn't mean it is different. Watch pits in a fight, they are wagging their tails because they are doing what they were bred to do and they like it.
Most dogs, granted, will bite and run away but not our game pits, they don't stop even if it means their death.  This is typical behavior of a pit and I am proud of it. I don't want them to change, I like their gameness. I laugh each time my pits rip into another dog, some useless wildlife, and especially when they "play" with livestock.
Another excuse you can make is that pits are always misidentified. We pit apologists invented a wonderful way to prove that they are misidentified. Who cares when the police, the vets, and animal control identify a pit, what do they know? And always refer to the media conspiracy to "get the pits".
Tell people that the media only reports if a pit bull is involved and the reporter will deliberately misidentify to make a more sensational headline. I often imagine all the journalists in the world getting together to form this conspiracy.
Remember to always bring up the National Canine Research Council. The public falls for those big names, deceptive or not. Yeah, I know this is not a national type of thing, yeah, I know that the main person is a self published author who basically has failed to get her books picked up by a reputable publishing house. The point is the public doesn't know that. There are more sources you can quote such as the AKC. Sure the AKC allows puppy mill cruelty but they don't want any cruelty on their big litter producing money maker, pit bulls and Staffies. By the way, pits have several names and staffie is just one of them. The ignorant public may not want a pit as a pet but they might take a Staffordshire Terrier, sounds better.
Even HSUS and the ASPCA stand behind the pits. Yes, they are donor driven and would lose donations if they came out against pits but does the public know that? It's easy to see how they have been bought with the dogmen's money because of the change over the years. Sure they bust dogmen, but it is the little ones, not the big guys. The big guys use their donations to support this because it is the easiest way to "get rid of their competition", just turn them in to HSUS. Keeps them all in business. Dr Michael Fox, Director of the Institute for the study of Animal Problems, Scientific Branch, Humane Society of the United States:

"I spent 20 years studying  the behavior of dogs and it's not in their nature. Man, has created a monster, If you wish...These dogs were selectively bred to fight, they have greater propensity to fight than other animals."

"They can attack people, and because the attitudes of Pit Bulls it is more likely they will attack people.  The worry is the power of the dogs bite and not let go. It's quite sufficient to crush right through a child's arm or leg."

Randall Lockwood is often used as a source but he has changed his stance because of the pressure that us pit apologists have placed upon him. How dare he call our dogs canine pschopaths.
Let's hope no one delves into the background of the AVMA. People think of vets in the same vein as doctors and don't question their motivations. The AVMA stands on the side of breeders because they are agribusiness friendly. Plus their vets make a lot of money taking care of the victims of pits so their stance insures their members of continuing to make money and send the AVMA dues. Who cares that they issued to their vets a brochure about pits being dangerous in their waiting rooms and how to handle them. It's an old report.  Board members change and so do positions. We don't have to worry about them.
And the ASPCA, well they have put out literature on handling pits in shelters. Pits are the only breed that they dedicate literature to on their handling in the shelters.  Pits are soooo special!
We just can't seem to overcome the insurance industry's positions on pits. We have tried to force all insurance companies to insure pits, some do to an extent. So we just tell people to lie about the breed of dog they have. Too bad when there is an attack and the victim has no recourse to collect the hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical and the homeowner's insurance company says the homeowner misrepresented the dog so they won't pay. We don't care about the victims anyway, our pits are always innocent. Let the government take care of their injuries, let them sell their homes to give their kid a new face, it ain't our responsibility to support them.
And never mind the statistics that show regulation is reducing the euthanization of pits in shelters like Denver. Denver now has the lowest euthanization rate of pits in the entire country but don't tell anyone. Quote instead the stats from the hospital on bites. It works because the hospital serves outlying areas without regulation and all those bite cases are added in.
Makes it look like Denver has more bites since installing regulations. Aren't stats wonderful, you can always make them show what you want them to show. And if someone says anything about the Lancaster, California mayor who proclaims a 45% reduction in their crime rate since regulation and credits pit bull regulation for that reduction, just say that the mayor doesn't know what he's talking about.
Just remember defend pits no matter what against those Nazi, racist pit haters. Blame the victim, blame the "irresponsible" owner, blame cabin fever, whatever, just never blame the pit, they are always innocent. All they want to do is please us, they would die for us. Never mind what Randall Lockwood has to say that pits are six times more likely to attack/kill their owners.  Lockwood is now on our side and we use him as a reference. Strange, isn't it, how loyalties change. Pits are loyal and they deserve everything. Defend the Breed Because They Love Doing the Deed and that is why we love pits.

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