Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Thus far, Breeder Barnette has not answered my challenge to show all those places where they are no longer euthanizing for time and space. She continues to send transports into areas, taking away homes, and shelter animals are dying from this. Here's an article attesting to the fact that Portland has an overpopulation problem with pets, yet BB continues to send dogs into the area.

Jon Gramstad and Barbara Spears are less concerned with such warm and fuzzy details than they are with the cold, unhappy numbers: Forty-three percent of the 8,300 dogs and cats brought into the shelter last year ended up dead.

Does this couple mention all those dogs going to the Humane Society from California and the impact that has on that figure? NO, BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO DRUNK ON THE KOOLAID OF NATHAN WINOGRAD!! AND BRENDA BARNETTE IS MAKING SURE THEIR CUP IS FILLED WITH THAT KOOLAID!!! This couple needs to work on stopping those transports that are taking the homes from those shelter animals instead of pimping a program that has proven itself to destroy open door shelters.

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