Thursday, May 26, 2011


On May 26th, Breeder Brenda Barnette released Public Information: "Labor of Love: Volunteers in Action for Shelter Dogs"" bragging about Perla  beds donated to the shelters.  But we're all still waiting for her big report release on the Best F(r)iends Super Adoption last weekend.  Let me refresh  Ms. BB's memory. 
This weekend, May 20 and 21, trumpets blew, bells sounded, drums were beaten and the media interrupted prime time news to announce that Best Friends of Utah was coming to town to put on the all-time SUPER adoption event in Los Angeles.
But, whoa there, something didn't quite work out the way it was planned.  Afterwards, one of the Best Fiends spokesflunkies was assigned the task of telling the bad news so that it sounded like good news.  Heres' the way it was posted on the BF afterglow page. 
And according to this version by Best Fiends itself, IT WAS A REAL BUST!!

Sure enough, close to 1,300 animals showed up from 18 shelters and approximately 50 rescue groups, each ready to find his or her own happy ever after,  However, for the whole two-day event," there were only 284 same-day adoptions and 102 animals pulled from shelters to be placed safely into rescue groups (including Best Friends).". (Note: the 102 will just be local "relocations.)

And all the while, the real purpose of the SUPER adoption event was taking place quietly.  Best Fiends had its little workerbees collecting names and addresses and e-mail addresses so they can grow their donation base.  In plain language, that is,solicit donations, keep in mind Best Fiends is not really a local charity. They use Los Angeles and other big cities like NY and Phoenix to garner donations that go back into their coffers in Utah, and probably into their bank account in the Cayman Islands (according to their IRS 990.).
 But there's an even bigger picture.  Best Fiends wants to look good to the Mayor Lu Parker and  Los Angeles City Council, which is just about ready to give them a $19 million shelter in the Northeast Valley, the Mission shelter, for $1 a year and they don't even have to spend any of their own money and all they have to try to do is a few adoptions of city shelter animals, which won't cost them anything either.  The City and Lu Parker feel so blessed by BF's presence that it is even going to maintain the building, provide security forces, and they just had to throw in another bone---they will even pay the utilities so that Best Fiends will be comfortable and not have to bother itself by such trivialities.  After all the taxpayers can afford it.  It's worth laying off City employees and shutting down facilities, if Lu (and thus the Mayor) are happy, isn't it? 
BUT THE TRUTH COMES OUT... just a little sooner than BF expected.  Look at those adoption numbers? Do they justify the City giving away a new shelter to these people?  We were told they are the Pro's in adoptions.  I say this is pitiful.  The shelters could have done more than four, yes, 4,  adoptions (284 adoptions divided by 68 shelters/rescues) by leaving the animals in their local areas. 
So, does Best Fiends intend to make the Mission shelter into a "sanctuary"--probably for pit bulls?  Or will it become the "transport" hub of So Cal?  Where animals are shoved into cages in trucks with no air and shipped off into never-never land, where nobody knows their name (or their ID #)?  Is that what the Mayor calls a "world class shelter" in a "No Kill" city?  I've heard Lu Parker and I can't believe she'd either be part of this or let herself be used and made a fool of.  Not only a fool, but also part of one of the most inhumane practices that has ever been devised by the "No Killers" who want somebody else, somewhere else to do the dirty work. 
 If you don't believe this is true, Sweet Lu, ask Brenda Barnette how many actual records she has of those "forever" homes  by rescuers who were not really known by local rescuers (some of which get paid  just to pull shelter animals) but so promised them the animals would live happily ever after in Montana or Idaho or WA--maybe OR or Canada.  Wherever!.  And find out how many of the transporters are guaranteed $150 for each animal according to the e-mails floating around.  But nobody seems to know exactly where these pets end up---but they do know "it's all good!" 
So today's "Public Information" by BB should have been about this adoption event, one would think. Now one thinks, Barnette is so ashamed of the poor showing of her Best Buddies that she is trying to take the focus off and talk about Perla beds.   HUH???
 How many Barnette failures does it take, Mayor, Council?  Are you going to jerk around like you did with Boks?  Cut your losses while you can!


Anonymous said...

Who is Lu Parker?

Is she unaware that Best Friends gave dogs to torturer/killer Don Chambers (who killed them) while Best Friends told donors the dogs had "great homes" and tried to get MORE MONEY for them after they were dead? They just LIE!

That Best Friends is constantly reducing the number of animals at their sanctuary, and instead spending donor money on big salaries, perks, first class plane tickets, and homes and goodies for "management" and upper level employees, NOT HELPING ANIMALS or caring for them!! (They turn away needy animals in their own town!)

Is Parker aware that all sales of Best Friends merchandise goes to private companies owned by the Founders, which benefits them personally? (and they will use city property to sell merchandise to personally enrich these people more)

Is Parker aware that Best Friends abuses employees and sues them to try to shut them up about Best Friends corrupt practices? See how they abused and threatened Howard Bronson, who exposed how badly they treat PEOPLE too!

Why should citizens and rescuers of LA be exposed to these abusers and harassers, who use lawyers to hide their crimes and threaten people using DONORS money, money they will be soliciting on city property to harass more people with?

Best Friends is a fraud. Why are politicians letting a scam organization with millions in the bank, an organization that was spreading propaganda from RICK BERMAN the union buster, rip off the taxpayer and the rescuers, and try to get animal control employees fired?

Best Friends will take money that SHOULD be getting donated to LA rescues and shelters. All so Best Friends management can get richer.

Best Friends has MILLIONS in the bank. TEACHERS are getting laid off so these scam artists get free utilities and a building so they can use city property to fundraise so they can get richer and build bigger and more expensive homes thanks to the LA taxpayer and rescuers!?!

A lawsuit should be filed on behalf of LA rescues and taxpayers, because it looks like crook politicians are getting payola to let these out-of-state scam artists cheat LA and LA's pets!

Anonymous said...

Is Best Friends getting these animals into the hands of lab animal dealers, and then lying like they did with Don Chambers and claiming they are in "good homes?"?

Their friend Rick Berman lobbies for the lab industry too, especially the ones that take shelter pets

HonestyHelps said...

Lu Parker is the girlfriend of the Mayor of LA and a news anchor on KTLA. Lu is not the brightest one on the block when it comes to the animals.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends killing dogs at their own place due to neglect and miscare!


They can't even care properly for animals at their own site because the money is going into the pockets of management!

How are these "pros" in adoption? They are FAILURES!

The animals get shortchanged while Best Friends people get rich!

Why should LA be funding this scam?

Anonymous said...

So Lu Parker got scammed by thieves and animal abusers, and she can't admit it?

She sure isn't a good journalist because the crimes against animals of Best Friends are all over the place!

Rescuers of LA get shafted by a gullible gal. Or is she getting a piece of the action?

Maybe Rick Berman gave her a stipend? Maybe he hopes she'll do some union busting for him?

And how does Lu Parker explain Best Friends getting involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and Tia Torres and working that scam with her? A Best Friends employee was on the deed for a property for Torres and Aryan Brotherhood husband, and Best Friends promoted the Aryan Brotherhood linked deal. Does the Mayor know that Best Friends thinks the Aryan Brotherhood is AOK to do business with and get people to send money and support to?

Anonymous said...

What happens when the Aryan Brotherhood starts jamming in on the business at the taxpayer funded shelter? Best Friends was already working with them through Torres.

Maybe private info about LA citizens will end up in the hands of the Aryan Brotherhood?

Anonymous said...

I took a look around and it looks like this Animal Liberation Front (including some person named Jo Singer) is in on the Best Friends scamming?

Looks like they turned into the Money Liberation Front

Anonymous said...

I know a former BF volunteer, and word is BF intends to lead the public to believe they are donating to LA shelters, when BF will actually be taking the donations for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Whoever Lu Parker is, if she's sleeping with Villaraigosa, she's in bed with a "dog" (no insult to canines intended) and she's gonna get fleas. Best Friends is a just a parasite organization with good PR.

Anna said...

Best Friends has been lying about numbers since they were the Process Church,according to Tim Wyllie in Love Sex Fear Death.
They even double imaged themselves in Process magazine photos to make it seem as if they had more members.
The same people still run the place, and why would they have changed?

Anna said...

A lawsuit should be filed against them on behalf of the entire country.