Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was reading the bullshit article by Breeder Christie Keith (who passes herself off as a journalist) this morning, ruined my breakfast for sure. It's too trashy even for this blog but it was in the SF Chronicle. She's pimping the Nathan "No Kill" Winograd's CAPA program. Do I have a problem with all of this program, no, I don't. Do I have a problem with certain aspects of this program, you damn right. As I see it the hands of an effect animal control program will be tied and it will placed communities in danger. These people can't seem to grasp that there is a two way street here, animal control is there for the public health and safety, the humane community is there to "save" them, thus the name "rescue".

Breeder Christie fails to mention those "HIGH PROFILE "NO KILL" shelters being busted for cruelty, does she? Why not, Christie, would it be the numbers show there are more of them than the "killing" shelters smeared by you and Winograd? I'm quite sure you have something of an excuse, you and your Messiah always are pushing lame excuses.

Whose suppose to pay for this, the taxpayers? You want taxpayer to pay for animals when the elderly don't have services, some go hungry, some go without medical services and medicine. You want the taxpayer to pay for animals when kids are at risk, when we need programs to keep them from gangs, drugs, etc. It's called priorities and the taxpayers have priorities. You want these things, expensive operations, vet care, so forth at the expense of the taxpayer when it should be at the expense of the non profits. People who care can then donate if they chose to have these things done for the animals. It should not be force upon them.

Volunteers, a love/hate relationship and "No Kill" is the reason for the hate part. Who wants to take a chance of putting a volunteer in who is on the extreme side and will probably be a troublemaker? Who wants to deal with people that call them killers? All Winograd's followers do is bad mouth shelters, calling them pounds, and turning off the public. So who wants to deal with those kinds of volunteers? Volunteers have to be supervised and most shelters are facing budget cuts and lost of personnel. I've found that sometimes, volunteers just aren't worth the time and effort.

In my book, if animals die in the shelters, it is the humane community who failed them, not animal control. We know they are there, why is animal control suppose to take valuable staff time to notify rescues? DUH, RESCUES, you know how to get to the shelter, go there, get them out. Why do you want animal control to do all the work? Get a map. You can't use the excuse that you have no room, DUH, you think a shelter has a magic pill that creates more space without animal losing lives? If you have the problem, imagine the problem animal control has, they can't just say that's it like you can.

Foster homes is something that is a thorn in my ***. I think that if someone wants to foster for a public shelter, that the foster home should agree to surprise inspections by animal control. Too many foster homes are nothing more than hoarders. If you are honest, then it shouldn't bother you, should it?

Temperament testing, another thorn. Again I say, animal control is there for the public health and safety. If an animal can't handle the stress of the shelter, then how does that animal handle all the stresses of being adopted? My opinion is to have well qualified staff to temperament test or even have a panel comprised of behaviorists to make the decisions. Again the question arises, are rescues prepared to provide for these "small" behavioral issues if they take them? If they aren't, then they are setting the pet and the family up for failure. and that ain't in the best interest of the pet.

Then we have those rescues who use the public kennels as a boarding kennel in hopes of "saving them all". I spoke with one shelter director who had 25% of his kennels tied up with dogs on hold for rescues that the rescues had put on hold for 5 to 30 days. Doesn't these rescues who do that realize that other dogs die because they are taking up that precious space? Don't you see how you are the problem, not the solution.

I wish we didn't have a need for shelters all together but ...  Let's keep the line drawn where it should be, animal control "rescues" them from the streets, abusive owners, irresponsible owners, etc. AND the humane community SHOULD BE RESCUING THEM FROM DEATH ROW. It is a failure of the humane community, those who so flippantly call themselves "rescuers". These are the ones who need CAPA more so than the open door shelters. POLICE THYSELF, NATHAN WINOGRAD, the solution lies within the humane community, not within animal control.


Anonymous said...

Christie Keith and her puppy mill business the AKC want shelters and RESCUERS to go broke cleaning up after the AKC, their puppy mills, and their dog fighter friends.

The AKC wants the mills and fighters to keep pumping out as much "product" (puppies) as possible and sell more and more. They know most of them get dumped and abandoned, bred and the litters dumped.

The breeders want to force the taxpayer and the RESCUERS to pick up the bill and spend their money caring for the AKC's and their puppy mill's abandoned and dumped "products," while Christie and her AKC friends make more money and AVOID RESPONSIBILITY FOR OVERPOPULATION, OVERBREEDING, and failure to spay/neuter before they sell.

Winograd works for Rick Berman and the AKC. He is HELPING the puppy mills breed more, dump more, yet avoid responsibility by trying to pass stupid "Help the Puppy Mills laws" like this that force the taxpayer and RESCUERS to pay for the breeders' crimes and greed.

Winograd is supporting the puppy mills again, especially the AKC ones.

Does anyone need more proof that he hates dogs, and he sold out rescuers and shelters for a bunch of rich dog breeders?

He was bought, pure and simple.

(And another crook helping the AKC mills is Christie Keith's friend, Gina Spadafori, another liar and fake "reporter.")

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FOR THE BREEDERS, and they want rescue and shelters to go broke cleaning up after the breeders.

They bought Winograd to sell it.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask President Mark Adkins of the San Francisco Chronicle why despite the fact that the Chronicle is laying people off continuously and losing revenue, they let an AKC puppy mill and dog torturer lobbyist like Christie Keith publish AKC puppy mill propaganda and lobbying like this crap about this pro-Puppy Mill Law proposed by Rick Berman employee Winograd.

Why does the San Francisco Chronicle hate dogs, and love Rick Berman and Berman's friends like the AKC (his client, along with the puppy mills and Petland, prime seller of AKC puppy mill puppies) Keith, Winograd, and the rest?

The Chronicle is owned by Hearst, an extreme right wing political entity in cahoots with those like Rick Berman. Very anti union.

Is it any surprise that union buster Berman is trying to bust the animal control union via Berman and AKC talking heads like Keith?

This is another UNION BUSTER "law" (pretends to help dogs, actually helps the AKC puppy mills and breeders) from union hater Winograd, working for the Big Money Daddy Berman and his client AKC.

Keith just spreads the manure.

And sits and stuffs doughnuts into her face while dogs die, and OTHER PEOPLE pay to save them, not AKC breeders who help them die and push for more and more puppy mills!

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that No Kill failed to address the SPAY NEUTER problem, so now they push the dog-killing activities; to warehouse, and give away animals to hoarders, labs, fighters, and other torturers so the AKC can avoid breeder regulation and keep lying about No Kill Killing.

And get rid of those pesky animal control officers that investigate puppy mill cruelty, breeder torturing, etc.

Anonymous said...

It is unfair to expect dog rescue groups to monitor every shelter in the area. It makes a lot more sense to have someone from a shelter call breed-specific rescue groups or rescue groups they know will like a particular kind of dogs, such as seniors, small dogs, large dogs, pits and pit mixes, etc. (Incidentally has anyone noticed that Brenda Barnette repeatedly writes pitt bull? For the GM not to know how to spell the #1 breed in her shelters makes her look foolish.)

HonestyHelps said...

Most shelters in and around LA use Chameleon and the pets are on You can also specify which breed, info, etc and it will notify you when this description comes into the shelter. It's not that difficult. We have a budget shortage causing an employee shortage. Wouldn't you rather have those few employees taking care of the animals rather than sitting at a desk trying to get in touch with rescues?