Monday, November 7, 2011


When you read things like this, it just makes you sick at heart. And it is happening far too often since the advent of "No Kill". George Bengal of the PSPCA was quoted in an article that before 2004 (when Philly drank the koolaid of Nathan Winograd's NKE program and he hand picked the management staff) the PSPCA saw about one or two hoarding cases a year, but since the PSPCA is seeing one to two CASES OF HOARDING A MONTH! Coincidence, I think not. Shelters are being pressured to "stop the killing" and this is resulting in too many animals being given out to totally irresponsible people. This pressure is a result of Nathan Winograd and his koolaid drinking puppets like Bett Sundermeyer and Ryan Clinton. Oh, they try to deny it but this is what happens. It's time that Ryan and Bett realize how much damage they are doing but that ain't gonna happen, they are on their ego trips and will be gone for a long while.

“The cats and several of the dogs were living in filthy conditions in the house situated closest to the street. The cats were kept in a small, filthy room attached to the garage of this first house, where they had no choice but to live in their own feces and urine. Eight to 10 dogs were living, some in rusted crates and some loose, in a room accessible from a bedroom in this first house. The floor in this room was decaying, and was coated in feces, urine and filthy bedsheets and blankets. The door to this room had been sealed off with industrial tape and hidden by a curtain,” a spokesperson with the SPCA said.
The second house contained approximately 20 dogs who were living in deplorable conditions.
The SPCA of Texas has received information that the animal owner in this case was a part of a rescue group, and was separated from that group to start her own purported rescue group called Elliot’s Friends Rescue, allegedly transferring animals from at least one municipal shelter. (But Winograd and his buddies think this is just a-ok, just as long as they are alive, who cares about the conditions they are living with or without.)
“Some licensed shelters are put under such pressure to not euthanize animals for any reason that they end up transferring animals to anyone willing to accept them. Some rescue groups that end up taking more animals than they can reasonably handle then often end up warehousing these animals,” the spokesperson said. (No shit, Sherlock!!)

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