Thursday, November 17, 2011


As usual we find that the truth about these "open door" "No Kill" shelters is just not to be found. This link has Porter County, Indiana listed as a "No Kill" shelter to watch, the question is "Watch for What?"

The Porter County Animal Shelter takes in strays from all of Porter County except Portage.  The shelter got a new director, Kristina Montgomery, in August.

While my recent post shows the link to an article that disputes this statement about strays. 

First there was a controversy with the first director hired to make Porter a "No Kill" about the theft of money. Then another shelter director was hired, one with a background in "No Kill". Suddenly that director has resigned in only less than 3 months. The "reason" being that she wants to spend more time with her daughter. Okay, she didn't realize that a mere 3 months ago? And she moved with this position. I would venture to say that she realized that this was a mistake, not because of spending time with her daughter, but rather in terms of "No Kill".

This article also points out a certain amount of cruelty involved since Porter made the mistake of drinking the koolaid of "No Kill".

More troubling details about the shelter emerged at the end of July when County Council President Dan Whitten discovered cats where being housed in rooms with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

So the saga of "No Kill" continues. 

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Animal hoarding case in Tucson, AZ:

Key point from the above article:

She hardly got off scot-free, not with a deal that included lengthy probation and a $2,120 fine, or 210 hours of community service. But when it became clear that the plea agreement would also allow [her] to possess at least three cats, more than a few jaws dropped.