Monday, November 21, 2011


The descriptions of what these animals had to endure are more than true animal lovers can stand. However, the "No Kill'ers" think nothing of this, it is common place in their world.

The shelter, One More Chance Rescue and Adoption, had been declared a public health nuisance, and with good reason. Conditions at One More Chance were pitiful: Dogs were housed in hog barns dotting the property and lived in stacked crates. The shelter manager, Jeff Burgess, also managed a second shelter in Piqua, Ohio, where 100 animals had been confiscated earlier in February.

The Clark County Humane Society and Clark County Combined Health District called on the ASPCA to help shut down One More Chance and assist the animals. When our responders arrived, they found 367 living and 76 dead dogs on the horrifyingly filthy property. Our responders immediately set to work helping local authorities collect evidence for possible criminal charges and triaging the animals, many of whom were in critical condition.
“The conditions these animals lived in were deplorable,” says James Staley, the executive director of the Clark County Humane Society. “These dogs were forced to live in their own waste, alongside rats and other vermin. Add to that the stress of coping in a crowded and poorly ventilated environment, and you have animals whose overall health is severely compromised.” 
And the quote to end all quotes: “This is an example of a no-kill situation that spiraled out of control,” says Kyle Held, the ASPCA’s Midwest Director of Field Investigations and Response.
This is happening altogether too often. You never hear Winograd condemning these shelters, do you? You never see him going in and helping the victims of his philosophy, do you? And you won't. He doesn't care, never has, nothing but a deadbeat failed attorney trying to make a quick buck off of gullible people.


Anonymous said...

These are the places that animal control that claims to be no kill sends their animals- TO DIE SLOWLY.

The Winograd method is like the Bernie Madoff formula- just disappear them and claim that everything is ok.

Best Friends does it to, sends animals to torture hoarders and claims they are in foster care or found good homes to trick the dumb donors.

HonestyHelps said...

Happens way too often now, Anon:50.