Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yes, I am looking at that because I have discovered that Newfoundlanders have more common sense about animals than this country does. 

I came across this piece of media and it uplifted my spirits considerably. Seems that Newfoundlanders don't like "No Kill". They've figured it out without having to deal with it. Seems that instead of "No Kill" looking good on paper, these folks have a real sense of what it actually does. http://www.vocm.com/qotd.asp

It asks a question: Do you believe animal shelters should adopt the "No Kill" policy for stray pets? And the poll shows:

Of the 1785 responses, only 29% said "Yes", whereas 61% said "NO". 

Plus the comments are great too.

No, how can they continue to keep abandoned pets without winding up with more than they can handle. It also isn't fair to the animals to keep them penned indenfinately. The problem is with the owners, not the work of the shelters 

Let's be realistic here. I love animals but I do not love them stuck in cages their whole lives. we cannot possibly find homes for all animals. 

if no one wants a animal then put it down .keep it for one month to see if anyone wants it . 

I am an animal lover with no connection to any of the groups involved in this article.
With the huge numbers of stray and injured animals in this city ,it is unrealistic to adopt a no kill policy.There will never be enough temporary homes for all of these critters and lives in cages can only lead to greater issues in aggression and social isolation with them. 
The city should not use tax money to fund the housing and care of animals when so many of our HUMAN citizens are living in deplorable states of poverty and homelessness.

So it is good to know that there is a place where the sun shines but not on the morbid movement under Nathan Winograd.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what polls would show here. Only if the true story were attached, would our polls show the same. One thing about the no killers is that they can't tell the truth, they don't even recognize it when it bites them in the butt. Do you ever hear any of them talk about the Philly failure?

Anonymous said...

Today in Tucson, Arizona, the proud pit bulls and their owners are on the march:


Wonder what this proud crowd will say if two or more of the wigglebutts get into a fight.

HonestyHelps said...

From my research of these events, I found that the media is well supervised so these fights never make the news. Event organizers keep close tabs on any media because they don't want the media seeing anything.

Keep in mind, if something does happen, all those dogs will want to join in. One day it will happen, a massive pit bull fight.

Anonymous said...

Update from Tucson: The wigglebutt march has been postponed. Details here:


HonestyHelps said...

Recently one of these was scheduled in LA. The council person for the district for this event intervened and stopped it. They just moved to another district and had it. I do understand there was a fight to break out during that one, but the media had already left. I think that probably they were told they weren't welcome wherever they were going to have it.

Anonymous said...

The problem in America is that grifters and con artists make money abusing animals with No Kill cruelty. They have a motivation to lie, just like Madoff lied about his scheme.

Take an ignorant greedy American, and they will never ever admit they made a mistake as long as they get money and can shoot their mouths off.