Monday, November 7, 2011


My readers know by now that I hate Trap, Neuter, and Release. I consider TNR to be the ultimate cruelty for cats. I think of it as outside hoarding and this is a good example of why I think that. While reading this article, note that this cat was taken from the PSPCA by a "No Kill" rescue, microchipped, altered, and THEN PUT OUTSIDE IN A FERAL COLONY WHEN IT WAS A FRIENDLY CAT!!!! How frigging cruel can you be?

The female cat is spayed and micro-chipped, said Nicole Thompson, one of the humane officers involved in the case. The cat was originally at the SPCA in Philadelphia, which micro-chipped and released the cat to a no-kill rescue group that took her to a feral cat colony, Thompson said.
Both cats are at the SPCA's Lahaska shelter and appear to be friendly, Thompson added. Morrell has owned the black-and-white male cat for several years, according to people who know her.
Charges of animal cruelty against Morrell are pending, based on the outcome of the veterinary exam, Thompson said.
Why are they considering cruelty charges against this woman? She did the right thing by taking the cat in. The "No Kill" rescue group should be charged with abandonment. TNR is a horrible thing unless you subscribe to Trap, Neuter, and RETAIN. That's what the letters need to represent. Outside hoarding is all this case is, that rescue should be brought up on charges.

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Anonymous said...

"The "No Kill" rescue group should be charged with abandonment."

Could not agree more!!

But no surprise the group dumped the cat back outside. For years, TNR could not eliminate cat colonies, then they could not stabilize them... nowadays, groups including Best Friends, have renamed feral cats to be called 'community cats' in an attempt to convince the public that domestic cats belong outdoors! In the latest stunt by Best Friends - they actually suggest that friendly cats be put back outside in their handy 22 page guide on how to implement TNR! Just like what they are doing in Jacksonville, Florida.

TNR has come to this - the method is sooo ineffective and we cannot TNR or adopt out so many, many cats - that they even say to put back the friendlies - how horrible.