Wednesday, November 23, 2011


UPDATE: Yet another article showing the troubled shelter. Another parvo outbreak. Can anyone say overcrowded because of their following "No Kill"?

I recently blogged about Porter County, Indiana.

Porter County has been a bragging right of Nathan Winograd, and now it reads like a duplicate of the Philly fiasco.
The municipal shelter in Porter County Indiana used to kill roughly 115 dogs and cats per month, young and old, healthy and sick, friendly and aggressive. There were even allegations of cruelty. After firing the long term director and staff, they now kill about 7 hopelessly ill animals or aggressive dogs a month. They did it overnight.

Like crooks stealing, they did it overnight. Now here is the latest on this miracle of "No Kill".
VALPARAISO — The fate of the Porter County Animal Shelter — riddled with concerns about theft, the loss of a new director after only 90 days at the helm and a parvo virus outbreak that shut the facility down last week — was the main topic of discussion at Tuesday’s Porter County Council meeting.

Porter County is now talking the talk of privatization. Could this be another hidden agenda of Nathan Winograd? Look what he did in King County. Could it be that his program was designed to lead a shelter to failure so shelters could be taken over by the private sector? Winograd has so many hidden agendas but let it suffice to say, saving animals never has been one of them.

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