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Texas Health Department puts the old Town Lake Animal Center on probation

by SHELTON GREEN / KVUE News and Photojournalist DATHAN HULL
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Posted on October 24, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Updated today at 7:29 AM
AUSTIN – A surprise inspection from veterinarians with the Texas Health Department on Monday didn’t fare too well for the non-profit Austin Pets Alive! at the city’s old shelter, the Town Lake Animal Center.
“They're still not happy with the kennels here. They believe the kennels are condemned. They don't believe the kennels are up to par to have animals in them,” said Faith Wright with Austin Pets Alive!.
When the city of Austin opened its new animal shelter in East Austin, APA! signed a three-year contract with the city to use its old facility, the more than 60-year-old Town Lake Animal Center.
APA! is credited with saving hundreds of animals from euthanasia, helping Austin reach the coveted "No Kill" status.
On Wednesday Chris Wilson with the Texas Department of Health said that on Monday inspectors took issue with the cracks in the walls of the kennels at the Town Lake Animal Center because those areas can harbor diseases and germs.
“They were talking about how we needed to either completely re-do the kennels, re-cement there and make them smooth impervious covers, or else bulldoze them down and build new kennel spaces for them. And obviously that's hundreds of thousands of dollars that we'd be looking at,” Wright said.
Austin became the largest "No Kill" city in the country, meaning that at least 90 percent of all animals coming through get live outcomes. Because the TLAC houses at least 500 animals through Austin Pets Alive! and is an overflow for the new Austin Animal Center, closing it could have devastating effects on the city, not to mention its "No Kill" status.
“If there were to be an issue with a state inspector that couldn't be remedied, we as a community would have a huge issue,” said executive director of the new Austin Animal Center Abigail Smith.
The Town Lake Animal Center is sitting down with cement companies on Thursday hoping to get estimates on what it will take to bring the kennels up to state standards.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Texas Health Department for standing up for the health and well being of the animals. For those that simply want to stuff animals everywhere to make the no kill numbers work at the expense of animal suffering for their own political gain then what can I say. If Austin wants to remain no kill it looks like they better go back to the voters and asked for MEGA bucks to build more facilities to warehouse the animals not only from Austin but other areas too! I will applaude them if they elect to do that then maybe we can put the no cost of no kill issue to rest. Reality bites. I sure hope the Health Departmen keeps APA on their radar screen and for that matter other shelters in the state that think over crowding of shelters and substandard care is a great political idea.

Anonymous said...

"No Kill" city in the country, meaning that at least 90 percent of all animals coming through get live outcomes"

They consider letting Spindletop and other hoarders kill pit bulls in crates, uncounted and unseen, as "live outcomes."

That's how deviant Winograd No Kill is!

He just cares about fabricating the statistics so he can cash in, like a corrupt business. People like Abigail Smith get their fat paychecks helping him keep up the scam.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note but not surprising there is absolutely no mention of APA's issues on any of the No Kill advocate sites. Interesting to note too that their No Kill map seems to include areas colored in because they have identified closed admission shelters in the area as no kill and would like all to believe a great wave of open admission no kill shelters is beginning. Questions by followers (naive or smart?) about which areas are open admission go ignored. And the shell game contiues! Uninformed politicians and other folks will jump on the band wagon not realizing what they do.

HonestyHelps said...

I've come to the conclusion that those who follow No Kill were probably the students in Special Ed classes. Can anyone say slow learners?

Anonymous said...

I think Special Ed students could smell No Kill fraud from a mile away!

The women suckered by the No Kill salesMEN seem to be weak and easily dominated, kind of throwback females, like feminism never happened and men should still be telling women what to do and think.

Theses no kill women allow themselves to be pushed around by con artist leader males getting rich while their slave women bow their heads down and go bankrupt trying to make the con artist male look good and inflate his ego and help him make more money.

This seems to be a dominance and control game by deviant males over weak or emotionally unstable women who will even sell the animals down the river as they are dominated by these No Kill men.

Anonymous said...

Many but not all I have seen seem to see their "fur babies" as surogate children. Admirable to a point but really not the kind of folks you want to run a shelter. That "fur baby" attitude while cute ignores the fact that running a shelter involves many things beyond just "loving" the aniamls. As others have stated before you can love them to death and that is exactlly what has happened in many cases. Whether it be over feeding to the point of ill health simply to fufill an owners desire for attention or by misguided attempts to save all simply by cramming a shelter full of animals in the name of no kill. The odd thing is they do not seem to be able to make the link between over crowding and disease. For those that have never run a shelter maybe I can understand but for those who say they have been in the business or who are vets it is simply unbelievable. No worries as eventually the numbers will catch up with them. Unfortunately the animals once again suffer while they go through their learning curve.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:06 my experience is that No Kill just can't see suffering. It's like hoarders not seeing what they do, they see all their hoard as something else. No Kill is actually putting more animals in jeopardy of living horrible lives than it is saving lives. It should be quality of life over quantity of life. Saving aggressive dogs and leaving good ones to be euthanized for time and space is immoral but that is what No Kill does aka Spindletop.