Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is Kristie Ceith reporting from Washington DC on the No Kill Conference.

Yes, folks this is a great day for all of us who have chosen to follow the Messiah of "No Kill". We had a difficult time getting here because we are all so blind, but we did make it. We were greeted by a huge cross, the one that our Messiah hangs on. Of course, we all fell to our knees in awe.

Just went to the "If they won't hire me, then I will sue" seminar lead by the Messiah himself. He still swears that the lawsuit in LA was a good thing when it is well known that he didn't get what he wanted at all. I'm glad he didn't get the job because that way he can spend more time leading his blind congregation.

Also this afternoon I will be attending the "How to lie about how many animals are in the shelter" seminar. This is the mainstay of the NKE movement.

And tomorrow I will be going to learn how to overcome opposition to NKE with name calling such as "animal murderers" and "killing" shelters. This is the only way to stop people from coming to the open door shelters and supporting euthanasia. Who cares that they are going to adopt? We don't want them to adopt because it would make the shelters look good. Our mission is to make the shelters look bad so our Messiah can make a living. We have to make sure he makes money so he can continue his work.

Then I will be returning home where I will be mating some of my dogs. Breeding is a wonderful thing and now with NKE, it is being given the credibility it was losing before NKE. I plan to make a donation to my Messiah from the sale of the puppies.

So let's all go home and file lawsuits against our local shelters. It's not my problem that the economy is bad and shelters can ill afford to spend their money defending lawsuits. If the animals in the sued shelters suffer, it is for a good cause.


Honesty Helps said...

The Whino has been talking about the narrow vision that rescuers have. He says that we should see all the good things happening to pets and utilize them. WHAT THE HELL DOES HE THINK WE BEEN TRYING TO DO FOR YEARS? TELL HIM TO GET HIS ASS OUT HERE IN THE TRENCHES AND SEE HOW F****** EASY IT IS.

And then he calls activists ( I prefer pet welfare advocates) ENABLERS when they support legislation to protect animals.

And now here it is, he is promoting legislation to make entire states "No Kill". No thought to any geographics, demographics, nothing. This poor shelter here with a $30,000 budget is now expected to provide sanctuary and medical care???? What is wrong with this man, does he think he can ram this shit down every taxpayer's throat? Not every household in this country has animals, some people hate animals. So now he wants more government rather than less. "No Kill" on a statewide basis would mean the end of household limits, in other words, freedom to breed out of control.

So now he has the attention of the breeders to push his personal agenda of being the Messiah. And since he already lied in such a fashion as to garner the support of a small group of vocal radical activists and makes an effort to "hurt" his opposition by calling them names they can ill afford to be called, everyone now thinks that he must be right because the humane community and the breeders are agreeing on something.

We have to be more vocal, folks. He has gained ground with the breeders and may be able to pull it off. He is a master at marketing it appears, a well thought out plan. He is making a fool of us all and many are just sitting around and letting it happen.

Anonymous said...

Christie Keith is a dog breeder and AKC LOBBYIST.

She is a breeding business professional.

It is unethical to allow this breeder to write a general interest pets column that she uses as a breeder industry PROPAGANDA MOUTHPIECE, which is what the San Francisco Chronicle is doing.

Her columns are the equivalent of free advertising by breeder business lobbies.

She is actively involved in professional lobbying and using the same propaganda in her columns.

She is promoting the PRIVATE BUSINESS INTERESTS on the dog breeding business world. Her columns are propaganda to protect breeder INCOME.

She covers up her business connections, and the Chronicle lies about them.

They also allow her to use misinformation and falsehoods from breeder lobbyists in her column and represent them as "reporting."

The breeders support Winograd because Winograd supports puppy mills, dog fighters, hog dog fighters, dog fighters, and that ilk by opposing regulations to deal with these issues.

Winograd wants to create a world where pet abusers and profiteers take over.

Also where AKC breeders can continue to run unregulated and unlicensed, illegal businesses that cheat on their taxes (and AKC can keep paying the bills through puppy mill registration money obtained through animal abuse business models.)

And by the way, the breeder organization that Keith also works for and has a relationship with a founder is Gina Spadafori and Pet Connections business. Keith also has a personal relationship with Spadafori. This is another pretend "journalism" business which is actually a propaganda business for the dog breeder industry. Pet Connections gave Winograd some monery and was a sponsor for Winograd's conference. This is direct corruption and unethical behavior at the SAn Francisco Chronicle as Keith is pretending to "report" on an event that her other business has a direct financial stake in. Not even disclosure about her Winograd business relationship.)

Anonymous said...

Winograd should be registering as a breeder business lobbyist.

It is unethical for him to fail to disclose his breeder industry ties.

Anonymous said...

This is not the "attention" of breeders.

These breeder lobbyists have been working with Winograd DIRECTLY since at least before his book was getting ready to come out.

Wiinmograd is working with and getting financial support from BREEDER LOBBIES and lobbyists.

Keith and Spadafori and others have talked about their relationship with Winograd and their planned Winograd promotion.

Their business Pet Connections gave Winograd money to sponsor his conference.

Winograd has been WORKING DIRECTLY with breeders, and catering his "information" to meet their needs and wants.

For example, see how his doctrines match the doctrines of breeder front group NAIA

This is Patti Strand group

Winograd is taking actual propaganda from groups like NAIA and simply repeating them and repackaging them.

These breeder front groups are writing his copy and pulling his strings!

Anonymous said...

NAIA also works with (and gets propaganda copy) from a pro-animal abuse lobby front group.

You will see propaganda from CCF, sometimes strained through the NAIA filter, in Winograd's words, website, and literature.

Anonymous said...

Of course lawsuits will have the exact opposite effect that these imbeciles think.

Communities will be outraged that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on Nuisance lawsuits by fanatics, that money that could be used to help animals in communities will be spent on lawyers, especially when people are losing their jobs, homes, and everything else.

What this is is lawsuit terrorism, where they are trying to browbeat people into their fascistic and criminal animal abuse procedures.

It will only push them further to the margins, and inspire a good hard public look at what these breeders are up to taxwise and everything else.

Winograd's breeder friend's financial affairs will get a public airing, and the results will be ugly, especially when years of tax abuse and puppy mill support are exposed.

Anonymous said...

And Winograd is not a master at anything, which is why he had to sell out to the freaky breeders.

He fails at everything he touches. He is perceived as raving and strange, icky, deceitful by the average person.

He makes mistakes constantly. He has an unpleasant persona that turns people off.

He is laughed at.

Just like the breeders. They are failures as well.

They are strange, marginal people. Many have personality, emotional, or mental problems and issues in dealing with everyday human interaction. Just like animal rights extremists, like the ones that set smoke bombs.

Normal people know this tiny minority of people just aren't normal.

Anonymous said...

The real, normal, sane humane community has abandoned Winograd.

So many people say, I used to support him, but now I see what he is about, and the man disgusts me.

They have seen what terrible things No Kill does for animals.

Which is why he has had to fall back on the breeders and the extremists.

Anonymous said...

In other words, this was NO well thought out plan.

This was desperation by Winograd just before he had to go get a real job somewhere!

Honesty Helps said...

I agree, it is terrorism. And I also agree that the last thing needed in these times are lawsuits against the shelters.

Whino is setting us back in the dark ages. Just when some of us had convinced officials that we are reasonable and justified in our cause, along comes the Whino. You are right, he is turning off people left and right. The problem is that those who need to speak up can't. A non profit rescue depends on donations and they can't afford to be called animal killers. So they remain silent. Then officials only hear from the Whinonettes. This is not good. I took him on and suffer greatly.

That hasn't stopped me. Although I had to give up my home of 10 years and run because of the threats of his Whinonettes, I fight underground now but I am still fighting.