Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got up this morning think it would be another uneventful day. Little did I know that this would end up being the day that the Whino will regret. I had been telling you that something was about to happen. Well, it is here.

Doug Rae has been placed on probation. According to the Whino Rae is the best shelter director ever. He can't say enough good things about Rae. Well, Whino, this is your boy in all his glory.

Animal Care and Control Director Douglas Rae took over the city shelter determined to save the lives of more Indianapolis dogs and cats.
Seven months later, city officials are worried that he is jeopardizing the safety of people.

Rae said he did not believe the removal of the two officers affected response times. But city officials and animal advocates find that hard to believe. Some critics even wondered whether Rae was purposely leaving strays on the street to drive up the percentage of adopted animals at the shelter.

Anything to save those "numbers". That is all the Whino's program is, a numbers game. Well, Whino, your game is up and it is long overdue.


Anonymous said...

I hope that council understands that Winograd and his out of state smoke bomb wackos and breeders will be harassing them to keep this dangerous loser Doug Rae.

From the looks of the comments they are already engaging in threats and dirt.

cravendesires said...

it's been a good day for hoosiers.

Honesty Helps said...

Of course, the Whino relys on these tactics, like a child threatening to hold their breath until they get what they want. Only these guys are for real.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that animal flea market posted about in Tailwagger, has the flea market's insurance company been contacted yet because this will eventually happen there


Honesty Helps said...

Anon, that has already happened in CA and CA now has a task force. There is a problem with puppies being smuggled in from Mexico. Many die after being sold from disease. One puppy from the mexican trade had rabies and exposed a Petsmart store training class. Since this is in TX I would say it is probably a mexican puppy.One woman was caught and over 20 people came forward about buying mexican puppies from her and they were either sick or they died from disease. A popular park in Ontario, CA was raided by agents because of puppies being sold there on weekends.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the Judie Manucuso blog. This has been a very good week for animals. The truth shall set them free.

Honesty Helps said...

Gret here is the blog for Judie.

Anonymous said...

They have disabled the comments on the news story about Mr. Rae. Did you know that paper is a sister paper to the one that covers NHS ?I saw that on a blog.

Honesty Helps said...

I saw that yesterday, Gret and thought it was just a bad connection. That is interesting that it is part of the biased news group that includes the Reno paper who fails to publish the truth about "No Kill". I'll check on it.