Monday, August 10, 2009

Judie Mancuso is My Hero

I receive regular updates from Judie on her efforts in Sacramento for spay/neuter and regulating breeders. This woman works tirelessly to push through legislation designed to stop the influx of pets into our shelters so that we can stop euthanizing them. She is my hero. Her latest update takes on the Whino and his Whinonettes and I applaud her for it. Not only does she take on the Whino but all his buddies in this link.

Nathan Winograd, author and shelter consultant, on pet overpopulation:

"Shelter killing is not the result of pet overpopulation; it is the result of shelter managers who find killing easier than doing what is necessary to stop it."

Nathan states that shelter workers are "content to kill animals" while "hiding behind the myth of pet overpopulation".

I must take a moment to comment on this. I have spent much of the last four years meeting with shelter workers across California. I have seen their tears as they explain their anguish at having to put down healthy animals every day. I have seen the emotional toll, and I have seen their pain as they come to grips with the horrible task they are faced with every day, thanks to careless pregnancies and reckless overbreeding. You can watch interviews with many of these shelter workers at

The claim that it is the shelter workers who are to blame for the number of pets flowing into our shelters, rather than the irresponsible pet owners and breeders who fill those shelters with their careless actions, is callous, shallow thinking.

Nathan is now selling books directly to breeders via a book tour with PetPAC, who advertise "Tour Dates" for him on the PetPAC website. And incredibly, he is now involved with radical underground breeder publications like The Animal Herald, a newsletter based partially on the idea that spay and neuter laws are "akin to genocide of dogs". The founder of this publication, cat breeder Diane Amble, appears to devote a lot of time trying to find ways to use the term "terrorist" in conjunction with the term "animal rights". This image is a capture from the latest edition of The Animal Herald... you can see a cartoon of Senator Florez, Assemblymember Nava and myself, dressed as "angels of death" for trying to pass animal protection laws. Nathan Winograd's contribution to this classy publication begins directly under the cartoon.

Ironically, or conveniently, pet breeders have become the biggest cheerleaders for Mr. Winograd, and they are often seen at the Capitol with a copy of Nathan's book clutched as their bible. Nathan has given backyard breeders an 'out' for a problem they directly contribute to, while blaming those who have to clean up the mess.


Anonymous said...

Petpac is run by an AKC breeder protecting the interests of the AKC, who makes their money from puppy mill registrations.

So Winograd is not only involved with supporting puppy mills, but also a man who ran a lobbying group, COPS, that was involved in racist misdeeds.


Read ther section called COPS. His lobby group called Hispanic people and told them if they didn't contribute to his lobbying group, they wouldn't get a response from 911

Mr. Nathan Winograd is connected to real evil.

Anonymous said...

Diane Amble is connected to NAIA, the pro puppy mill lobbying group run by Patti Strand, who is on the puppy mill committee of the AKC.

Puppy mill abuse is how the AKC pays the bills, and they want no rules that will stop the puppy mill abuse and killing for profit.

Winograd is involved with NAIA too.

NAIA represents animal abuse of all kinds, they support it all. They support the worst kinds of animal suffering and death.

Anonymous said...

Nava and Florez are being mocked by breeders and Winograd who are connected to anti-Hispanic racism.

Winograd should hang his head in shame.

Honesty Helps said...

The Whino is a whore, a prostitute, available to anyone willing to push his books and his program. I don't think he ever cared about the animals, he suffers from the short man syndrome and just wants attention. His program only makes sense from the standpoint of a breeder/dog fighters. He has put us back in the dark ages and he relishes the damage he has and is doing. We may have some news this week that will really piss him off. And I think we will be blindsiding him on it too. So far no indication from him of what is about to happen. This time he won't have time to run damage control like he did in Philly.

Honesty Helps said...

My site meter shows that the NAIA has been hitting this blog. And judging from the entry pages, someone is telling them to come here, it is not random. Let them, I want them to know they are the scum of the earth.

Shame, the Whino doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

And by puppy mill committee of the AKC, I mean the AKC board members who work to get business WITH the puppy mills and support the puppy mills!

If the AKC didn't get puppy mill registration money, they would go bankrupt.

It is puppy mill registration money that pays for the dog shows, the lobbying, the purebred sales promotion.

Literally blood money props up the AKC.

They have a direct business relationship with Hunte Corporation, the notorious puppy mill broker in Missouri.

The AKC and their puppy mill business partners don't want laws, don't want anti-cruelty laws, don't want licensing or inspections that would reveal the abuse, disease, and the tax problems.

This is what Winograd is involved with.