Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let's Kill More Animals and Nathan Winograd Calls It Wonderful

Importation of pets into areas that are still euthanizing is a disgusting program. Taking homes away from the local shelter animals to provide a "service" of providing cute little fluffy dogs to compete with breeders is immoral. Yet the Whino condones it.

This is nothing more than cherry picking shelters. What does that do? It leaves the big black dogs and the pit bulls, which the public doesn't want, and thus more euthanasia. The animals selected for the "underground railroad" are not the ones that need rescuing, quite the contrary. They are selected to compete with purebreds. The typical excuse for this is that if they don't bring in these dogs then people will turn to the breeders. If the people don't understand why they shouldn't turn to breeders, then education is in order, not providing these people with cheap purebreds. When the public goes to the shelter and isn't seeing a selection of "adoptable" dogs because they have been cherry picked by these rescues, then the public ends up at Petsmart instead. It all leads to one thing, the Whino generates business for rescues and it ends up with the shelters having to euthanize. Then the Whino can complain about it when all along he is creating the euthanization.

Seattle Humane Society is a good example. The pictures of their imported products show the very dogs that get adopted out of shelters, not the ones that will surely be euthanized. Seattle Humane is bringing in dogs from all over and then yelling the loudest about the euthanasia at the King County shelters. Is that not a bunch of bullshit? Seattle Humane is more guilty of killing than the shelter is because they took homes from the shelter animals. And they are doing it quite often. When I called Barnette on it, she responded that it was because the King Shelter had distemper and they didn't want to take animals out. What a liar!! SHS has continued to import dogs even though there is no distemper at the shelter. What is her excuse now?

Winograd supports this unethical practice. So the blood of those animals who lose their lives because of this is on his hands, along with the ones in Philly, Rancho and god only knows where else. Even his buddy Mike Fry has come out against this. Didn't bother to take a stand until they parked a load of dogs on his doorstep. And let's not even talk about bringing in diseases to an area that may not have problems with a particular disease. This did happen when a rescuer I talked with personally in Seattle tried several years ago to do. She said she never considered doing it again after her vet jumped her for bringing in dogs infested with problems not prevalent for Seattle.

I am all for this program only if the area is not euthanizing for time and space. Since all areas are still having to euthanize for time and space, this program disgusts me. Just another bunch of "saviors" following personal agendas that are killing animals just as much as the shelters are having to do.


Felony said...

I live in the greater Seattle area and I am sick and tired of seeing all of those PIT BULLS! It's no wonder that people import dogs from other areas. Most people want nothing to do with pits. Little dogs are insanely expensive (usually >$400) and pit bulls are a dime a dozen and everywhere. I would drive for hours to get a REAL dog.

HonestyHelps said...

"I would drive for hours to get a real dog" is the point I am trying to make. Stop catering and educate. Stop trying to compete with the breeders and educate. I am against the adoption of pits from shelters because they have no history. The avenue for SHS to take is to go after the breeders but someone told me that Barnette either has been or is a breeder herself.

On Pet Harbor you can sign up for alerts when the bred of your choice comes in. Educate people to do this and be patient rather than bringing in more pets to an area already overwhelmed. I think you hit on the real reason - greed. They can "sell" the little ones for big money. Doesn't cost as much to alter them so the profit margin is greater.

Depending on the area, you can find the cute little dogs in the shelters by the scores. If you are fast enough, you can get them before the "rescues" do and for far less money. That's another thing that needs to be addressed so that there are enough small dogs for the public at the shelters. LA City just stopped letting rescues have the cuties on the first day of adoption because it is unfair to the public to only be stuck with the large dogs and pits to view.

I don't buy into the excuse that this is to stop people from buying from breeders. It's strickly for greedy purposes.