Friday, August 28, 2009

Pit Nutters Are So Ridiculous

Just looked at a blog on "Dog Attacks You Never Hear About". These people really are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find these "other" attacks. Plus most of them are not even in this country but these fools will try to compare anyway, hoping most people are too stupid to know the difference.

"Yes all of these stories were reported by the media, but definitely NOT on the same scale as a Pit Bull attack would be. Most of these attacks were only reported on one news station or newspaper, whereas Pit Bull attacks make headlines across the U.S."

Already this fool is lying because her attacks are not all from the US. I suspect that if we went to other countries, the majority of attacks would be from pits as well. And again here comes that worldwide conspiracy to "get the Pits".

"The dog bite epidemic does not discriminate. It involves any breed of dog that is abused, not trained, undersocialized, neglected, showing parental instinct, guarding, and many other factors."

Shades of Karen DePiss. Maybe that applies to other breeds but not to the pits. They can be leading the life of Riley and still attack. They don't have to be any of the above, just having a bad day.

"As you know, Pit Bull attacks are reported on a much higher scale than other breeds, so most other breed attacks go unreported."

DUH!?! What an absolutely stupid, ignorant remark. News is news no matter what the dog is. If the injuries are severe, then the media reports on it. This conspiracy thing is being driven into the ground by these pit nutters. When will they realize that the media is reporting on the attack, not the fucking breed. Just so happens that the breed is almost always a pit or pit type. This fool thinks that Mastiffs don't fall into that catagory.

It makes me ashame that I have to call this person part of the human race. This nutter makes us all look bad.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Already this fool is lying because her attacks are not all from the US."

you pegged this nutter. she is pathological liar. she shows up on line comment sections posing as a veterinarian for 30 yrs. she is 30 yrs old. she claims she was attacked (in the face) by a coonhound but has no scars.
here she showed up claiming that she needed to find a home for a cocker spaniel because it attacked her pit bull. but she posted only links of her pit bull and chi
she is incapable of telling the truth. her name: JULIE PERRY aka JULZ PERRY.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks for the info, I will use it. I also look for other dog attacks and it ain't the same as those from pits. I have noted that often the headlines will say dog attacks rather than pit attacks but it ends up being a pit. European media have a tendency to classify attacks as dog attacks while the US media does break out the pit attacks. Sure, other dogs attack but not in the numbers that pits do. I had always said I wanted to own a pit before I die. Thank God I found DogsBite because that would have been a mistake. Now I feel justified with all those pits I have had to euthanize because no rescue I know would take them. I can watch them fight now such as the other nite when Animal Planet aired about Vick. First time I could watch pit fight videos and I was surprised at my reaction. I think I don't see them as "dogs" any more. I don't see them as "man's best friend". I don't have sympathy for them any more. I want them gone. I value human life much more than an animal when it comes to this issue.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

please don't lose your sympathy & compassion for pit bulls. i am sorry they were ever created and i would prefer that they did not exist but that doesn't change the fact that these dogs suffer horribly.

HonestyHelps said...

I know how horribly they suffer because I have rescued so many of them from those conditions. Still I was surprised at my reactions when I saw that Vick special and they were showing pits fighting. I have always turned my head before but not now. I didn't want to lose my sympathy but it just happened and I have to go with it. It hurts me that it has happened, I did own a pit mix and she was the love of my life. A most remarkable dog by anyone standards. She made friends even with people who hated dogs. Before I became her family, she had been hit by a car, a break that usually meant euthanization. There was a new operation, very expensive, so I went for it. Amazingly within three hours of the accident (she was not my dog at the time) people started to come into my office with donations. I had no idea that this puppy had made so many friends. I had almost the entire amount for the operation before it was over. She just had a way about her. I'm sorry, Craven, for the loss of my sympathy, that doesn't mean I won't fight to stop their abuse. No animal deserves to be abused, even pits.