Friday, August 28, 2009

Robin Starr - A New Way to Go No Kill

UPDATE: There will be no charges because there was no "willful intent". Change that fucking law. This woman killed her dog and needs to pay for it. At the very least she should be kicked out of her position. But I'm sure her Board is full of "No Kill'ers" and "No Kill'ers" don't give a shit when an animal dies. Just look at how they treated animals in the Philly shelter and others, warehousing til disease kills them. Lied, NV where the staff was quoted in the paper that they didn't know the animals were sick and over a thousand animals were suffering to the point they had to be euthanized. This movement according to the latest in Animal People magazine has set us back to the dark ages. It has to end.
Just leave the damn dog in a hot car and "forget" about it. An "accident" is when you drop the beer bottle in a drunken stupor, not leaving your 16 year old deaf and blind dog in a car. So what that she has "dedicated" herself to "saving" animals? She promotes the program that doesn't exactly save animals but rather warehouses them. She promotes the program that says there is no reason to stop breeding, just breed all you can because there is no pet overpopulation problem. She promotes the program that says to adopt out pits just because they are "friendly", forget temperament testing (doesn't work on those damn beasts anyway). She promotes a program that destroyed the Philly and Rancho Cucamonga shelters.

So who gives a damn what she has done in the past? I do because she has shown she is an idiot, can be lead around like she has a ring in her nose, and she will probably not be prosecuted because of the misguided perception that she cares about animals. I say she doesn't give a shit about animals and the fact that she left that poor old dog in the car shows me I am right.

YOU JUST DON'T "FORGET" YOUR OLD DOG THAT'S DYING IN THE CAR IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY!!!! That is no accident, that is cruelty. Unfortunately Virginia probably has no law on the books about leaving animals in a hot car like California and other states do. I'm not sure on that but haven't seen anything to make me think otherwise.

PROSECUTE THE BITCH!!!!! SHE'S EARNED IT. She earned it when she became a Whinonette.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't care what her accomplishments as an animal activist are, i don't care if she is associated with winograd or mother teresa. this woman is guilty of animal cruelty. and it is absolute bullshit if she is not charged.

HonestyHelps said...

Exactly, she needs to face the music. What kind of example is this setting? Those who fight cruelty are allowed to do it themselves without fear of the law? She's no different than anyone else. When you go to court, they don't let your past haunt you, jurors can't be told of your past crimes so you can be judged on the one you are in court for only. Same here, who gives a shit what she has done before. I only think of that poor old dog being abandoned to die.