Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scumbag Bill Hemby and His "Rebuttal"

This man is shameless. He is denying that he had anything to do with the indictment charges by the California Attorney General. Yeah, like the AG has nothing better to do than make up false charges against this liar. Crook needs to be his middle name. He was involved with the agency under indictment during the time it was taking advantage of people's goodness. That's has already been established. As far as his past as a police officer, he used it to educated himself to take people's money illegally. Sorry bud, but the gig is up, you've been caught. And SB 250 is on it's way to the floor where it will probably pass. And no, there is no conspiracy between Judie and the AG, this was all your doing. I'll post his rebuttal here.

Judie Mancuso, co-author of Senate Bill 250 requiring mandatory sterilization for dogs and cats in California, has been attacking PetPAC Chairman Bill Hemby and accusing him of spreading ‘the worse type of deceitful information about spay and neuter legislation”. Mancuso claims Hemby, a decorated retired police officer is deceitful by pointing to a civil lawsuit involving a charity called LEAP which Mr. Hemby worked for years ago.
Allegations have been filed against the telemarketing operations of many police and firefighter groups, including the Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) a group that Bill Hemby used to do work for, which involved educational training for disadvantaged youth. Mr. Hemby had no involvement with the telemarketing operations cited by Ms. Mancuso and has fully cooperated with the Attorney General’s office. No judgment of wrongdoing has been rendered against Mr. Hemby. In fact, Mr. Hemby’s actions have been and continue to be of the highest ethics and integrity of the laws in which he took an oath to uphold. He has received numerous awards for service to his community, including the highest award for merit from law enforcement for his life saving actions while putting his own life at risk in the line of duty.

Furthermore, PetPAC has NEVER been accused of any wrong doing by any government agency. Any attempt to imply otherwise is slanderous and libelous.

Judie Mancuso wishes to change the debate on the merits of Senate Bill 250 into personal attacks because she can’t tell the truth about the facts on SB 250. According to the State of California Department of Finance Analysis, SB 250 won’t work because “Mandatory spay and neuter provisions have failed throughout California at the local government level”. They also say more pets are likely to be killed (30% increase) in shelters if this passes. Finally, SB 250 will drain millions from the General Fund resulting in higher taxes.


Anonymous said...

"Furthermore, PetPAC has NEVER been accused of any wrong doing by any government agency"

There needs to be an examination of the financial affairs and books of PetPac.

Until this information is examined, Hemby can't say whether PetPac is or is not ok.

Anonymous said...

And Deputy Attorney General Ibanez calls out Hemby and his attempted coverup!

When questioned Tuesday about his involvement with LEAP, Hemby said he had been executive director of the organization for about two years.

“LEAP has been dormant since 2006,” he said. “We're trying to shut it down, actually, because there is no funding — we've had no funding for two years.”

Deputy Attorney General Tania Ibanez dismissed Hemby's claims.

“The bottom line is, he was involved from 2004 to 2006,” she said.

Ibanez confirmed Hemby has tried to dissolve LEAP in 2007, but explained that the group already was being investigated at that time.

“A lot of charities try to shut down pending investigation,” she said. “If you're under investigation, you can't dissolve the charity.”

Anonymous said...

Hemby also ran another lobbying group COPS. Here's just one thing COPS was up to.


1993 and 1994, COPS used a fund-raising company in Orange County that bullied and threatened scores of Hispanic Santa Ana residents, according to police reports.

In that instance, which resulted in two felony convictions, phone solicitors threatened to cut off 911 services if contributions weren't made. Records seized during an undercover Santa Ana police sting detailed nearly 350 contributions totaling $ 12,640. All the contributions bore Hispanic surnames.

(Orange County Register, February 28, 1999)

The phone operators believed Hispanics would be less likely to report illegal activity, police said. They repeatedly called, as often as five or six times, until contributions were made.

"What they were doing was absolutely disgusting," said Santa Ana Police Capt. Dan McCoy.

(Orange County Register, February 28, 1999.

The COPS slate took in $871,000 from candidates and causes in 2000 and paid Moran a management fee of $300,000, above and beyond expenses for printing and mailing.

(Sacramento Bee, June 20, 2002.

Telemarketers employed by COPS solicit advertising. But they also appeal to individuals for funds, saying the money will help support the survivors of slain peace officers and fund public-safety programs for children.

The following 10 California-based charities benefited the least from private commercial fundraisers they used in 2004. The fundraisers used by these charities raised $100,000 or more....

Charity: California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
City: Ontario
Fundraiser: Civic Development Group LLC
Money Raised: $4,342,287
Money to Charity: $663,057
Percent: 15.3%
Source: California attorney general

(Sacramento Bee, January 27, 2006)

Anonymous said...

In an earlier interview, Angele said that bullying tactics, such as those used in 1993 and 1994, when Hispanic Santa Ana residents were threatened with the loss of their 911 service, were a thing of the distant past.

Not according to Bob Jorgensen, a Fullerton executive recruiter, who said he encountered heavy-handed tactics just last year by a COPS solicitor. Jorgensen said he was told that COPS was compiling a list of names and contribution amounts that would be circulated to all police agencies in the county.

"I was told that if you were on the 'no donate' list and you got involved with the police that bad things might happen to you," he said. "But if you donated, good things might happen to you. It was a veiled threat kind of thing. "

(Orange County Register, March 2, 1999)

San Luis Obispo

Police are warning residents of a telemarketing scam by an organization that claims to represent police officers.

The San Luis Obispo Police Officers' Association received complaints from residents reporting solicitations for money from an organization called the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, or COPS. The telemarketers call from the East Coast and ask for a $35 donation while claiming to represent local police.

COPS does not represent local officers in the county, police said. Residents who receive these solicitations are advised to report the calls to local police and ask the callers who they represent.

-- Leslie Parrilla

(The Tribune (San Luis Obispo), March 8, 2006. Emphasis added.)

Anonymous said...

Kelly Moran, who runs PetPac with Bill Hemby, also ran COPS!

Here's an article pointing out the dubious reputation of COPS when Moran worked at it. Strangely enough, the Debra J Saunders who wrote the article is a pet profiteer extremist in "journalist's" clothes.


Anonymous said...

Bill Hemby's own words about his LEAP involvement (along with COPS)

LEAP Ready to be Launched as a Joint Venture Between COPS and NCPSO/CWA
April 20, 2005

COPS Local 9111 has for several years conducted the Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) in California. LEAP is a charitable organization that provides instruction to at-risk youths on the criminal justice system and on how to prepare for written tests and oral boards for criminal justice jobs. The purpose of the program is to achieve better understanding among at-risk youths about the criminal justice system, and to serve as a conduit for minorities into police, corrections, and probation agencies. Police officers and COPS members serve as volunteer instructors for the program.

Bill Hemby serves dual roles with COPS as both a Legislative Advocate and also Director of LEAP.

"LEAP is a truly remarkable program for youths who are looking for the opportunity to make their lives better," Hemby said. "COPS has been committed for a long time to community service as one of the cornerstones of our organization."

Hemby recently announced that LEAP would now be a joint venture between COPS and NCPSO/CWA. "LEAP will now be national in scope," Hemby said. "We want to establish LEAP not only in California but also in other states where NCPSO/CWA has law enforcement Locals. When people think of NCPSO/CWA, we want them to think not only of an active, strong union, but also an organization that cares about what goes on in the communities where we represent officers"

The original page was taken down but it is cached.


HonestyHelps said...

I know that this group called me all the time at my office. I did donate the first time thinking it was for the good. Then I learned that the Sheriff's department sponsored a rodeo every year (I was new in the area). I am against the cruelty of rodeo so when they called again, I said no and explained why. Let me tell you, rude is an understatement for how this person acted. They kept calling and I continued to say no and they continued to be rude. I tried to report it to no avail. Sheriff said had nothing to do with them. Duh, if it didn't and they were soliciting under that guise wouldn't the Sheriff want to look into it? It's all coming out now and Hemby is a cooked goose. And his breeding friends can jump in the pot with him since they chose originally to jump into bed with him. Looks like that bed jump really is getting them screwed.