Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food for Thought

If pits are so easily misidentified, then one would have to look at the other side of the coin. How many pits are misidentified as labs? It's a two way street.

The pit nutters like to say that pits are abused and that is why they attack. So can we say that hounds will only hunt if they are abused or border collies will only herd if they are abused? Or that hounds can only hunt if they are trained to do so, etc? It's like saying that breeds can only do what they were designed to do if they are trained. Dogs are a clean slate when they are born? No instincts, nothing? If that is the case, then why have breeds at all? If dogs can be trained, then why not train a chihuahua to herd?


Anonymous said...

Hi Honesty. I just posted the message below on Craven's blog, but I thought I'd post it here too.

Pit nuttery in action


This url is for a volunteer-run messageboard for the Athens/Clarke County (Georgia) Animal Control Shelter. They (the volunteers) also have a website listing for dogs needing adoption/rescue at http://www.athenspets.net

The animal control staff itself do a very decent job in taking care of the animals that are brought in. They encourage the public to come in and help interact with the dogs and as a result, something like 90% of the adoptable dogs find homes. The ones that don't get out are almost guaranteed to be pits, just like the number one breed of dogs impounded are either pits or pit mixes.

As for the volunteers, you can read for yourself at the first link above. Smilin Pits Rescue that they're now accusing of selling wiggle butts is the same rescue that the volunteers found to adopt the recently pregnant pibble and all of her 8 puppies last week.


They've also been trying to rehome cruelty case dogs that have been trained to fight and have been impounded for some 5 months now. This picture says it all.


Registration is free at the forum, so if anyone would like to educate the masses, here's your chance.

Thanks, Honesty. I appreciate your hard work and insights into the issues surrounding the humane treatment of animals. Please continue and keep up the good work!

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you Anon. I'm familiar with the Athens happenings. Right in the middle of dog fighting country it is.

Don't they realize that if they lie on paperwork about the breed of a dog, that the new owner can lose their homeowners policy and be charged with fraud for misrepresenting the breed? I do know of a case where a second mortgage was taken out and Allstate sent an appraiser over to the house. There was a stray pit bull in the front yard, the insurance was cancelled and the homeowner had trouble getting more. Ended up paying considerably more for the insurance and it wasn't even his dog, a stray.

So you take out a second mortgage and the appraiser comes, you can show that appraiser all the paperwork in the world saying this is another breed but that appraiser knows a pit, believe me.

And then, they are sending the dog off to a rescue that they haven't checked out? Fools, nothing but fools. They just don't get it.

HonestyHelps said...

Forget this forum because it is one that only the pit nutter Saviors will go to. I post frequently in the newspapers there. And also my site meter shows that I get hits from the University of Georgia everyday. You do know their school mascot is a bulldog, right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the football fans refer to themselves as the BullDog Nation.

And yeah, Athens in right in the middle of dog fighting country too. It's so depressing to see the pit mixes show up at animal control that are all nicked up. It's even more depressing to see the nutters jump through hoops trying to get them adopted out at all costs. Realistically, how is it even possible for an "animal agressive" dog to never come in contact with another animal ever again? Your Pit Attacks By State blog shows that isn't likely to work out too well.

HonestyHelps said...

You might want to know that I have hits everyday from the University of Georgia on the pitattacks blog. Not short hits either, they are spending time on it.

If you study those media reports, there are certain outstanding elements to pit attacks that are consistent. Course we all know the standard, which is the pit was never aggressive before it killed someone. This shows the unpredictability or all those people are lying. I say it is the former. Stay in denial, nutters, it's only your pit that will pay the price with bans and regulation.

BSL will not be because of us pit "Nazis", it will be because of the pit lovers. Can't wait.