Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Kind of "People" Are Attracted to "No Kill?

This story got my attention very quickly. I passed it along to that incredible blog, http://www.cravendesires.blogspot.com/ and guess what they came up with, incredible. Along with the vet in Seattle who was prescribing medication for himself in the name of his dead dog and campaigning for Nathan Winograd's "No Kill Equation", this is another example of those types who are attracted to the illogical "No Kill" scam. Go to the Craven blog to get the whole story, it's worth a good read.

JAMES SOARING EAGLE VONDA a.k.a. JAMES HERBERT (Subject of the above article)

VONDA/HERBERT has quite a long list of scams. and according to the many pissed off victims, his crimes range from New York to Missouri to Texas and beyond.

on Vonda's linkedin page, he claims to have earned a PhD at the London School of Economics yet his writing ability, spelling and grammar barely meet that of a high school graduate.

(note that most of the links in these sites do not work)
www.medicinewheelusa.com (this is VONDA'S wildlife preservation scam)
safe harbor ranch (a safe place to sleep, work and live as a tribe)
safe harbor foundation (moving victims from crisis to confidence and bondage)
the SOARING EAGLE claims to run some kind of a safe house for victims of domestic violence and drug abuse but I suspect this is nothing more than a way to expand his harem of slaves.

axiom commercial funding filed bankruptcy june 1, 2008, citing the "staggering fraud" perpetrated by both brokers and borrowers. yet, I found a mortgage website (www.vondafamilytrust.com) that was last updated TODAY, 4-20-10. The RipOffReport has documented his antics. there is an interesting chat about JAMES VONDA on the mortgage grapevine, and VONDA shows up to defend himself. the BBB gives him an F. the pissed consumer has a lot to say about this trickster.

But nothing will bring in the bucks like animal rescue/No Kill which is why VONDA has now turned to NO KILL as his next con. cities across the US need to be aware of him. memorize his photo because I'm sure that another name change is in his future.

domestic animal rescue emergency shelter services D.A.R.E.S.S

what does the noble Indian want to do with all of this philanthropic moolah?

I believe that all of these different cons are simply a way for JAMES SOARING EAGLE VONDA to create his polyamorous wiccan BDS&M empire. I thought I was finished researching this old, ugly, bloated psychopath, when I stumbled on this little gem. it appears that VONDA/HERBERT is trying to carve out a little BDS&M empire for himself and his diseases riddled concubines. if SOARING EAGLE gets his way, and scams enough poor unsuspecting dupes, his legacy could be a BDS&M hotel, shops, jewelry and more. any time you see the words VONDA, SAFE HARBOR or WHITE WOLF, caveat emptor!

Hey, this scam expert knows a good scam when he sees one, thus "No Kill".


Anonymous said...

This one and KCDogPoop are enough to show the world what kinds of people follow the snake oil salesman Winograd.

HonestyHelps said...

To the one sending all that info not for publication, thanks.

Of course, Tia is in with the dogmen and breeders, she has no shame. Tia Torres was willing to sell women's bodies to support herself so she is not beyond anything to feed that addiction she has. I have made a report to the head of animal control in the Inland Empire to check for kennel licenses for those people you mentioned. But Riverside is drinking the koolaid of the Whino so who knows if they give a shit. The Inland Empire is full of breeders and pit bulls.

HonestyHelps said...


You can contact Ed Buck directly and he will file a complaint. He has caught quite a few breeders and they are gunning for him, literally.

Sara said...

Vonda is a piece of work. I just pulled a woman out of that situation. Like all the women his safe harbor scam is the way he finds abused women that he can abuse even more to get them to follow him. Once he gets them to believe his lies he moves them in, takes all that they own and sells it. He strips them down to having nothing at all. Works them to death and abuses them as he sees fit. Just trying to leave will get you beat.

The woman I pulled out will take years to undo the damage he did, he didn't care that she came from an abusive marriage with an alcoholic spouse. He used her, took everything and spit her out.

Being a real Native American myself, he gives our people a bad name which we can do without. He wasn't even given the name "soaring eagle", he gave it to himself which is an insult to native americans everywhere.

Only a couple of women with him, actually help him with his scams. The other ones only do what they are told so they don't get beat. Like many other they were just trying to escape a abusive situation when they thought Safe Harbor would help them, they didn't know it was worse than where they were.

I would be interested in knowing more about his scams before TX, I am doing my best to make sure he ends up in prison where he needs to be.

HonestyHelps said...

Sara, I felt this comment was important enough to warrant a new post. Please go to the beginning of the blog. Also go to www.cravendesires.blogspot.com and look at the posting about him there. We have been in contact with the reporter on this story and he wants to do more about Vonda. Can you contact him as well? Respond to the new post so people will be sure and see it. Thanks and God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

James (Soaring Eagle) Vonda is now for the past two months I'm told residing back in Ridgeway Mo. Right across from City Hall. In the same old red brick Hotel, that he ran his "Black Whip BDSM Society" back from like 1999 to 2003. He is running his "Safe Harbor" scam from there at present.

Anonymous said...

james "smokie" herbert aka vonda is living in cameron missouri, at the old carpet store running farret auctions, a woman known as cora aka helen is with him.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, it has been reported to the newspapers and authorities. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I know this man...he has only a small amount of indian blood in him..also cajun..his mother was hawaian..hes been a scammer all of his life...hes from port arthur texas and that surrounding area..he use to go by Apache..he is not what he says he is..

Anonymous said...

I know this man...he has only a small amount of indian blood in him..also cajun..his mother was hawaian..hes been a scammer all of his life...hes from port arthur texas and that surrounding area..he use to go by Apache..he is not what he says he is..