Friday, April 9, 2010

In Remembrance of CAT MOM

The Whinonettes are defeated in Seattle finally. I hope Barnette chokes on it. Her importation of dogs continues, even more than before. The Whino talks about the community, well where does Barnette fit into this community? Instead of taking animals from the shelter there, she is importing from LA and Kern County, CA. Taking homes from the shelter animals and knowing they will be euthanized for it. Yeah, this is a true Whinonette. They preach one thing and do another. See the link on the side here "Fuck the Whinonettes".

REMEMBER "CAT MOM", this is dedicated to you.

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Anonymous said...

This girl Lyle also comes from Michigan's rural Upper Peninsula.


She has no experience whatsoever dealing with urban animal control, dog fighters, etc

She also has four kids. How in the hell is she going to have the time to do adequate supervision?

She also is a very large girl with obviously little physical fitness (see full length photo in another article) which unfortunately reduces her mobility in handling aggressive pit bulls in a kennel environment. Even very fit, muscular men can't handle them!

Konop is going to get people killed, and he clearly knows it, and he doesn't care.