Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank You !!!!

Since I have the comments turned off on my pitattacks blog, I have receive many not-for- publication comments on Honesty's blog complimenting the pitattacks blog. I just want to say thank you for the comments.

There are times when I can't update daily because I get depressed reading the constant barrage of maulings and fatalities. Each time I open a news article about a child killed by pit bulls, it is emotional. I just have to walk away and save it for another day.

Yes, I know the pit nutters of the world fear this site, they depend on people staying in their own little worlds and staying ignorant of what is happening elsewhere. They depend on people thinking "Oh well, we've only had an attack or two here, what is the big deal?" This way people can see just how epidemic the maulings and fatalities are. I have comments saying "I just didn't realize" almost daily.

The Internet is a wonderful thing in that it opens up the world to all of us that care to look. Some others want to remain in their own little sequestered world and let them. The pitattack blog is considerable work but well worth the results. My hits are showing several state agencies, universities, local governments and insurance companies are using the blog, spending hours on it in total. This is my sign that I am reaching those we want to reach.

Thank you again for your compliments. If you feel I have missed a story, please send the link to this blog and mark not-for-publication or for the other blog. I couldn't do it without your support. Together we will make our grassroots movement a power, we will defeat the "bad rap" presented by the Whino and show the powers that be there is a definite reason to legislate BSL.

I will say this, I think the nutters themselves do more to bring about bans or BSL than we do. Examples like Shorty and Tia Torres do more harm than good and maybe we should encourage more of those disgusting examples of pit bull advocates/nutters. I get sick just thinking that a woman would sell another woman's body to feed an addiction to pit bulls and I don't think I am alone in that assumption. We are still a Christian nation and that is not acceptable. So more power to them, they are helping us, not the pits.

Do we want to maintain the breed, no. We want to change the breed. And the nutters should be encouraging this rather than staying in denial about what this breed was bred to do, the only thing it was bred to do - KILL. Hang in there, this is a war and we shall prevail.

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