Monday, April 5, 2010

More on Pit Bull Violence

It's time to ramp everything up a notch...More and more cities are tracking dog bite stats by breed and almost everytime Pit Bulls lead in biting incidents by a mile. Normally, these stories just fade of the front page and are forgotten while the pit Bull PR Machine spews lies that their breed is least likely to bite.

Ogden, Utah:

In 2008, pit bulls and pit bull mixes accounted for about 20 percent of the dog population at the city's animal shelter, Geir said. In addition, last year those breeds were responsible for nearly 39 percent of reported dog bites in the city, he said.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island:

In 2006, the pit bulls accounted for 32 percent of all the dog bite cases in Woonsocket,” Paulhus says in the report. “The number increased to 37 percent in 2007. The year 2008 reflected half of all dog bites in the city were attributed to pit bulls. Many were serious.”
The statistics show there were 75 dog bites during the period in question, 15 of which involved humans and the rest other pets. Of the eight dog bites that occurred so far this year, three were caused by pit bulls, the report said.

Ventura County, California:

Pit Bulls are ranked 8th in licensing, but the number one biter producing 117 biting incidents in 2007-2008. Cocker Spaniels, often cited by Pit Bull groups as the leading biter, ranked 6th in registration numbers, but 8th in bite numbers producing only 28 biting incidents. The Pit Bull mauling death of Katie Todesco was characterized as “biting incident”.

Marion County, Indiana (Indianapolis)

The active Pit Bull community managed to influence dangerous dog laws producing a 33 percent increase in pit bull biting incidents in 2008 over previous years. Pit Bulls produced 490 biting incidents while Labradors produced 152 biting incidents and Cocker Spaniels only produced 27 incidents.

Broward County, Florida

Broward County has an excellent bite incident database which includes attacks on pets/livestock. Once again pit bulls are the leading biter by a wide margin producing 586 biting incidents during the period from 2005-2008. Over the same period, Labradors produced 151 bites while rage inflicted Cocker Spaniels inflicted a mere 16 bites on the public.,0,7192887.htmlstory

Lincoln, Nebraska:

Lincoln has an excellent database which also includes licensing numbers by breed. In 2008 a licensed population of 858 Pit Bull and mixes produced 60 biting incidents. The citys massive population of Labs and lab mixes totaling 5448 dogs produced 39 biting incidents over the same period. Data shows that 1 out of every 14 pit bulls in Lincoln is a biter, while its takes over 142 Labs to produce a bite.

Seattle, Washington:

As of 2008, Pit Bulls comprise 3.4 percent of Seattle’s registered dog population, yet produce 25 percent of the city’s annual bite total. In comparison, Labrador Retrievers represent 17 percent of the city’s dog population yet produce only 12 percent of the annual biting incidents. As an added bonus to the tax payer, the nearly half the dogs euthanized each year by Seattle’s Animal Control infrastructure are Pit Bulls.

Richmond County, Georgia

"They tend to get the most exposure because unfortunately they do the most damage," said Diane Downs, the director of Richmond County Animal Control.
Animal control has had 139 complaints of animal bites this year, with 26 of them being pit bull cases. That's about 19-percent and is the most out of all dogs.


Anonymous said...

Great work compiling these stats...very usful.

HonestyHelps said...

I can't take credit for it. It is from another source. But they are pretty good stats, huh.

Anonymous said...

2008-2009 Statistics Ventura County

Ratio of dog bites to dog impounds by breed (assuming totals published include breed mixes)

Pit Bull
121 Bites 1399 Impounds

Chi (SH) 119 Bites 1351 Impounds

Lab Ret
74 Bites 580 Impounds

72 Bites 501 Impounds

Brad Jensen


HonestyHelps said...

Please note that Brad's stats are for a different year. I'm quite sure about his purpose here and that is to point out that chihuahuas bite, making an argument in favor of pit bulls. Yes, Brad, we know chihuahuas bite, but which would you rather have, a chihuahua bite which requires a bandaid or a pit bull bite that requires hospitalization or a casket. We don't even consider a bite by a chihuahua to be of any consequence.

And do I know that chihuahuas are in trouble in California, yes I do. They are being overbred horribly, just like the pits which is making them as unpredictable as pits. But chihuahuas don't pose the threat like a pit bull.

And note that pits rank #9 (I'm assuming that was taken from licensing) they are #1 in bites. Pit nutters like to say that labs bite as much as pits and your info disproves that.

By the way, our figures were for 07-08 because this list was composed before the release of the 08-09 report. You put the percentages in there to confuse. Comparing impound ratios to bites is a definite attempt to confuse. Why not do %'s based on total bites instead? Or %'s of breed to impound numbers. Oh no, then that would show the pits in a bad light again. And you wouldn't want to do that since pits get a "bad rap" according to the Whino.

And we concentrate on the severity of bites and fatalities, those are delivered by the larger breeds, particularly the pit bull. As you can see, they bite almost twice as much as another large breed. We compare apples to apples here, Brad, not apples to cherries.

HonestyHelps said...

Correction, total impound numbers not just the impound numbers for the breed.

Anonymous said...

Was just looking at the stats for Ventura and found something interesting.

The 06-07 stats show that shepherds were the big biters then. They were #2 in licensing while pits were #7 in licensing. Shepherds had 10 more bite cases than pits. But then the story changed.

Shepherds fell to #3 and pits fell to #8 but pits delivered 29 more bite cases than shepherds. So a reduction in shepherds lead to a reduction in bites but a reduction in pits lead to a whopping increase in their bites.

08-09 again finds the pits dropping in licensing population while, again, their bite cases increased. Shepherds remained the same but their bite cases dropped.

Is anyone out there listening? There is a problem with pits and people are dying. Even with the pit nutter's yelling misidentication, if only 50% were misidentified, pits are still killing people at a much higher rate than any other breed. PREVENT THE DEED, GET RID OF THE BREED.

Anonymous said...

As I was reading Brad's comment, I too found those percentages weird. It wasn't until I read your comment, Honesty, that I understood. And I would have to ask, what does these percentages have to do with the price of tea in China? I'll have to agree with you Honesty, looks like a deliberate attempt to mislead. A layperson could read it and think that Labs are biting at a higher percentage than pit bulls. Seems he would see that something is wrong considering the stats that he linked to. Hell, how can anyone but a fool miss that pits are the number one "biter". And by far, the number one murderers.

HonestyHelps said...

Something happens to people when they follow "No Kill". That koolaid makes them so drunk that they can't see the forest for the trees. Like Lied, NV when HSUS had to intervene because the animals were sick with disease. The staff was quoted in the news that they didn't know the animals were sick. How can you miss over a thousand animals pucking, shitting, dying? Same is happening in Philly right now with Sue Crosby, an infamous "No Kill'er". Six dogs had to die before anyone realized that they were sick and now the entire shelter has had to evacuate to be cleaned. "No Kill" is "No See" and the cruelty abounds.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for posting these stats.

Anonymous said...

So the most recent figures won’t do? Very well, here are the 2007-2008 Statistics for Ventura County. And as before, the “confusing” percentages are mine.

Pit Bull
117 Bites 1260 Impounds

Chi (SH)
115 Bites 1112 Impounds

Lab Ret
88 Bites 560 Impounds

Germ Shep
76 Bites 519 Impounds

I would prefer not to use the breeds licensed as you have done in making comparisons because as noted in each of the reports, 3 of the cities (Oxnard, Thousand Oaks and Santa Paula) are not represented. These three cities have their own licensing programs. While not included in the totals for licensed breeds, they are included in the totals for bites. Oxnard and Thousand Oaks have sizable populations.

Brad Jensen


HonestyHelps said...

Watch closely Brad, this is simple.

Pit bulls - 117 bites
Chihuahuas - 115 bites (scratches in comparison to pit bulls)
Labs - 88 bites
GSD - 76 bites

Now it can't be misquoted by the pit nutters with your deceptive %'s. Otherwise this is how it looks to a blinded pit nutter and how they will use it.

Pit Bulls - 9.3%
Chihuahuas - 10.3%
Labs - 15.7%
GSD - 14.6%

Can you see the difference here? You prefer to not use certain things because they won't add up to what you want them to add up.

Anonymous said...

I understand now. The reason you advocate complete destruction of this particular breed is due to the severity of a potential bite. Chihuahua bites almost equaling those of Pit Bulls in number are merely scratches compared to that of a Pit Bull and so you deem that breed worthy of life. Good one P!


Brad Jensen


HonestyHelps said...

Brad, you are so full of shit and yourself. First, let's get this straight, there is no P in Honesty. There's more than Pat Dunaway advocating against the "destruction" of children by pits, stop reading the hate of the Whino and start thinking for yourself. And second, I do not advocate the "destruction" of pits, I advocate regulation. I advocate for human life, lives of innocent children that are being left with life altering scars from pits. Innocent children are losing their lives in record numbers to pits, not chihuahuas.

You need to get your priorities straight. How can one called themselves a humane person when you obviously care so little for human life? You're just another Frankenstein yelling "They're alive!!" and at what cost. The deception of people such as yourself is over, the public is wising up, the public is getting pissed at all the attacks by pits. It will be people like yourself that bring about bans on pits, not me, with your denials. As long as you stay in denial, the problem will become worse until bans are installed and you will have no one to thank other than yourself.

Anonymous said...

Seems Brad(tty) got his feelings hurt because you showed him the errors of his "numbers".

HonestyHelps said...

Looks that way, huh? All those brats pick up their toys and take off because they can't stand the heat. Just can't fathom how they think. If something were killing kids like the pits are doing, they would be yelling to stop it. But when it comes to these pits, they forget their humanity toward their fellow man.

No worry, they themselves will bring about bans. I would settle for regulation but these pit nutters are insisting on bans with their actions. It won't be the pit "haters" that bring about actions against the pits, it will be the pit lovers that do that.

HonestyHelps said...

"The reason you advocate complete destruction of this particular breed is due to the severity of a potential bite. Chihuahua bites almost equaling those of Pit Bulls in number are merely scratches compared to that of a Pit Bull and so you deem that breed worthy of life." DUH!!

That is about the most stupid thing I believe I have ever heard. That's like saying a Catagory 5 hurricane is no different from a wind gust. They both blow, just that one can kill you and the other is nothing more than an inconvenience to your hair style.

Anonymous said...


Those were you're words.

Brad Jensen

HonestyHelps said...

Yep, I said that - right after posting the death of an innocent child and looking at the face of another of their victims. Man's best friend should not be killing man's children and leaving them with life altering scars. But then I take a deep breath and I'm back to BSL instead. But if this continues, I will be in favor of bans.