Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brent Toellner's Quest for World Domination

Two of my wonderful readers sent me KCDogPoop's summary of the year for pit attacks. He never ceases to amaze me. This guy wouldn't know the truth if it was stuck to his nose. He insists that education is the answer when he is the perfect example of why education won't work, he himself resists any education regarding pit bulls or no kill. I particularly like the posting he made on Omar Martinez referring to the proverty level in Apple Valley.

"Apple Valley is an area that has a poverty level 50% higher than the national average." Now, if you read that one sentence, what would you think? You would get the impression that this family is poor, another of Toellner's lame excuses for pits attacking. That's making an assumption that pits only kill the poor, or that income level makes a difference in whether you are attacked. Bringing up the proverty level, cuppled with the latino heritage of the victim reeks of a racist remark. Well, he didn't bother to look at the "house" that Omar lived in, although a better description would be the estate, where this boy lived. Or maybe he did but chose to distort the fact, deliberately misleading people in order to make his lame excuses credible, after all his day job (advertising) is professional deceit. This estate had beautiful iron fencing all around it, probably the house was 4,000 sq. ft or better, a showplace actually. It also indicates to me that the owner of the frankenmauler had the money to spend on a well bred pit bull, not one from the shelter or a backyard breeder shooting down another of Toellner's lame excuses. The boy and his father were outside playing with the pit indicating that the pit was friendly, a family pet, not abused, again not matching Toellner's excuses. What parent spends 100% of their time with a child? What parent takes the child into the bathroom with them? Again Toellner wants to distort the actual truth by saying this was the fault of bad parenting. At what age would Toellner consider a child to be able to be left alone in the safety of a fenced in back yard for just a moment or two?

And what is this, another break from his beloved Karen Delise, the pit nutters own "expert"?Then he excludes Ethel Horton, trying to make it sound like media bias in reporting it as a dog attack. KC says Ethyl Horton died of a heart attack, with no bites being fatal. Here is what his hero, Delise, has to say about heart attacks as a result of a pit attack, she counts them: • Death from heart attack while being attacked and bitten by a dog. Although the bite itself may not have been injurious enough to cause death, the accompanying stress and trauma at the time of the attack caused immediate heart failure and death.(page 91 of Fatal Dog Attacks The Stories Behind the Statistics)

Now read what the coroner actually said below. This should give you an insight to classic pit bull denial. KC fails to mention that the pit bull - which was in Ethyl Horton's care - was mauling her husband - and Ethyl was in the process of saving his life by beating the pit bull off with a pipe

Ethel tried to defend her husband using a plastic pipe, but the dog turned on her. Elmore said Horton had an enlarged heart, and the dog attack caused her heart to fail.

Without the dog attack, who is to say how many more years she would have had with her grandchildren. She was only 65 years old.

Anastasia Bingham is another distortion by KCDogPoop by leaving off a few details such as the dog was caught and yes, it was a pit bull.

His "new" view about altering pits is in conflict with his buddy, Karen Delise. What is he trying to do by going in this direction? I have a few suggestions as to why he is doing this:

1. World domination by pit bulls. Breed, breed, breed those pits. Breed them so they can continue to kill off all the other dogs and then if people want a pet, they only have one option, a pit bull. He would love that.

2. Could Toellner now be an extremist radical animal rights terrorist, following in the footsteps (as if he hasn't all along) of his mentor and Messiah, Nathan Winograd? These types of animal rights terrorists don't believe in spay/neuter. Winograd stood with PetPac and the AKC AGAINST mandatory spay/neuter, he pays s/n lip service but his actions speak louder. Kinda goes along with Toellner being against fencing for dogs and licensing for dogs. He did complain about his city trying to enforce licensing laws on his blog. He complains about adoption groups requiring adequate fencing when they adopt. Plus look who he hangs with. Good possibility here.

3. He's just plain stupid.

When will Toellner realize that he is the problem, not the solution, to helping his beloved breed? I say never. He's incapable of the truth. After all, look at what he does for a living, advertising. And what is advertising, distortions, plain and simple. That's all he knows to do, distort the facts. In the meantime, pits are being euthanized in record numbers, shot by the police in record numbers and they are mauling and killing in record numbers. Keep it up, KCDogPoop, you're doing a great job at bringing about BSL and bans, we love ya for it.


Anonymous said...

Toellner's racism is disgusting, but no surprise as he gets it from his breeder puppeteers.

Constant attempt to try to claim that bad pit bulls are only owned by African Americans and Latinos.

What a real low down scumbag.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have been trying to figure out why he is abandoning delise's fatal attack criteria. could it be an attempt to skew statistics? has anyone ever had a heart attack from being attacked by a collie or a lab?

HonestyHelps said...

Since he claims to follow up on attacks, he's probably learned that it ain't the way Delise claims. Of course it is an attempt to skew stats, that's what he is all about. Big mistake, Toellner, this means you won't be getting any of Berkley's money probably.