Monday, January 10, 2011

Brenda Barnette's Latest Flunky - Mark Salazar, How Dumb Can You Be?

Well, it could have been predicted based on his past record. Brenda Barnette’s new flunky, Mark Salazar already screwed up. Now that it’s been confirmed from several reliable sources, obviously everybody knows about it. When you work for a tax-supported government agency, there are no secrets, BB.

Barnette, of course, wants to cover it up but inquiring minds deserve to know. Apparently from reports, on New Year’s Day, Brenda Barnett’s new “ highly qualified” Director of Field Operations Mark Salazar took his teenage son into one of the LAAS animal shelters for a holiday visit when the shelter was closed. That's a No-No!! The kid must share his Pop’s bad judgment so he stuck his hand in a kennel and got bit!

If that was any other City employee, would they still working there? All government shelters, and some private ones, forbid bringing in family members just for the fun of it when they are closed to the public. Salazar knew that. With his checkered work history, he's worked for more than his share. What’s next, Markie? No need to answer, we know what is next in store just from your past history, a leopard doesn't change his spots.

Besides Barnette doesn't care, she is just as dumb as Salazar. She was the one who imported dogs from Kern County, unvaccinated, across two state lines where it is against the law to bring in unvaccinated dogs. When confronted with this by the State of Washington, her response was "I didn't know". Imagine a head of a major shelter not knowing the laws of the State or not caring about bringing in diseases that could be in unvaccinated dogs. She's a real winner, huh, folks? And she wants to surround herself with other "winners". Least we not forget that the vet who served under her in Seattle was disciplined for prescribing medication for himself under his dead dog's name. Yep, Salazar fits right in with Barnette. Dumb, dumber, and the dumbest.


Anonymous said...

So now this dog that bit his son has to be placed in quarantine for 10 days, taking it away from being adopted. It may missed an opportunity to be adopted and then it will be euthanized. And this man has a position of authority? What a joke!

HonestyHelps said...

You have a point Anon. I will check to see what happened to that dog.

Anonymous said...

Has Salazar gotten any kind of reprimand whatsoever for breaking city law?

Is Barnette protecting him when he broke city law?

Other employees would have gotten a reprimand and warning, and perhaps been fired.

Looks like favoritism and special protection to me.

And all that from Winograd gabbling about "disease" when he falsely attacked King County!

This is the way DISEASE gets spread Salazar, putting hands in cages and spreading illness from animal to animal.

The whole kennel could have been hit with illness.

HonestyHelps said...

You have a good point, Anon.

I hardly ever pet the dogs thru the cage and if I do I always use the wash stations provided before I go on. I am big on hand washing anyway because I have exotics and it's something you must do when you deal with them. Here is a higher up in animal control who hasn't taught his kid proper procedures in a shelter about not petting the dogs. Makes one wonder if he even knows about this kind of stuff.