Friday, January 14, 2011

Gonna Learn Your Lesson The Hard Way, Austin

There's a saying, be careful what you wish for, it just may be you'll get your worse nightmare. Well, Austin wished for it and now let the nightmare begin.

Abigail Smith, infamous Director of the Tompkins County SPCA, has been hired, why I don't know. There were constant overcrowding problems in Tompkins County under her. She lost contracts and Tompkins County SPCA has a huge deficit as a result.

Plus where does anything get off thinking that handling 3000 animals a year qualifies someone to handle much more than 20,000 animals a year? Looks to me like there are a lot of stupid people in charge in Austin. Kinda reminds me of LA.

Be prepared Austin, to go down in flames. Although this means the animals will pay the price, as in all wars, and believe me it is a war with "No Kill", there are sacrifices, it will pay off in the long run because when it does happen, the world will realize that the "No Kill Equation" is a killing machine that preys on the gullible.


Anonymous said...

Abigail Smith is another Douglas Rae.

She is a total, complete failure. Even the local Tompkins County news reported on the cruelty to animals at the Tompkins County shelter.

The shelter went bankrupt, lost ac contracts, and stopped performing cruelty investigations. Puppy mill breeders of Tompkins County loved Abigail Smith.

She's incompetent, BUT she is a crony and slave of Winograd.

Tompkins County turned animals away, especially pit bulls, all you pit bull lovers. Winograd and then Smith turned them away from the shelter so they could die outdoors or get shot or run over.

Tompkins county was NEVER open admission, never for one day.

A total, complete failure.The real problem here is that cronies of Winograd are illegally fooling with Austin, just like Winograd's crony Patitz did in Indianapolis when he sneaked in Douglas Rae.

Animals suffered, people suffered, Winograd scheme and fraud exposed, they all got fired.

A lot of animals will suffer and die because of Winograd crime.

HonestyHelps said...

People think that when someone is elected to office, that they suddenly become a know all. I tell people all the time that it is up to constituents to educate their officials. Looks like the good people in Austin failed to do that letting the education fall to the likes of Ryan Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Abigail Smith has also been eliminating positions, FIRING PEOPLE and REDUCING STAFF, in the past year because of how Tompkins County SPCA has been bankrupted by Winograd Pro Kill.

How in the hell can animals be properly cared for if there isn't enough staff to care for them?

Answer. They haven't been. Even the volunteers admit this!

And as for Winograd's "marketing" claims, Tompkins County and Smith haven't been doing it, by their own volunteers admissions!

The animals suffer, are unsocialized, and warehoused in their cages, and die in their cages, and animals get refused to die outside, which is how Winograd wants it. Then they don't mess up his "statistics" and he can keep lying about being No Kill and ripping everyone off so he can make his wife happy, maybe, as she bugs him for more money by his own admission.

Anonymous said...

Abigail Smith fled a ship she and Winograd were sinking and animals they were warehousing and abusing!

She and Winograd should be arrested for fraud. What liar brought these con artists into Austin?

"The Tompkins and Chemung counties’ SPCAs have begun to eliminate some full-time positions. Staffing is the largest expense because workers have to care for the animals 365 days of the year. Both counties are now hoping for more volunteers.

“We will be relying more on volunteers [and] continue to heavily recruit,” Thomas said.

An organization like [the SPCA] is a necessity in every community,” Hall said. “Marketing isn’t really a big thing for them, so we saw that they are really missing that important aspect of attracting and retaining volunteers.

Freshman Francine Price, a volunteer at the Tompkins County SPCA, said she goes for a few hours every Friday to socialize with cats.

[The organization] has such a limited number of staff members so the animals really need attention … to live a happy life,” Price said.

With the SPCA trimming down its staffing expenses, it will need more volunteers to make up for the lack of employees, Price said. She said animals are going to be seen more often in shelters because owners can’t afford to take care of them."

Anonymous said...

Ryan Clinton? Is this the Winograd crony?

He should get arrested for hiding the abuse and cruelty and failure that Abigail Smith has been committing at the Tompkins County shelter.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Ryan Clinton is one the Whino's flunkies.

Here's the link that Anon:31 is referring to:

I agree that Smith is fleeing a sinking ship more than accepting a new position. She'll do the same for Austin.

Wonder if animal control is under a union? If so, they might be interested in her record of dismissals. I know I have a few readers in Austin, hopefully they will pass this along to the other workers.

HonestyHelps said...

These damn links get cut off. Here again:


Lets try again.

baywatch1greta said...

That should be short and sweet. Mr. Winograd isn't bragging or have I failed to check his miserable rantings? We all know when he got in to Washoe County, Brown fired 2/3rd's of the staff and closed departments. Perhaps this will be their Lieds if Washoe doesn't beat them to it. I was up there last week and they have ring worm cats and ferals stored in a building that was supposed to be torn down.
I don't even like him that close to California.

HonestyHelps said...

The problem is that we have been reactionary after the fact when people should have been proactive before the introduction of the Whino's program. Educating the officials should not wait until something happens. The Whino's cult followers get in there before we know it and they introduce his program in such a way that it sounds reasonable and doable. It sounds that way because most people don't know a damn thing about sheltering. Then once installed, it is hard to "get rid of" because to do so the officials are then accused of being in favor of "killing".

Every little thing one sees in a Whino shelter should be sent to officials. We have to learn to wine and dine the officials, go to where they go, be seen. When you do that, it makes the job easier. Who will these officials believe if your face is the more familiar? Who will they believe if they think you might be making campaign contributions? If we expect to defeat the Whino, we must learn how to play the game better than his cultist followers are playing it.

Anonymous said...

Winograd's OWN PEOPLE in Tompkins County say the number of animals coming into the shelter are increasing because of the economy

So where does Barnette and Rosendahl and their crook breeder friends try to claim it's because of mandatory spay neuter (which isn't being enforced by this crook breeder Barnette anyway)

Well, crooks, Nathan Winograd's OWN PEOPLE just called you liars!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:47, you would be hard pressed to find an open door shelter that isn't have increases and it is due to the economy not msn. The Whino's program doesn't take into account demographics, he thinks demos are bullshit but they do matter if you study shelters. Shelters that serve a more affluent area are totally different than shelters that cater to say East LA.

pat said...

As someone who lives in Austin, works in rescue, and sat thru the public sessions with all the candidates, I can tell you what happened and why she was hired. The local candidate, leader of Austin Pets Alive, has created such a rift in the community the city couldn't hire her in good conscience. But they had to give in to all the pressure by APA to hire someone in her image, so we now have Abigail Smith. The other candidates weren't great, believe me. But we all knew Ms. Smith would be it when they asked her to re-enter her candidacy. It's okay because those of us in rescue will continue to do what we do. We will help the animals and try and avoid the politics and games being played by APA, Ryan Clinton, and the other people in this city more interested in promoting themselves then helping the animals!

HonestyHelps said...

Pat, if you avoid the politics then you will learn another lesson the hard way. When the time comes and you will see the overcrowding, the suffering, you will be too intimidated to stop it. What helps the shelter animals more than rescuing them, is to be involved in the politics, not avoid it. How do you think this happened, because people avoided the politics.

I know what they will do to you and others if you speak up, that will stop you. You will have to fall in line or be called animal killers. Don't take this attitude, it will prove to be a total disaster.

Anonymous said...

Pat, it was the rescue groups in Philadelphia (PACCA) that could not bear to see the Winograd No Kill abuse, the overcrowding, the disease, the animals dying in cages or killing each other in cages, the animals given to known hoarders to kill, the unaltered pit bulls handed out to potentially dog fighters, the very sick animals foisted onto rescue groups with a "you pay for them" order, the suffering animals that received no vet care but were allowed to linger, the animals turned away by the shelter that died on the streets, the complete lack of cruelty investigations so animal abusers and puppy mills and dog fighters proliferated. The politicians would have let this animal torture continue because Winograd and his cronies just lied to them.

While they were doing these things, Winograd and cronies just lied and tried to cover it up!

But the rescue groups saw the reality. Those rescue groups became the whistleblowers and heroes that sounded the alarm on this No Kill scam that ultimately hurts the animals the most, while the breeders breed more and more and their refuse gets dumped into the system, and animal control laws aren't enforced, and animals suffer.

Smith couldn't even handle doing cruelty investigations or enforcement in Tompkins County. Winograd let suffering animals be abused and die in a puppy mill and did nothing. That's what the breeders want, why the breeders want this No Kill scam. The breeders don't care about the torture. They make money from the torture. They want more of it, and no laws and no one to enforce them!

The whistleblower rescue groups made the politicians face what they would rather have ignored. Many politicians would rather listen to a scammer like Winograd and cronies than face reality.

The rescue groups have got to keep track of reality while Abigail Smith (colluding with Nathan Winograd and some very corrupt breeder lobbyists) lie and try to cover the failings.

Anonymous said...

Just as an example, Smith has mentioned "contracting with outside rescue groups." Well, will those be real, ethical rescue groups or hoarders where they can dump unplaceable dogs? Will they be people who just dump pet cats in the wild to die, or give them to dog fighters representing themselves as TNR people? Will they be dog fighters running fake pit bull rescue groups taking unaltered pit bulls to torture? Will they be bunchers, lab animal dealers? Will they be Don Chambers like people who take pit bulls and kill them, but tell everyone they got good homes?

Winograd and cronies have shown a preference already for hoarders, criminals, and mentally sick, abusive people.

You rescue groups have to stand up for the animals, because Winograd and Smith will torture and let them die to try to falsify their statistics and sell themselves. These No Kill "leaders" only care about themselves, not the animals.

And you rescue groups will pay the bills and suffer the heartache while Smith uses you so she can cash her big paychecks and collect her big benefits and perks and works toward a cushy pension and early retirement.

People like Smith profit off the backs of rescue groups. This is NOT charity for the Smiths and Winograds of the world.

Anonymous said...

And I would like to know if Ryan Clinton is getting any of the lobbying money swirling arounsd Winograd?

cravendesires said...

it is appalling how negligent LA has been and continues to be in their hiring practices.