Friday, January 7, 2011

Calgary, Bill Bruce and Bullshit -- Part 2

UPDATE: Looks like Brucey's world is tumbling down on his head. Not only has his nonsensical problem attracted the pit nutter world, particularly the dogmen, but it is creating another problem. According to this article, The number of serious dog bites in 2010 nearly doubled over the previous year and there were more attacks in homes. That's what happens when you fail to record by breed so people can see how dangerous pits are. He's probably pimping pits like crazy. And when you look at how prolific dog fighting is becoming in his Calgary, then you know that most of the pits there were bred for fighting and he is pimping out those dogs without a care. Course he is falling back on the Toellner excuse of educating people. A solution goes much deeper than that.
Well, it appears that Brucey Baby is having some severe problems in Calgary with the breeding of fighting pits, can anyone say Mecca for pit bull breeders? I have posted about Bruce before because he is gaining popularity with the breeding community. He's gaining popularity primarily because the breeding community is becoming disillusioned with Nathan Winograd.

A summary of his "mistakes" are:
NO fencing requirements, and oh, how the pit breeders love that one.
NO anti-tethering laws. This reeks of pit bull breeders.
NO recording of bites by breed. Can anyone say covering the asses of pit bull breeders/owners?
NO pet limit laws and with that the breeders fall to their knees and praise him to high heaven.
NO differential on licensing between altered and unaltered, again the breeders love that one.

And a result of all of this is that the pit bull breeders have flocked to Calgary, their Mecca. It's become a problem, a severe problem, and what else would you expect, Mr. Bruce? You've written your own epitaph. You've now managed to create even more suffering for pit bulls. You've managed to add to an underground economy that feeds off of pit fighting. Plus these pits being bred in Calgary are being shipped all over the world to cause suffering worldwide. Quite a legacy, Bruce, throw us all under the wagon. But you're popular with speaking engagements sponsored by breeders, raking in that ill gotten money, lining your pockets at the expense of pit bulls.

Two articles show what problems Calgary is having:
Don't act so innocent, Bruce, this is your doing. Maybe Calgary doesn't pay you enough. Pit fighters have a lot of money. With your "program" Bruce, it would be easy to tap into some of that money, wouldn't it? I can't think of any other reason for the insane ideas you have. That and the obvious of how much the breeders adore you, it's beginning to add up.
There you go, Brent Toellner, the results of another of your heroes. You guys are slow learners.


cravendesires said...

an interesting honest discussion among pit nutters about no-kill. what a surprise tia torres is mentioned. and an even bigger surprise, it is not positive.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Craven for that link. Even the dumb pit nutters have the Whino's number, glory be!!!!!