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According to an email dated January 14th from Carol Hamilton of Katiedid.dandies-at-adelphia.net (a breeder) announcing a meet and greet for Brenda Barnette on January 15, at Galpin Ford in the Valley, Brenda Barnette is "ONE OF OUR OWN".

That Saturday was a busy day for BB. The first time a $19 million shelter in the Valley--a City of Los Angeles asset--is used for the public should warrant the General Manager's presence...don't you think? Brenda Barnette dutifully did show up--BUT SHE DIDN'T LET A LITTLE THING LIKE A MAJOR PET ADOPTION EVENT INTERFERE WITH THE RECEPTION HER BREEDER FRIENDS PLANNED IN HER HONOR.

The Mission Shelter adoption event in the NE Valley began at noon. Barnette was outta there around 12:30. It appeared that she had a bigger priority than a lowly pet adoption. Barnette couldn't be late for her four-hour "meet and greet" with the BREEDERS!!! Nice priorities, Brenda! Off she ran, leaving behind her shelter's special event half an hour after it began, to spend four hours (1 to 5 pm) with the "California Federation of Dog Clubs.”

The breeder invitation is for "a Meet & Greet with Brenda Barnette, the city's new director of Animal Control." If there is anyone out there that can remember any other LAAS director being treated to a meet and greet by the breeders, you can let me know, I don't remember one myself.
The cover email included this scintillating tease about Breeder Barnette:

"She's one of us - shows and breeds dogs!" A direct quote, not in the past tense, present tense. The breeders know--once a breeder, always a breeder!

The room reserved holds over 100 people. There was a large buffet of fruit, veggies, tortilla chips and dip, ice tea and yummy chocolate chip cookies - enough food to satisfy at least 100 hungry breeders. BUT, fewer than 20 breeders showed up. WOW, guess BB wasn't the draw they expected! Are ya listening, Rosendahl? Where were you since this is obviously your crowd, you missed an opportunity to rub elbows with your kind, which could mean campaign contributions for your future plans.

Here's how the Breeder Barnette "Meet and Greet" was laid out:

When you entered the Breeder Barnette "meet and greet" you were quickly met by a breeder or two asking, "Are you a breeder?" Wonder what would have happened if you said you weren't? Would you have been kicked to the street? Maybe they were paranoid about the BOE or the Franchise Tax Board showing up and taking names to check and see if those in attendance were paying taxes on their breeding activities, and thus the screening.

What did Breeder Barnette do at her priority event for the day? Barnette stood and chatted with a few people. Then she sat and chatted with a few people. Later, she stood and chatted with the same people.

Barnette never gave any presentation. Once, when the keynote breeder was showing a PowerPoint, genius Brenda educated us all that different animals may be impounded in different numbers in different parts of the country. Wonder if she knows about pits in the LA shelters and their population in most major city shelters. Pit bulls are common factor in almost every shelter. Could have mentioned that problem. Or chihuahuas in the LA shelters. Nothing more than a general statement from Barnette. Later when asked if shelter employees are good with breed identification, Brenda said "it varies depending which shelter." The presentation was to "educate" shelter staff as if those with years and years experience don't already know such things. Such intelligence! Such insight! Makes you wonder why she's the GM!

These breeders have their nerve talking about educating. Barnette should be teaching them a thing or two like how their "business" affects everything. Selling unaltered dogs, not paying taxes that could help support the shelters, stopping their fight against legislation to help the situation. Or how they play a role in the cruelty of puppy mills by supporting the AKC. Cooperating would have been the theme she could have used but no, she didn't do that because she is "one of them".

With Breeder Barnette having no prepared comments, the breeders said the "meet and greet" was to get everyone's comments about a draft of a PowerPoint presentation (which they could have emailed to one another for comment). I say that they realized how dumb Barnette really is and she had nothing intelligent to say. This was all for show, folks, so these breeders can stand and say how they "help" the shelters.

The PowerPoint shows AKC dog groups (working, sporting, toy, etc.) and their characteristics, and it shows nine dogs often "mistaken for pit bulls." The most "substantive" comment a breeder offered to the group about the PowerPoint was to modify its background colors. Gee, golly...why didn't I notice that! I just thought it was dull to make Brenda look brighter!! Guess that didn't work out.

What was it really about? The invitation did not mention any PowerPoint. The invitation to the meet and greet with Brenda Barnette put it this way: "It's your chance to get to know her and to let her know your feelings about the mandatory spay-neuter law and any other issues concerning our dogs and our rights as responsible owners." God, I hate seeing that word, "responsible" applied to breeders and to refer to themselves as owners, they ain't just "owners". They are breeders, big difference. Owners give animals homes. Breeders raise a product for sell. Breeders create animals who then become part of the overpopulation problem that fills shelters.

Maybe that is why one breeder wore her "No Mandatory Spay-Neuter" button. Were those private little conversations with Breeder Barnette and the other breeding enthusiasts to discuss trashing the City's spay-neuter law? You can bet your booty that's the case.

There were some revealing comments overheard, spoken by the various breeders who had come to meet and greet Brenda. Get the bucket, these may make you vomit.

° "There is no dog overpopulation." Straight from Barnette's Messiah's lips to the breeders' ears. Gives credibility to breeding, this morbid philosophy.

° "Any excess dogs and cats here are because we are importing them from places like Mexico and Thailand." Translated, these imports are taking money from our greedy pockets.

° "Mandatory spay-neuter will make it so our children cannot find dogs when they are old enough to have one." What? You can't breed dogs for your children!! Besides just meet the requirements for a breeder license and your children can have all the dogs they want. Sounds like they don't want to report their taxes to me.

° "80% of animals enter the shelter already spayed and neutered." Where does that come from? It applies more to those exiting the shelter than entering it. And, if it is true in L.A., how is Brenda really spending all those s/n dollars she claims are used on shelter animals?

° "Spaying and neutering does not lengthen your dog's life." When asked how she knows, she said, "There was a Veterinary School study." When asked which school, the answer was "Davis. I think." I'm surprised this one can even read.

° “The government has no right to tell us to spay and neuter. The next thing you know they will be telling us we can't have longhair dogs." Yeah, yeah, yeah, and the government has no right to pass drunk driving laws or make us pay taxes on our litters.

° "There is a surplus of 'crap dogs'." [No definition given of "crap dogs."] I'll give you my opinion of her definition. Mix breeds, shelter dogs is what she is saying. When will breeders admit that when they sell a pet-quality dog unaltered that they are creating those "crap dogs" via a backyard breeder? Unaltered pet-quality dogs are the fodder that feeds backyard breeding, so that people can "recoup their investment", because they probably overpaid if they got it from a breeder. So this one can thank herself for those "crap dogs", she is the one making them.

° A particularly choice comment from the loud and confident apparent CA Dog Club Breeder Leader, Judythe Coffman, who boasted that she was carrying a concealed pistol: "The reason you don’t see purebred coonhounds in the shelters is that if they don't hunt well, they aren't rescued. They are shot where they stand." Talk about a pistol packing MaMa, (and she looks like one). Wonder if she would have shot anyone at the front door who might have answered the question by saying they were a rescuer. Easy to spot this broad too, she's just a fat Barnette lookalike. Nice comment, wonder if she shoots her Weiners when they don't perform. One can only wonder just how many she has shot.

Hey, Brenda. Are these ladies and two gentlemen your friends? Are they the people who are giving you all those cutting-edge shelter reform ideas, like fostering animals in basements?

One person was overheard questioning Breeder Barnette about the pet limit increase. (Barnette is pushing hard to increase the number of dogs and cats allowed per home in Los Angeles.) Their exchange tells it all about Breeder Barnette:

Breeder Person: About the pet limit increase you want. Would the animals have to be fixed?

Breeder Barnette: Oh, no!

Breeder Person: Why not?

Breeder Barnette: Because I don't think it's right. It would discriminate against responsible breeders.

Who uses the word "responsible" to describe breeders? And how could any "responsible" LA Animal Services GM be pushing for more unaltered animals in the city? Maybe this is exactly why Seattle AKC Legislative Rep BB came here--to open up Los Angeles for her Breeder Buddies by doing away with dog and cat limits, allowing unlimited puppies and kittens, and making sure that spay/neuter is not a requirement. Well, if that's true, it doesn't look like many of them thought she was worth coming out for! Pretty paltry group.

Are Council (other than Bill Rosendahl and Paul Koretz) and rescuers really dumb enough to do this? We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette is using a taxpayer-funded job to LOBBY AND WORK FOR PRIVATE BUSINESS, private business that happens to be made up of tax cheats, animal abusers, lawbreakers, puppy millers, and other deviants. The rescue community is perceived by these breeders to be slaves. "You rescue people spend your money and time cleaning up after us breeders!" Barnette was pushed on the rescue community to make sure the rescue community acted like proper slaves, taking away laws and rules so the breeder slavemasters could make more money and cheat on their taxes and license fees EVEN MORE. This is the equivalent of a tobacco industry employee and lobbyist running the board of health. This is FRAUD. And the shelters animals will die and get tortured and pay the price

Anonymous said...

Barnette is admitting in public that she is NOT ENFORCING THE MANDATORY SPAY NEUTER LAW, on behalf of her personal business cronies the breeders. She is breaking the law and not doing her job, to personally benefit her business associates and HERSELF. She is admitting that she wants the pet limits increased to allow her personal breeder business associates TO BREED MORE dogs, sell more unaltered dogs, INCREASE SHELTER ADMISSIONS, ENABLE THE PUPPY MILLS, avoid licensing. She admits that she took the job TO HELP BREEDERS and HURT THE SHELTER ANIMALS. That this is all about helping breeders (and herself, personally) money. That she is helping her personal breeder business associates evade taxes, evade laws, and make more money and get richer. This is CRIME. She should be getting ARRESTED. Are brenda's dogs licensed? Has she been claiming the income? Is she paying taxes? Her daughter, who used to live with her, and probably still does?

Anonymous said...

Branette's friend, AKC board member and puppy mill lobbyist Patti Strand, has already said what "crap dogs" are according to the breeders. MIXED BREED DOGS. These breeders have said many times that mutts or mixed breed dogs are "worthless" and should be killed. They WANT them to die. And they are getting Barnette to do everything she can to kill them, and torture them first.

Anonymous said...

"Well, if that's true, it doesn't look like many of them thought she was worth coming out for" Some didn't come because they are tax cheats and did not want anyone noting them and identifying them. The ones who did come hope that no one will notice or investigate. After all, they think Barnette will protect their crimes. This Federation is literally organized crime. And they are all connected to NAIA and Rick Berman, the PRO animal abuse lobby. As well as the racist PetPac.

Anonymous said...

Also some are running puppy mills and hiding it. Not to mention the dog fighters who claim they are "dog fanciers" or "hobbyists." These are the crooks that Rosendahl is involved with.

HonestyHelps said...

I feel your frustrations Anons, I am totally frustrated about Barnette. She had an opportunity to "educate" breeders and failed to do it because she is one of them, she thinks like them, and she is part of the problem. There is no solutions with Barnette, only more grief.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of balls - Nothing about Brenda Barnette is real or true. Isn't she actually a man? At this meeting she was sitting like a man, legs splayed, pot belly and no boobs. What's the deal? Her appointment as GM of LAAS was orchestrated by the AKC and Nathan Winograd, neither of which believes in mandatory s/n because sterilized animals don't line their pockets. This is scandalous and tragic. More animals are dying than ever in the L.A. pounds. And it's Barnette's fault - she's doing nothing to make matters improve in the shelters - it's not in her best interest, or that of her breeder friends. Astonishing and hideous. All of it.

Anonymous said...

and....just to be clear - I don't care if she's transgender or anything else. What I do care about is that everything about her is a pack of lies. She's a complete fraud, and she's not doing the job that L.A. tax dollars are paying her to do. Her track record in Seattle, her reason for coming to L.A., her behavior while here, her lack of intention or ability to do the job she's being paid for....all lies and smokescreens. The list goes on and on. She makes me miss Ed Boks. sort of.

HonestyHelps said...

Are you sure, Anon, that you have her mixed up with Judythe Coffman, that description is more like her. She was packing a pistol even at the event, guess she was gunning for the non breeders that might have shown up. Judythe looks like a fat, sloppy Barnette with the dyke cut white hair

Anonymous said...

I just looked at Coffman's website. Absolutely disgusting. I can't count the number of Weims I've personally rescued from the pounds over the years. Sweet Diane Monahan at Weim rescue always has at least 80 in her shelter. Now I wonder how many were bred by Coffman. There are photos on her website of people in the field with guns and dogs, and dogs with birds in their mouths. When she said that dogs who "don't perform well in the field are shot where they stand" she meant it. She shoots them. Jeezus. And no - I didn't confuse them. Barnette's 5 o'clock shadow was very visible, and she's a small man, as compared to Breeder Coffman, who is quite tall and obese. Regardless, the entire situation is completely appalling. And scandalous.

HonestyHelps said...

Wonder if "Bruce" Barnette is lurking somewhere in there? I didn't notice the 5 o'clock shadow, course I tried to stay as far away as possible after learning that Judythe was packing heat.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....you were there. Good. Guess most of us in that room may not have been her breeder pals, after all. Ironic. Question: How the hell do we get rid of her/him???? At least Boks pulled such public bonehead stunts that he eventually got his stupid self booted outta here. Barnette is purposely keeping a really low profile and not doing anything public that will cause attention. She's not as stupid as Boks, which means she's more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

and another thing ---- when did you EVER see the name "Barnett" spelled "Barnette" with an "e?" Never. (s)He feminized his/her name. As I said before, though, if (S)he was doing a good job and saving the lives of animals I wouldn't care if (S)he was purple. This isn't about that. It's about FRAUD, CORRUPTION and DECEIT. Any suggestions for getting her booted?

HonestyHelps said...

Ain't gonna admit to anything, Anon. Let's just say that you could be right in that there were far less breeders there than they think. I can see there is an underground movement in LA against Barnette from my non published comments seeking info and advice. There was even a posting last week in Seattle Craigslist asking for info from the area. Keep in mind that many of these people are rescues, if not all of them. They have to be much more careful in order to not get "barred" from the shelters. But once certain things are in place, the bomb will hit and they will be out in the open. They also have to be careful of those duds from the ADL-LA. This intidimation of rescues is keeping them quiet and that allows all this shit to happen. They are getting fed up with it and don't want to take it anymore. I got fed up a long time ago.

HonestyHelps said...

As I understand, SHE has a daughter. Truly I see BB more as a dyke than anything else. Those transgenders are much more feminine than she is with the butch haircut. I could care less about what she is really, I have a relative who is a world famous transgender entertainer so it doesn't bother me. All I care about is someone being qualified to do the job properly and BB is definitely not that. Plus, stay tuned, the future will be more than interesting. Maybe even a movie about it all, nothing in Hollywood could have more intrigue, mystery, and bullshit than BB. There's more to come, oh, so much more. Fasten your seat belts, BB is in for a rocky ride.

Anonymous said...

I and others are happy to hear that there is a movement afoot to oust her/him. As you probably know, many people questioned why ADL-LA would align with the AKC and Winograd in so vehemently supporting a breeder for the GM job. It seems incredibly oxymoronic, give their history in demonstrating against former corrupt and inept General Managers. Maybe it's all about money for them as well.

HonestyHelps said...

It's not really surprising about the ADL-LA really. Do you see Pammy admitting she was wrong all along? Ain't gonna happen. Even if she saw the Whino himself abuse, kill and eat an animal, she would still defend him because she is never wrong. That's okay by me, it just makes them lose even more credibility than they already have, if they had any to start with.

Anonymous said...

"you probably know, many people questioned why ADL-LA would align with the AKC and Winograd in so vehemently supporting a breeder for the GM job."

Barnette has left a track a mile wide in her support of the breeder fraud and puppy mills.

I am leaning more and more to the conclusion that Berman money was involved, and some people will sell out any ideals to those that throw them some coins.

Anonymous said...

There IS a daughter that used to live with her, breeding AKC Portugese Water dogs and using a shelter that Barnette worked for to promote the sale and breeding of these dogs.

Daughter probably still lives with her and still does.

This moneymaking industry is a family affair.

Anonymous said...

That is extremely shocking! I can't believe BB said those things. Why is she cozying up to the breeders?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, why would you find it shocking, haven't you read all the dirt contained in this blog about her? Doesn't shock me at all, I know how she is, what she has done, and who she stands with.

Anonymous said...


"Accompanied by our board members, Judy Coffman, VP, traveled to Sacramento for each meeting to walk the halls and attend meetings with our allies, PETPac, TAC, CFA, NAIA and AKC. Her many years of legislative knowledge, combined with the others' expertise regarding how Sacramento works, was an incalculable asset.'

Nice company Judy Coffman keeps. A bunch of racists, puppy mill lobbyists, Rick Berman associates, and people who support every kind of animal cruelty possible, and oppose every kind of anti-cruelty law, and don't want any kind of law related to pets whatsoever so they can profit.

It looks like Judy Coffman is the "point man" for making contacts with sleazy legislators who may or may not know that Judy is lying to them.

So what crooks in addition to Rosendahl are involved with her and aiding and abetting her personally, and her corrupt business associates, and helping cruelty to animals in California not only continue but get worse?

These sleazoid breeders are sneaking around Sacramento and local government fastening on to the corrupt or gullible legislators and filling their heads with lies and threats, as well as smear about people involved in rescue or animal welfare.

They are calling people in animal welfare "terrorists" and making up fake stories about them.

Winograd's smear is just a small indication of the smear they use to demean those who want animals treated humanely.

Anonymous said...

Some of these legislators listen to these crook breeders, because since the crook breeders don't have normal, taxpaying lives, they have plenty of time to beat on legislators and bully and harass them and tell lies and push legislators into doing what the breeders want.

It's taken the animal welfare and rescue community a long time to figure out how these corrupt, fraudulent breeders work.

People like Coffman have personal relationships with people like Rosendahl, and that's how animal cruelty and suffering continue.

And how much more proof does anyone in the rescue community need to understand that this Winograd No Kill sham is a tool to use and abuse the rescue and humane community into doing what the breeders want (which is to increase animal abuse and overpopulation and breeder and puppy mill profits), and also to bankrupt the shelters and rescuers? Also to stop cruelty invesigations and law enforcement so puppy mills and dog fighters can expand, so breeders like this have more $$$$$$$.
The breeders will laugh all the way to the bank.

And they will have more money to lobby and stick in the hands of corrupt legislators to help increase animal cruelty and their shady business, and the ones related to it like the lab animal dealers, so they can all abuse more animals and profit still more.

And the shelters and rescuers go broker and broker, and get weaker and weaker, which is how the breeders want it.

Anonymous said...

"A large thank you MUST go to Lisa Swoboda of the Cavalier Club of America, along with CFODC board member Stormy Hope, for gathering the addresses of 2460 California CVMA members. Lisa recruited other Cavalier Club members in CFoDC's name, to contact every one of those veterinarians. This was a major undertaking and accomplishment after CFODC had contacted 1800 non-CVMA vets by email. Writing those vets, informing letting them of the CVMA'S sponsorship of AB1634 was an important first step in CVMA's pulling their support from the bill. In addition, Stormy coordinated hundreds of volunteers to contact CVMA vets in their area by writing letters and making personal visits, doubling and tripling the contacts"

And this is how breeders get veterinarians to support animal abuse and cruelty, and oppose laws breeders don't like for profit reasons. This is how veterinarians get tricked into supporting puppy mills, the bread and butter of the AKC, the source of revenue for these "show breeders" to do what they do, including pay off lobbyists (Winograd are you listening?)

Humorous, since most of these breeders DO THEIR OWN VETERINARY WORK, from shots to worming and everything else (yes, caesareans, killing their unwanted dogs, cosmetic things like tail docking, etc- the BREEDERS do it themselves!) and don't bring the veterinarians much money at all compared to the rescue community and adopters who DO go to the vet and pay vet bills!

Anonymous said...

If Winograd and his breeder friends want to talk about "killing," let's discuss the lobbying that the Virginia version if the California Federation of dog breeders did against puppy mill regulations (with help from breeders in others states like CA)

(and this is just one example of this kind of lobbying! it's going on in every state by these breeders)

Breeders and lobbyists like Coffman and these others SAT WITH PUPPY MILL BREEDERS AND BROKERS at legislative hearings and vigorously opposed, for example, a rule requiring veterinarians to humanely euthanize dogs and puppies.

The puppy mills and other breeders kill their own unwanteds or those they have abused into failing, either by letting them die in cages, shooting them, homemade gassing chambers, beating them in the head with a rock, burying them alive, letting them freeze or bake to death outside, if it's cruel and cheap they do it!

The public never knows.

The breeders don't want to spend the money to a vet to humanely euthanize, because that would increase costs, reduce profits, (and poassibly reduce the number of puppy mill registrations AKC would profit from!)

These puppy mills have to operate as cheaply as possible to maximize the $$$ that they get and AKC gets, and the Coffmans of the world want more and more $$$ for their events and lobbying.

The breeders kill many many loving dogs because they don't "look" right, don't "hunt" right, aren't producing enough litters, etc. Death is at the heart of the breeding industry, dogs die in huge numbers from puppies to adults, and the breeders do the killing themselves (no statistics, Nathan Winograd! so they can hide it. The breeders are HIDING THEIR KILLING, and not killing humanely)

Anonymous said...

The cornerstone of breeding is that vast numbers of animals must be bred and produced to get the right show look, the right hunting or working dog abilities, the right fighting dog that is game enough, the huge numbers for the pet stores to hawk to people who can't handle the dogs and give them up to the shelters. VOLUME is the name of the game! And many of the washouts get KILLED. Or are not allowed to get vet care and allowed to die.

Now the breeders opposing humane euthanasia by veterinarians, the breeders supporting all this inhumane killing, ARE THE SAME ONES POINTING THE FINGER AT SHELTERS and ANIMAL CONTROL AND CALLING THEM KILLERS AND CALLING HUMANE EUTHANASIA KILLING.

The killers are calling other people killers!

Because the killer breeders only want to hurt ac and hurt shelters and hurt rescue. This pretense at being upset about "killing" is just that, a pretense. If breeders were so upset about killing, why aren't they upset about the biggest and most inhumane killing, within the breeder world? Why aren't they upset about the killing at puppy mills that work with AKC?

These breeders support breeders killing their own dogs, with no rules reducing cruelty. But they are calling animal control killers? They are calling shelters killers?

This is the hypocrisy behind the Breeder Winograd No Kill, a sham to hurt shelters and rescues, while pretending to care about dogs when the breeders don't even care about breeder dogs!

Anonymous said...

The other side of the breeder coin from the breeder killing is the breeders share of the responsibility for overpopulation and the vast numbers of dogs that shelters and rescue have to deal with (as well as the genetically defective and flawed and sick dogs the shelters and rescuers have to deal with, another issue)

Breeders sell unaltered dogs (increases profits, and their spay neuter "contracts" are legally useless, just another sham to pretend to be responsible)

These unaltered dogs have oops litters that end up at the shelters or rescues, or continuing to breed, and producing generations of oops litters.

In addition to the breeders dogs getting given up to shelters because the new buyers can't handle them, can't keep them, can't deal with their genetic problems! These purebred dogs are bred for looks, not good behavior or health or quality as a pet (the "give dog back to breeder contract" sham is just that. Not legally supportable. Buyers can LEGALLY do whatever they want with the dogs once they buy them, contract or no contract. Most breeders don't even know where the hell their dogs end up)

Also, the AKC not only needs more and more breeders to support the show circuit and that game, but also needs the puppy mills to breed and produce HUGE numbers of dogs so the AKC can rake in the money from the registering and microchipping, and the Petland deals, and the Hunte Corporation deals, and the AKC always needs MORE AND MORE MONEY, especially with all the lobbying against anti-cruelty laws they are spending their money on!

Anonymous said...

The pet store whim buys end up at the shelters, often after they've had litters so the buyer can "make back" the money they spent on them, which plans usually fail, and those litters end up at shelters too.

You can't have a mixed breed dog without starting with PUREBRED dogs comingling, and the breeders are supporting this whole overpopulation thing and not doing a thing to reduce it (except deny it, and hire liar lobbyists to deny it, and blame the victims of all this breeding, the shelters!)

If the breeders really do care,

Why not ALTER pet quality before selling? Why not fund and operate free spay clinics with some of the millions upon millions that the AKC is making, instead of spending it on huge salaries, lobbying, and so many expensive dog shows and events?

The AKC and AKC breeders do NOTHING but create a big part of the problem, and expect the RESCUERS, SHELTERS, and TAXPAYERS to clean up after the breeders.

That's what No Kill is all about. Take responsibility away from breeders, dump it on the shelters, animal control, and rescuers.

Melissa M said...

I was at the meeting. I'm a rescuer and unfortunately had to leave early on. I was in time to see the woman handing out those anti HSUS stickers saying they want to see the extinction of pets or something sane and rational along those lines. Even if you're not a fan of HSUS and how they spend their donations, surely anyone with a third grade education has to realize they do more to save animals than BREEDERS! When I said I didn't believe that HSUS wanted pets to be extinct, the sticker lady's face dropped. At the risk of name calling, let's just say she made all the "crazy rescue" people appear sane. Short of a handful of nice, sincere people, albeit misguided, who used to donate to ASPCA and HSUS until they "saw the light," I would imagine the rest gave up their day of "gun duty" at a Tea Party rally. But in their defense, maybe the owner of the dealership is a breeder and supplied the room and the food?

HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, I'm surprised that you made it outta that place. I don't about Galpin, if they are involved in breeding or not, maybe something to look up.

Yes, indeed, the breeders hate HSUS. HSUS is the one breaking up their "commercial" kennels AKA puppy mills. I don't care what they do with their donations either as long as they are doing what they are doing, busting puppy mills and dog fighting. I want Wayne Pacelle in Guici suits because if he wore bluejeans, he would never see the inside of a legislator's office.

I know many people with Peta, HSUS, and the ASPCA. All of them have pets and none of them are working to keep us from having pets. All they want is to have us treat our pets respectfully and humanely, as we should anyway. I hope to see the day when it is more difficult to get a pet than to adopt a baby. We are devaluing pets, making them disposable, with the two fer one sales and the freebies. We need to always work to make pets more valuable, not diminish their value as many of the "No Kill" cult members are doing just so they move them out the door,.

Melissa M said...

One thing of note: Brenda Barnette attends anti puppy mill/pet store events and joins anti pet store pages on Facebook. I believe she is genuinely against pet stores/puppy mills, and not because it's competition for legit breeders. Also, promoting adoption is more in her interest due to her position. There are decent breeders (as decent as a breeder can be with all the dogs destroyed) that want to breed dogs correctly and humanely since people are gonna buy dogs anyway. Could it be that she was just reaching out to breeders since she also reaches out to rescuers? I agree though, there needs to be more openness and accountability. With pet overpopulation in crisis mode, there really is no reason for the head of the LA shelter system to reach out to a breeder's club. But for the sake of the animals, I still hope you are mostly wrong about her.

HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, I wish I could share your enthusiasm but after working closely with people in Seattle, including the ACO Guild, for three years prior to Barnette raising her ugly head in LA, I can say that you are misplacing your enthusiasm.

You have to consider that all the while she is paying lip service to puppy mills and pet stores, she is representing the AKC on the legislative end. Of course she doesn't want the pet stores because they get their pets from puppy mills, not from a "breeder" such as herself. It's a money stand, not a moral stand. And while in Seattle, she didn't reach out to the rescues at all.

At one adoption event she held, she pushed the shelter animals, and they came from her shelter, to the rear, none got adopted. But she put her daughter's purebreds up front and they were the ones to get the action from the crowds.

Do a search on this blog and read about the things she has pulled. Read of how badly she treated a cruelty case of Eskimo dogs. Read about the "friends" she surrounds herself with. I've been fighting this woman for over three years, you've known her a couple of months. She did a lot of damage in Seattle, we don't want her doing the same to LA.

Melissa M said...

That's sad to hear. It makes sense that she's aligned with Winograd if she's against spay/neuter leg., but he likes to put all the blame on shelters, so that part doesn't make sense to me. It also doesn't make sense why ADLLA supports Winograd, the messiah to breeders and pet store owners (the ones who buy his books).

HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, there's even more to come on Barnette and Winograd. Barnette left Seattle because she failed the Whino in their conspiracy to take over the shelter. The ACO Guild filed a lawsuit for her emails as a member of the animal commission and it would also mean the emails from the Whino. She fought this and only when the Attorney General ruled that she had to surrender her emails, then she ran to LA. The ACO Guild does have some emails and they are still reviewing them in hopes to prove a conspiracy. Now Barnette has brought in one of her "friends", Claire Davis, to sit on the board of a non-profit. Davis wrote a letter to the CAO, Dow Constantine, saying that they had tried to "create" instability in animal control. Constantine was on the council prior to be elected as CAO and was Barnette's biggest supporter. He backed off too when the Attorney General said the emails have to be relinquished. Since animal control in King County is trying to get along with Constantine, they may not release their findings, I hope that is not the case. There's so much that Barnette has done but I have most of it documented on this blog. She is as evil as the Whino but even he has already set her up for failure. She failed him once, she'll do it again.

The ADL-LA needs to take a closer look at the Whino. He is a puppet for those who work to continue the cruelty of puppy mills, the cruelty of agribusiness. The Whino repeats word for word everything that Rick Berman says. Next research project for you would be about Rick Berman. When you listen to Berman, you'll see the Whino's face. I find it hard to believe that the ADL-LA is still behind the Whino and Barnette. Although I have absolutely no use for the ADL-LA, I thought they had more to themselves than to let such people yank their chains.

Jen Woodard said...

There are a lot of fallacies here and truly written by someone who is not in the know. Those of us that work diligently in animal welfare as our profession realize that nothing is black and white when saving animals and sometimes you have to talk to people that may not make sense to others but there are reasons for it. The job Brenda has makes her a target - reading this has proven my point here. There is a reason that other GM's have failed and that is because instead of trying to work together as a united front to save animals, people feel that writing blogs and vilifying those who do the work is helpful. News flash: it's not. To those of you that want to attack Miss Barnette, I ask you to step back and think, how is this helping to save lives? It's not.

Again, if you truly want to help save animals in LA and in the U.S. foster, adopt, rescue, volunteer, network, anything that has results of saving more lives. All you are doing is taking bits of information that you don't understand, making assumptions and blasting it out for other people to hate. Don't we have enough of hate?

My suggestion: call Brenda and set up a meeting. She has met with anyone who wants to - volunteers, members of the public who support her or not, business owners, apartment complex managers, politicians, other shelter directors, and yes, even breeders. She returns phone calls, she returns emails and is very happy to sit down with anyone and everyone even if they have differeing views. Maybe then you can see she's human and she is in a position to make changes to save lives. Join her. If you don't, then you are against saving animals. Simple as that.

HonestyHelps said...

Jen Woodard, I have less use for you than for Barnette. Yes, indeed, Jennifer, there's dirt about you as well and now that you've made your presence known on my blog, be prepared for that dirt to come out.

For your information, or rather lack of, my profession is in the humane community and I was doing it long before you. Barnette is a target for good reason, not just for the fact she is the GM. She's earned her bulls eye in flying colors.

You have some nerve talking about saving animal lives, some damn nerve, when you work for Best Fiends. Guess you didn't have much luck with Rancho or San Bernardino. Hard to find a job when you have the rep for being such a nitwit, but hey, Best Fiends will hire anyone. Just look at Ledy, they hired her and if they hired her, they will hire anyone.

And of course, resort to that tired saying, that if you don't go along with "No Kill", then you must want to kill. I don't have blood on my hands but I know a few who do and Barnette is one of those, among others of your "friends". I don't join cults that is your claim to fame, isn't it?

HonestyHelps said...
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HonestyHelps said...

A better talley would be how much dough did you rake in for Best Fiends? After all that is the purpose of what you do, isn't it?

HonestyHelps said...

Wanna tell everyone about all those adoptions at your 2 day event in the second largest city in the country? I do that many on Saturday at Petsmart. But adoptions really weren't your purpose, were they? Money, money, money, Best Fiends wants that money so they can keep Tug and Diesel in better fencing, ya think.

Melissa M said...

HonestyHelps, I'm confused again. You talk about the "no kill cult" that wants animals out of the shelter at any cost, no matter where they are placed. Wouldn't that be on individual rescuers and not on the shelters? Lord knows, the LA shelter system has a long way to go with outreach, but realistically, to what extent can they control where the pets end up? You can't change people's mentality and how they view pets over night. It's an ill of our selfish society that devalues animals.

And what about those of us that are "no kill" AND mandatory spay/neuter? I think that's most of us. Doesn't have to be one or the other. But, I agree with you, it is astounding that advocates of saving animals' lives will put so much credence in Nathan Winograd, an animal profiteer, no better than a breeder. Actually worse than a breeder because he's under the guise of a rescuer.

And Jen, yes, there is a huge difference between people that are in animal welfare for a living and those that do it for free (just out of the goodness of their hearts). I learned it the hard way as a Best Friends pet store protester.

HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, I don't mean to confuse you. Keep in mind that I deal with the underbelly of all of this. I deal with those "rescues" who don't care about the quality of their placements. I deal with those who are against mandatory s/n because they are so into saving them all now and to hell with the future.

I speak against those types of rescues which are becoming more and more prevalent because the Whino gives them cause to call themselves "rescuers" when all they do is basically hoard. I know too many "rescues" that take animals from the shelters and dump them on the likes of Gudger, Bemis and Charlotte Spadaro (she is on trial right now). In fact Spadaro stated to the court in Riverside that most of the animals in her cruelty case were there from other rescues.

It is wrong to take an animal from a shelter and put it with these types, these cult followers because that is what they are. I ask you would you join a group whose background includes worshipping any and all, including the devil? Thus, Best Fiends. Or would you follow the Whino who is so closely associated with the likes of Rick Berman? I doubt you would because it sounds like you probably care about your placements. We need to find ways to do better placements, not put animals back into the same or worse situation. We shouldn't tolerate the "any home is better than dying in the shelter". I beg to differ with that. I am plagued with nightmares over what I have seen happen to pets from those types of placements. I respect animals too much to see them thrown out of the pot into the fire. I've said it so many times, there are far worse things that can happen to an animal than being euthanized in the shelter. These cult followers don't see it that way, being on the end of a chain is fine with them, being thrown into kennels with a dozen other dogs to die fighting is fine with them.

The good rescues can't speak out against all of this because they would suffer the fate of Pat Dunaway, being accused of everything with absolutely no evidence to back it up. It would affect their donor base. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. I can't blame them for chosing to continue their work and remain silent. I just wish they could come forward without worrying about the intimidation from these cult followers. Better adoptions, not more adoptions is one of the answers.