Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Conspiracy of Bill Rosendahl and Brenda Barnette

As we all know, "No Kill" swears that MSN doesn't work even with results like in San Francisco for pit bulls. For those of you who don't know, MSN is mandatory spay/neuter--which Los Angeles really doesn't have--but it's close enough to make the AKC and Rosendahl want it gone for good. So why would anyone resist MSN? I'm about to answer that.

Bill Rosendahl was the ONLY Council member who voted AGAINST MSN in the City of LA, the only one out of fifteen members. Rosendahl is an admitted breeder himself and again we all know that the breeders hate MSN. His biggest supporter for raising the pet limits is a breeder who filed suit against MSN and has plans to file another lawsuit against MSN, dooming more shelter animals to die. Can anyone say wasting the taxpayer's money? Rosendahl also is responsible for bringing Brenda Barnette to LA, another known breeder, hell, she was a legislative rep for the AKC, even worse than being just a breeder. Barnette had enough dirt on her, she should have never been hired. She had no public sheltering experience either.

Rosendahl's plan was to team up with a breeder to do away with MSN. If an experienced animal control person had been hired, he wouldn't have stood a chance of defeating MSN. Thus the reason why he would support hiring a breeder, one who would stand with him on stopping MSN in the City of LA.

Raising pet limits has a twofold purpose for Rosendahl, first to give his breeder buddies a 66% increase in their business** and two, to defeat MSN by increasing the number of animals coming into the shelters. He knows only too well that the increases in impounds that have occured are a direct result of the poor economy, not because of MSN but he will distort the truth so it appears MSN is the reason just like Winograd does.

This is a conspiracy, one with underlying undertones of "money talks". Breeders open their pockets for this and Rosendahl has bigger plans for himself-- that requires money. The breeders would love to send Rosendahl to Sacramento. Rosendahl is selling out to his comrades, and selling out the City of LA for his own purposes.

Rosendahl is doing nothing more than trying to raise his campaign contributions from the underground economy known as dog breeding. People like Rosendahl care nothing for the shelter animals, he would rather see them impounded in record numbers, just means more business for his campaign contributors. Barnette is his ace in the hole, she is the key player in his conspiracy to destroy animal control in LA.

It is a truly evil person who cares so little for the shelters and the pets in those shelters. Rosendahl fits perfectly the definition of this evil.

** According to a study by Ralson Purina and the National Council on Pet Population, only 10-20% of animals are acquired from shelters/rescues and 15-30% are acquired from breeders/pet stores. The rest are acquired from backyard breeders and "oops" litters.


shar pei mix said...

I live in an area where the shelters have been overrun by the no-killers, and where the surrounding area has subsequently been overrun by stray pets and abandonded animals. (Anyone not seeing the correlation between "no kill" and dumped animals is living on another planet.)

I can't think of a single person I know that hasn't taken in at least one stray. I currently have two myself.

It would kill me to have to put down innocent animals due to a lack of mandatory spay and neuter laws and I don't know how animal control workers can cope sometimes.

I also don't understand the sadism that keeps these laws from being passed, whether it's bsl or msn. It's just something that genuinely makes me sad.

HonestyHelps said...

Shar Pei, I agree. "No Kill" says that MSN puts down innocent animals but I disagree with that. Without MSN we are doomed to live in the present and the innocent animals that will die will be those born because of a lack of MSN. It means more animals dying than might die right now. Unfortunately, we can't save what is here, we have to concentrate on saving the future and all those lives.

It is difficult to wrap your head around the resistance to BSL and MSN. If these "No Kill"ers were to call around to the shelters surrounding their "No Kill" shelters, they would learn that all "No Kill" does is pass the buck. Those non "No Kill" shelters are taking up the slack created by the "No Kill" shelters. And people like yourself that are taking in the strays take up the slack created by the "No Kill" shelters.

My motto is:
YOU CAN'T KILL 'EM IF THEY AIN'T THERE. Spay/neuter is the answer and has proven itself to be the answer.

Anonymous said...

AHhh - but many of you have fallen into the kool aid that H$U$ wants you to drink.
IF there's an overabundance of pets, then why are shelters/agencies importing animals from 3rd world countries? Why is H$U$ staging their "raids"? Why does H$U$ give less than 3% of their income to help animals? Why does H$U$ hire convicted terrorists? Why does H$U$ plead for monies - and then not help in the tragedy? Why was H$U$ under investigation by the LA Atty Gen? Why is H$U$ being investigated as a profitable organization by the IRS? Why should Vick be allowed to go against his sentence - BECAUSE he and the Eagles donated big bucks to H$U$?

I have a better idea - let's MSN politicians! Let's MSN idiots! Do you really want to be a vegan? Do you really want the next generation of children to grow up without pets? Well - that's the agenda of H$U$!!!! Just check their ramblings!

Education is the answer - and my answer is to MSN H$U$!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 24
"IF there's an overabundance of pets, then why are shelters/agencies importing animals from 3rd world countries?"

IF, THERE IS NO "IF" when it comes to the pet overpopulation, it is a fact. Those shelters that you speak of are the ones drinking the koolaid of your Messiah and it is a plot to import animals to keep from taking them from their own local shelter, thereby causing euthanasia to go up so they can force their morbid ideas onto their open door shelters. You should be condemning those groups for killing their own local shelter animals. Has nothing to do with the pet overpopulation, has to do with stroking their egos and serving their Master, Nathan Winograd.

You Anon are a die hard follower of Rick Berman with your accusations, straight from his lying mouth to your lips. Don't you have any of your own thoughts, no, you wait til your chain is yanked and you say what Ricky and the Whino want you to say.

Yes, education is the answer, educating people that "No Kill" is a scam, funded by the likes of Rick Berman and breeders. As for MSN, you are the one that needs to be neutered and hopefully in the process the knife slips.

HSUS does more good in one day than your Messiah has done in his entire life. Does HSUS have flaws, certainly, don't we all? At least they aren't standing with the likes of Rick Berman or PetPac, the scumbuckets of humanity like your Master is. You're a fucking piece of shit, Anon, and you need to be flushed.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed by the vicious response of those who are too stupid to see the truth. It is NOT a fact that we have overpopulation. We do NOT. And EVERYWHERE MSN has been tried has been a dismal failure. The statistics are there, you all refuse to look at them. You'd rather call Nathan Winograd a killer for trying to save animals.

I see the comments are being moderated. Be interesting to see if this one gets posted. After all, people who refuse to see the truth wouldn't want to see a blog comment that contradicts their misdirected beliefs either.

HonestyHelps said...

You think I am scared of a crazed cult follower of the Whino's? You stupid fucker, all you have to do is look at San Francisco and you will see that you are one dumb ass. All you can do is repeat the lies of the Whino about MSN, you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground about MSN or you would know about the successes.

Cut those strings, puppet, and do your own research, stop listening to an failed man who cares only for his ego. You want to talk failures, then let's talk about the failure in Philly where animals suffered horribly under his program. The FACT is that if you just walk down the damn streets of LA, you'll see for yourself there is a pet overpopulation problem. Take those blinders off, take a walk in the real world, fool.

Anonymous said...

Any educated person will tell you education does solve problems. Interesting position of the foul penned writers who appear to lack education to express themselves without resorting to vulgarity and attack anyone who doesn't agree with the writer of this blog. In our EDUCATED society we know how to prevent pregnancy of human and animals without resorting to MSN. Some of us comprehend how to prevent conception without surgery.

Pets are wonderful no matter where they come from. It is our duty to make sure they stay healthy and this means no early SN and no mandatory spay neuter for owned pets. NOT everyone with an intact pet is a breeder and shame anyone for trying to make the word breeder a dirty word. I love my pet and am glad someone let their pet have a puppy so that I could have my dog. I guess many of you who claim to love your pets cannot fathom a problem of where pets will come from if all animals are "SN." We really don't need to hear all these condemnations we need to hear what you are doing to help educate people about animal care. I am rescuing animals whose owners can no longer keep them, what are you doing beside condemning Mr. Rosendahl and Ms. Barnette before her program gets off the ground. This article makes me wonder if the writer of this blog is afraid they will lose their job because Ms. Barnett might be more effective than her predecessor.

Anonymous said...

What a joke.

The AKC puppy mill breeders show up with the usual Rick Berman lies to attack HSUS (HSUS exposes the puppy mill industry, which funds the AKC and these breeders, so HSUS is the "enemy"), and the usual lies to oppose MSN because the AKC breeders want to keep cheating on their taxes, not pay business fees, not get licensed and honest, hide the number of litters they produce, not pay license fees, and keep the puppy mills humming and raising dogs as cheaply as possible so AKC can pull in the maximum money.

This IS all about the money. A corrupt, animal abusing breeder industry that thrives on animal abuse and tax crimes, and does not want to be regulated. They don't want to be documented in any way. They don't want to get licensed. They want to keep hiding their crimes in the dark. They will say anything to oppose regulation. They want to be able to abuse and cheat freely.

They hope they can trick the humane community into helping the AKC and puppy mills oppose regulation, but all they accomplish is exposing themselves and how this breeder organized crime operates.

Rosendahl has affiliated himself with criminals. Animal abusers. Tax cheats. Their lobbyist, Rick Berman.

Rosendahl is working with Rick Berman, and his campaign funds need investigation because he is taking money from crooks and sadists.

The organizations that Brenda Barnette lobbied for and still is lobbying for directly hire Rick Berman of the Center for Consumer Freredom. Rosendahl is getting money from Berman and Berman's clients to oppose regulation so they can commit crimes easily, unregulated, underground.

This is what Berman did for the tobacco industry, and he and the tobacco companies he represented bought legislators then too.

Rosendahl is a crook.

Perhaps Rosendahl would also like to explain his affilation with a lobbyist who is attacking union members and unions the same way, with lies and smear, just like these AKC puppy millers.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 21, so you are a breeder. A murderer by any other name is a breeder. Murdering innocent animals is your game whenever you make more so you can line your pockets. Money is the only duty in your life. You sick, money grubbing, lying MF you. Breeders should be forced to work in shelters, be forced to put the needle in, then sent to a deserted island because they are unfit to live among civilized people.

The writer of this blog fears no one, especially the warped mind of a breeder. I ran Barnette out of Seattle and I will run her out of LA. I have been battling this bitch for three years and all that knowledge is leading the fight in LA. Once Rosendahl and Barnette are finished, then we will start having breeding banned from LA. Your days are numbered for murdering animals and making your ill gotten fortunes on the backs of dead shelter animals. Sick wacko, you don't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

"Ms. Barnett might be more effective than her predecessor"

Barnette has failed everywhere she has drifted, and she gets run out everywhere she has ever worked so that actual competent people who care about shelter animals can get hired.

It was so bad at Seattle Humane Society that employees were quitting, filing complaints, and had to unionize. Dogs sat in cages for months, getting abused. She was bringing in animals that were sick and had no shots to spread disease in the shelter, and breaking the law. She was run out of there too.

(perhaps because while she was supposed to be working for a shelter, she was LOBBYING to increase the sale and breeding of AKC purebred animals, just as she is doing now)

She used those shelters to work for AKC interests (which she AND her daughter are involved in) and NEVER for the interests of the shelter animals or the community.

She's an AKC and puppy mill business lobbyist, not a representative of the humane world. And a particularly dysfunctional, failed specimin.

Anonymous said...

"Any educated person will tell you education does solve problems"

These breeders think that the rescue community is a bunch of idiots.

Breeders have been pushing the "education, not laws" thing for years to oppose msn and other regulations. Patti Strand and her NAIA cohorts have pulled this trick for ages. Mouthing empty nonsense about education is easy, but doesn't work. Never has. And breeders never ever "educate" in any way. They only promote breeding and protect puppy mills and making money.

When has AKC ever taken out ads or billboards encouraging people to spay and neuter? When has AKC ever set up any low cost spay neuter program? Why is AKC not requiring that the pet quality puppy mill puppies it registers be altered before sale?

This tired "education" humdrum of course has failed. AKC and the breeders don't care, because they don't care how many shelter animals or mixed breeds or castoff purebreds suffer and die.

They ONLY care about opposing regulation so they can go on getting rich and cheating on their taxes, and get their dog shows and breed clubs paid for with puppy mill registration money, the more the better.

The only "education" that AKC and the breeders are doing is to SUPPORT animal cruelty.

And that is all Barnette is doing now, just as she has been for years lobbying with the AKC.

Anonymous said...

For Rosendahl to lie to the city council, and to hide his and Barnette's affiliations and lobbying activity, and affiliation with Rick Berman and radical pro-cruelty industries like puppy mills and dog fighting and the AKC that joins in with them and profits from them, is a crime.

The city council and mayor were deceived by a terrible crook, a crook still trying to support and further animal abuse and tax cheating in his industry, the breeding industry.

Maybe some day the breeding industry will become honest and decent, and care about dogs, but for right now it is being run by the Bermans and Strands that seem to enjoy that pets die. And Rosendahl is right there with them.

Anonymous said...

Two past work activities of Brenda Barnette's really stand out as to the sleazy tactics of both Barnette and her fellow AKC breeders and lobbyists.

One is at a shelter she worked at before Seattle (another brief job)

Barnette pretended to have an "adoption event" at a local park. She brought a few shelter animals, shoved them in cages off to one side where they would not be noticed, and then did what she intended, held the real event! She staged a purebred Portuguese Water dog display and event (her daughter breeds and sells this breed) and literally promoted and advertised sale of these AKC bred dogs!

Of course, the adoptable pets got IGNORED COMPLETELY as Barnette promoted both the AKC's business interests AND a family member's business! And gave interviews where she just went on and on talking about ONLY the AKC dogs and buying purebred dogs from breeders!

The second activity was when she was supposed to be working for the Seattle Humane Society. The puppy mill dogs sold by Petland had been exposed in the media, and of course AKC is in business with Petland and registers those puppy mill dogs. So Barnette wrote a letter to the editor of the Seattle paper PROMOTING DOG BREEDING and encouraging people to buy from breeders, and trying to hide the puppy mill problem and the AKC connection to the mills. And she signed it as CEO of the Seattle humane society!

She was LOBBYING FOR THE AKC and dog breeding and breeder sales, and trying to hide the AKC's puppy mill business and oppose regulation to protect breeder $$$, when she was supposed to be representing shelter animals and supposed to be opposing animal cruelty!

She is doing exactly the same thing now, selling shelter animals down the river while she uses taxpayer money and LA animal control to lobby for and promote the AKC, puppy mills, and the breeding and sale of unaltered purebred dogs!

It really is a crime.

Anonymous said...

" Why was H$U$ under investigation by the LA Atty Gen? Why is H$U$ being investigated as a profitable organization by the IRS?"

EVERY SINGLE YEAR these breeder lobbyists with Rick Berman make false complaints to the various attorneys general, the IRS, and any other bureaucracy about nearly ALL the real humane organizations.

Peta has been "investigated" and audited by the IRS every year for the past several years because Rick Berman and his breeder clients make false complaints, and manipulate a bureacracy that automatically does this when complaints are made.

Of course, the audits are CLEAN every year. No problems whatsoever. It costs Peta a lot of money, though, which is also why these breeders do this, to try to hurt the organization.

It is just harassment by using false complaints. No one at the IRS initiates this. They just have to investigate when complaints are made. It's the nature of the bureaucracy. They have to automatically "investigate" when complaints are made (just as your board of health would "investigate" you if a nasty, crazy neighbor made a false complaint to harass you), and the breeders exploit it, and unfortunately are not punished for the harassment, in part because of Berman's political connections in Washington.

It is BREEDER LOBBYISTS AND PUPPY MILLERS connected to the AKC now making false complaints about HSUS to the IRS and any other bureaucracy they can think of.

They do this routinely, just make up lies and file complaints.

They are doing the same to other humane groups too, and, rescue community, they have done it to you guys too, and still are behind their fake sympathy.

Meanwhile, the AKC is nothing but a for-profit lobbying industry, doing nothing for canines but supporting dog sales and canine abuse and puppy mills and getting rich from the abuse. Directors are paid millions of dollars with all kinds of perks. Money gets raised for dog shows and sales promotion, not humane treatment of dogs or even proper breeding. Quite the opposite! It is not a charity. It's a business.

HonestyHelps said...

I LOVE MY READERS!!! Well, guys, you put that scumbag in him/her place. Oh, how I wish we all could be in the same room, the breeders would never be the same. Sic 'em Readers, it's you guys that will make the difference. It's you guys that will stop this madness. I thank you and applaud you, respect is just a given. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Honesty Helps, how do you treat people who talk to you the way that you talk to your readers?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 52, I don't pull punches. This ain't a nice subject, and I stopped being nice about it a long time ago. I treat those people who deserve to be respected with respect, the others, as far as I am concerned can go to hell. I call it the way I see it. I have no use for those who murder animals and then try to blame others for their actions.

Anonymous said...

So you see the language that you use as convincing because?

Jon Doppler said...

Honesty: You ignorant slut. I dare you to print this comment you friggin coward. You clearly get off on bullying people who disagree with the garbage you write here.

Intelligent and informed dog lovers know that there is not a pet population problem. In the 1970's the human population of the US was about 200 million people. In the 1970's, 20-30 million animals were killed in shelters each year. Today, with the human population of the US at over 300 million, only 3-4 million animals are being killed in shelters.

Obtaining a pet should be a time of rational decision making--not moral preening. If "adopting" a shelter dog makes you feel better about yourself, you don't need a dog. You need a therapist.

And, it's pure narcissism to think that your source of a pet makes you a better pet owner.

Perhaps you don't own a pet. There's probably not room for another bitch in your household.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

When Patti Strand's NAIA AKC board was revealed to have these breeders
posting things like mixed breed dogs are worthless and should die, smearing
gay people and minorities, calling humane workers
"commies," planning lies to tell about rescue groups and animal welfare
organizations to harass them, making up intentional rumors to try to hurt
humane organizations and even individual rescuers, smearing hsus and peta and
any other humane or rescue group big or small, admitting that they don't care one bit about overpopulation and that claiming it doesn't exist is a lie to try to protect their income and exclude themselves from responsibility,
discussing how to hide their businesses and their incomes, and why they
oppose regulation so they can essentially keep breaking laws, revealing they don't care AT ALL about anything but their purebred breeding racket and their incomes and protecting the puppy mills that support them. Even calling
shelter pets and adoption "competition" for purebred dog sales and putting
down adoption! All that vileness and hate against shelter pets and shelter
workers and rescuers came out in public and Patti went on a witch hunt fast
and shut down the forum and started attacking even innocent other breeders, blaming them for the leaks.

To name one, her friend Charlotte MacGowan routinely smears even other breeders that refuse to follow their puppy mill support, and calls them names.

Non-stop hate talk, non- stop lying, non-stop attacks on humane work of all kinds.

These breeders controlling the industry now are vile, hateful, people that
routinely spew hate talk so they can support animal abuse and profits from
it. They think they hide it, but it's all over the internet and in their
private communications that end up getting shared.

Look at Gina Spadafori and Christie Keith. Even they can't control their hate
talk and hatefulness, even though they pretend to be "reporters." Even they
they can't maintain the fake nice face for too long. The hatefulness and selfishness of these breeders always leaks out.

Anonymous said...

AKC is being controlled by crooks. Crooks prevail. Any decent, honorable breeder is quickly attacked and silenced by vicious attacks and threats by people like the ones Rosendahl is colluding with.

Some of these breeders are actually severely mentally disturbed and stalk people in the humane community (and even breeders who support humane treatment of animals!), and encourage others to threaten the families of anyone they perceive as interested in "animal rights," which they call terrorism.

They even got Rick Berman to enlist some political hack in Washington to call humane workers and the rescue people and community
"terrorists" to shut them down, but the ACLU exposed their scam.

The breeding industry is downright vile, a sewer of hate, most of all hate
toward shelter pets.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you're doing. It helps the right side more than it helps yours.

HonestyHelps said...

Jon, I'd much rather be an ignorant slut that a lying, cocksucking breeder like you are. And the one thing I ain't is a coward, that the realm of you and your comrades.You don't have a point, you cheat on your taxes, you lie to the public, you lie to yourself, you are scum.

Anon, my language only reflects what me and my readers feel about those who murder animals under the guise of "No Kill". Go eat your shorts and the shit that is in them. You come to this blog spreading your shit and expect me to eat it, no, I'll throw it right back in your ugly face. I already know it is useless to be nice to the likes of you so I talk to you like the piece of shit you are. If you don't like it, STAY THE FUCK OFF THIS BLOG!!! Go stick your brown nose up the nasty ass of your Messiah. I don't go to your rag of a blog and complain about your bullshit so go back to that and your little puppet followers. "No Kill"'s days are numbered, it is being rejected everywhere and when it is gone, all you will have left to do is jack yourself off.

Anonymous said...

Will just one of you foul-mouthed degenerates tell me where dogs will come from if mandatory spay/neuter is successful? I realize there are exemptions for show dogs, etc., in many cases, but since you say breeders are murderers, I'm assuming you would want those exemptions removed. Which brings me back to my original question, which in all your spewing of hateful, unrelenting and childish vomit, I have yet to see answered.

HonestyHelps said...

At least being a foul mouth is better than a lying mouth. Besides I doubt seriously that you have virgin ears so cut the cute shit.

Even with MSN, there will always those who refuse government intervention and will let their pets breed. Even with MSN, the breeders will throw the less desirable ones out with the trash. The point is that it will bring the value of pets up making it much more difficult to get one. Then only those who deserve to have a pet will take the time, effort, and money to get one. I'd rather be made to jump thru hoops to get a pet than be handed one for free. Free means disposable in our society, cheap means the same. Stop using the NRA's scare tactic, there will always be enough pets for deserving owners, maybe not for the ones who don't deserve one. So take that and cram it A-hole.

HonestyHelps said...

Let me clarify something about this blog. I never intended it to be "educational", to try to educate those foolish people who follow the Whino or those scumbags who are breeders is a waste of time.

This blog was established to compile and share the tools necessary for fighting the movement of the Whino. When I started fighting him, there was no place to go to find information. So those of you who want to condemn me for "foul language" have no business here to being with, I don't want to educate you, you are too drunk on the koolaid of lies and scams to bother with. So I don't really give a damn what you think and neither do I give a damn about converting you over, again a waste of time. This is strictly to gather and share between those of us who have already reached the truth. It is also meant for us to be able to express our anger and frustration. We've already seen the light of truth and we are well aware that that there will be those A-holes who will try to extinguish that light. If you can't take the heat then stay out of this kitchen.

You can expect to get beat up when you come here trying to spread your lies.

Anonymous said...

It is just so amusing to see these crook breeders crawl out from under their rocks because their nasty, corrupt world has been exposed. They sure are angry that the humane and rescue world, and the rest of the world, has a better understanding of how corrupt the breeding industry has become.

Thanks in part to Nathan Winograd, and also the nutjobs like Patti Strand and Rick Berman, people have now finally seen the truth behind this breeder world. The fact that the AKC is a puppy mill business, makes its money from the mills and from dog abuse, and lobbies with puppy mills.

That so many breeders are tax cheats. Legislators finally are realizing that the breeder nuts who keep pounding on them to oppose regulation and support cruelty are massive tax cheats and law breakers! Breeders hate honest people. Breeders steal from honest people, and especially the poor.

That breeders tell so many lies, that they support such aberrant cruelty, it's all a discovery for the honest, good people who weren't aware of this corrupt industry and how it works and lobbies.

Breeders chose crooks as their leaders. Good breeders who opposed cruelty and fraud disappeared and hid from these crooks, instead of standing up to them. The AKC decided that Greed ruled the day. The breeding world slid into the sewer further and further, and now the world is finding out how dirty that sewer is.

I hope the good breeders revolt and take back the reputation of the breeding world, because these psychos that are speaking for them are destroying it.

Anonymous said...

"Will just one of you foul-mouthed degenerates tell me where dogs will come from if mandatory spay/neuter is successful?'

There will be a new world of HONEST breeders who get licensed, follow laws, follow proper animal husbandry practices, breed for health and temperament rather than looks, care properly for animals, and breed for love not money.

There also will always be some oops litters, in people's homes, no matter what.

There also will be fewer people who have no ability to care for a dog obtaining them and then dumping them like garbage. The lives of dogs will have more value.

baywatch1greta said...

looks like Jon Doppler was created in January of this year. So, an old foe, new name. Pity, education is wasted on the lame of brain. This trashing and bashing serves no purpose, but Mr. Winograd set the tone and many in rescue are picking it up. Before it gets to far away from the truth remember to read " reforming Aniamla Control" That was where Mr. Winograd declared no intions of learning or cooperating.

HonestyHelps said...

Baywatch, of course breeders won't sign their own names, that means they might be traced for tax evasion.

Winograd refuses to be educated, his ego won't allow that in his world. Instead of evaluating his programs flaw like in the case of Philly, he choses instead to condemn those he picked himself for the failure. He could have gone into Philly and tried to help but that's not his purpose. He always makes up some lame excuse instead. He's the very example of the failure of education and as long as he refuses to take any responsibility, his cult followers will do the same. They don't believe in education as it should be, they only educate themselves on how to come up with excuses.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say I didn't like it :>

Tom said...

Most of the reason that breeders don't like to sign their names is because you and yours like to set fires to kennels and burn dogs do death, or poison them, or if you can you stage an illegal raid and steal them then kill the ones you don't want to sell.

HonestyHelps said...

Tom, if you would read even just the title of this blog, you would see that the people you describe ain't us. "No Kill"ers are the ones who do those things, people like the ADL-LA or ALF. Granted, we don't give a shit about breeders for good reasons. If you send money to the American Killing Club in any shape, form or fashion, then you are supporting the cruelty of puppy mills and it's the cruelty that we hate.

Second, if you didn't provide a reason for these other people to show up at your door, then you wouldn't have to worry about it. Stop the cruelty and you have nothing to fear. Is that too much to comprehend, Tom?

Tom said...

Not too much to comprehend. Too much to believe. I find it hard to believe that you think that anyone sensible believes what you just said.

HonestyHelps said...

Yep, Tom, just as I thought, your inability to comprehend. You don't even bother to read before you open your mouth and insert foot. Go to Nathan Winograd's blog, that's the one you need to spew this shit to, they are the ones you have a beef with. We hate your breeder asses, sure, but we aren't the ones that go to extremes like you mentioned. The enemy of my enemy is my friends sorta thing.

Tom said...

Not working on me.

HonestyHelps said...

Never expected it to, after all you are just another stupid breeder paying your dues to the KKK of the dog world, the American Killing Club. As long as you are a dues paying member, that makes you a part of the cruelty of puppy mills. What a disgusting piece of human trash you are.

Tom said...

And that comment shows where you fail to understand your own words.

HonestyHelps said...

The only one failing here is your ass, Tom. You are a fucking low life breeder, that's all we need to know, a breeder who doesn't even know who is his enemy. You'll probably even welcome the ADL-LA into your home when they show up.

Tom said...

You really don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about or how to say it.

HonestyHelps said...

Tommy Boy, that is your problem.

Tom said...

I know you are, but what am I?

HonestyHelps said...

You're asking that question? I think you know the answer, a pond scum sucking breeder, an idiot, a MFer. If you have anything to say, then spit it out instead of being a troll.

Tom said...

Being foul-mouthed and abusive sabotages your own cause, not that you know what that is. Please proceed. You're losing more by the second.

HonestyHelps said...

So fucking what, Tom? This is my blog and I will call you a motherfucker if I so desire. I'm not on this planet to impress you, AH. Now either you state your fucking purpose for hitting my blog or go outside and clean some kennels for a change. Damn breeder.

Tom said...

Ever rent a movie just to see the train wreck? Ever watch Maury Povich? Lady, you are one ongoing train wreck.

HonestyHelps said...

Tom, I've already said this once, I don't intend to repeat. If you have something to fucking say, then say it and stop being a troll/breeder. Otherwise you can go be the fly on someone elses's blog. Since when do you give a shit about my fight or me winning over others? You are now edited from this blog until you come up with a better rap.

Tom said...

You don't look like someone who could possibly handle a fair debate.

HonestyHelps said...

Tom with the thumb stuck up his a**, you didn't come here for a debate and this will be your last "comment". Besides there is no debating that breeders are killing animals, either by the cruelty of puppy mills or by overbreeding and killing shelter animals as a result. There is no fucking debate.