Friday, February 25, 2011

Nathan Winograd Loses for Third Time

And all along I thought the third time is a charm. Not for the Whino. Losing ain't fun, is it Nathan? All those dogs and cats losing their lives in those "No Kill" shelters run by your cult members don't think it's fun either.

From the Whino's Facebook:

The Supreme Ct. has denied our petition to save L.A.'s feral cats currently being systematically put to death. While it appears our efforts in the case Urban Wildlands vs. City of Los Angeles are finished, our fight is not. We are preparing a separate lawsuit. We intend to bring the fight directly to Animal Services an...d the Superior Court, both of which are violating law and causing cats to be needlessly killed.

So you want to waste more of the LA taxpayer money with this frivolous lawsuit. You couldn't make it as an attorney so stop trying to act like one now.


Anonymous said...

Yay -- you still get to kill cats. Celebrate!

HonestyHelps said...

Dumb fool it actually saves cats from suffering and horrible deaths. Hey, clueless, you ever had a colony or seen what happens to cats in colonies. Eating ant covered food, sharing diseases, attracting owned cats to feed stations and they catch diseases or be hit by cars. Better yet, the neighborhood punks lying in wait to torture these cats, even beloved owned cats. You're a fool if you think that TNR is a good thing, it is the ultimate cruelty. You probably enjoy watching these cats suffer, don't you? Pervert.

Anonymous said...

Anon:05, you believe all you read from Alley Cat Allies? Next time look up who pays for their "studies" that shows that free roaming cats do no harm. They do plenty of harm and the studies that show that don't take money from groups, those studies are unbiased.

You must enjoy knowing that endangered species are being wiped out by cats. TNR is discrimination at it's best.

I agree with Honesty, you have to be perverted to think that TNR helps cats. I've seen what happens to cats in this program and it makes you sick.

FuckWinograd said...

These silly fools who think TNR is an answer. It's nothing more than outside hoarding.

They think cats are harmless to people, other animals and the environment. Sea lions are dying because of cats, 52% of dead sea lions that wash up have toxoplamosis, a disease contributed primarily to cats. Toxo is the reason doctors tell pregnant women to not get around litter boxes. The results are babies born with deformities and all kinds of problems.

Last summer in Miami, beachgoers came down with hookworms and it was traced back to a feral cat colony located at the beach. Children in a daycare center in LA were getting sick, going to emergency rooms and it was traced back to a feral cat colony.

Cats are not harmless. TNR doesn't represent rescue, it is the lazy way to rescue only there is no rescue to it. Rescue means taking them in, working with them, and finding them homes. It is wrong to put people, other animals, and the environment in danger just so you can feel like you've done "rescue" by throwing out some food to the homeless cats.

Let's just hope that this lawsuit becomes the norm and TNR is stopped.

Anonymous said...

Funny. My neighborhood has dozens of feral cats and all of them seem to be quite healthy and happy.

And it is certain that you enjoy killing them. Talk about sick and twisted.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:23, you can't see beyond the tip of your ugly nose, can you? This issue is more far reaching than watching "happy" cats in your neighborhood. Never once did I say anything about killing these cats, that's just your twisted perception in order to justify your lack of caring about the cats. I want the cats taken in from the cold, I want these fucking rescues to live up to the definition of rescue. I happen to love cats a great deal but I also love all the other animals on this planet, including humans. Obviously you don't give a shit about other lives.

Anonymous said...

Yes, by all means, let's line up the cats in the shelters. I mean, these feral cats will be highly adoptable and the shelters are virtually no harm done.

Catching them and not releasing them means death. And you celebrate that ability. Sad.

HonestyHelps said...

Again, no one said take them to the shelters. Your warped mind is saying this, I haven't. I want the rescues to act like rescues, not just deliverers of food. These "feral" cats were once pets, they were abandoned and these TNR nuts, all they do is abandon the cats again. You're the one wrapped up in the morbid death theory, not me. I want these cats to be treated right, to be brought in and worked with. If they don't get adopted, then these "rescuers" provide them with sanctuary.

You really enjoy the thought of the horrors these cats face, don't you? You probably sit at feed stations just waiting to see them come in almost dead from disease. You and your kind are fucking perverts that don't give a damn about these cats. You want them to continue to live the horrible lives they live. ANON:26 YOU WANT TO KILL CATS IN THE MOST HORRIBLE WAYS POSSIBLE, you're no cat lover, you're a cat hater. I'd like to line all your kind up in the shelter and put a needle in your butts but you don't deserve the respect of a humane death.

Anonymous said...

Again, shelters/rescues, are full. They go there, they die.

I've been watching cats in my neighborhood live for years without any sign of sickness or disease.

You'd rather them die just to prevent them from the remote possibility of them having something bad happen. That's perverse.

Enjoy your celebration of the right to kill them...

HonestyHelps said...

And, Fool, you think that is an excuse to abandon the cats to die horribly? You see nothing, you don't allow yourself to see what happens to these cats. You won't let yourself believe the truth.

Not once have I even referred to killing them, NOT ONCE. I don't want to see them dead, I want to see them live. I want to see them live the way cats should live, not in dark alleys, living in fear every moment of everyday. You're the one condemning them to the dark alleys and the fear that goes with that life. That's your bag, not mine.

Anonymous said...

You say you don't want them to die, and yet, fail to acknowledge that feral cats are not adoptable and no shelter is waiting around for the influx of cats into their shelter. So death is the most likely result.

And this is what you celebrate.

And you celebrate it because of hysterical fears about the worst case scenerios of what might happen in the wild...even though the actual facts don't support your hysteria.

HonestyHelps said...

Bullshit that feral cats aren't adoptable. I haven't met one yet that couldn't be adoptable with the right amount of work put in. That is how you justify your commitment to leaving them to die in horrible ways. Again you talk of shelters when I am talking about these so called "rescuers" who can put cat enclosures up and provide sanctuary for these cats if nothing else. They are too fucking lazy and cheap to do that.

I believe in TNR, yes I do, TRAP, NEUTER, AND RETAIN. You don't see colonies of dogs, do you? Your arguments/justifications can apply to dogs as well so why don't we allow dogs to run the streets like we allow cats to do? Answer that one. How many of those neighbor cats you see in your neighborhood have you brought in and offered comfort to? If you see a dog running the streets, what do you do? Why not ask the cats that were tortured and killed by the Rancho sicko who got them from the feed stations there if they were part of a "worse case scenario"? And that's not the only case. Do you prepare for disasters because that is a worse case scenario, isn't it? We prepare for disasters, don't we? We as humans look at the worse case scenarios to make plans for almost everything, why doesn't that apply to these cats? If one cat becomes a victim, that's enough to think in terms of worse case scenarios.

I've dealt with your kind of TNR and saw things that haunt me to this day. A mother cat with her dead kitten stuffed down her throat. A cat half skinned by the punks and still alive, pulling itself because it can't walk. An entire colony dead within two weeks from disease. Don't tell me about TNR, I have seen what it is. I love cats too much to put them in that situation, obviously you don't give a shit about cats, just an observer is all you are, a perverted observer who doesn't see the horrors of TNR.

Anonymous said...

So instead of spending the money SPAYING AND NEUTERING CATS, this lunatic will blow more in hopes that the crazy cat ladies can kill cats by throwing them outdoors to die (and kill wildlife before they do) and then pretend they are "saving" them.

This is true insanity.

Anonymous said...

As for Alley Cat Allies, I am convinced they hate cats.

There is easy, cheap birth control that can be given to feral cats in food to reduce the births of new litters. It's been used in Europe for years with no problems. Even cat breeders in Europe use it!

But Alley Cat Allies LIED and tried to trump up some rumors about the drug. A drug that SAVES LIVES.

Then I realized that the people who run Alley Cat Allies are making money from donations. They all pull salaries and benefits from that operation! The more feral suffering cats there are, the more money they make.

They don't want fewer suffering cats! Then they couldn't be whining about how they need more money.

They feed off the suffering.

I realize how much greed has infiltrated the rescue world, where cruelty is being advocated so some people can make money.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:52, it is insanity to think that throwing food out is "saving" the cats. I've seen owned cats leave their homes for feed stations because if you put it out, they will come. There's no sign that says "FOR FERAL CATS ONLY" at those feed stations. Then what happens to those cats, cats that have a home. They get attacked by dogs, they get hit by cars, they get exposed to disease. But these crazied TNR idiots don't think about those cats and the damage they are doing to cats that have homes. They don't think about the wildlife that cats take while free roaming. Where is their concern for those lives? They put the cats lives above the lives of others. Nazis did the same thing, didn't they? I think I will start calling these TNR groupies, the Cat Nazis, it fits.

Anonymous said...

"My neighborhood has dozens of feral cats and all of them seem to be quite healthy and happy.'

So your neighborhood is dumping pet cats to live outdoors, where the pit bulls and coyotes can chew them up, cars can hit them, crazies can torture them, disease can wipe them out torturously, and God knows what else.

Oh, and they can spread toxoplasmosis to pregnant women in the neighborhood, and piss in kids sandboxes and on kids toys in their yard. As well as spread rabies and parasites.


How mentally disturbed do you need to be to think this is ok?

The crazy cat ladies are a mental illness unto themselves. They torture cats, torture people, and then think they are great people.

What selfish, arrogant pieces of crap.

HonestyHelps said...

Just like the Whino, Alley Cat, wants the problems to continue, it means bucks to them. It's all for the money, they don't give a shit for the animals.

Anonymous said...

"I've seen owned cats leave their homes for feed stations because if you put it out, they will come. There's no sign that says "FOR FERAL CATS ONLY" at those feed stations"

These people are crazy.

The feed stations attract COYOTES and other wildlife (that kill the cats) and rabid animals!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how crazy these crazy cat ladies are.

I am going to be looking into this.

These operations need to be dismantled.

They are also trespassing on other people's property aren't they?

It is clear that they are going to spread disease and someone will die. They are going to be held responsible for this.

Anonymous said...

As an avid reader of your blog, HH, I'll throw in my two cents.

Never have I read on your blog that you want these cats to go to the shelters, you have always wanted the rescuers to step up to the plate and do what is right. I do know how you have pushed TN&Retain. As a result I dumped my colony, bought a nice cat enclosure and started bringing them in. Sure 'nuff, so many times those supposedly "feral" cats came out of the trap friendly. I've never had to work more than two weeks on a feral cat before they became adoptable.

I've seen caregivers, and I really hate to call them that, at a feed station and cats rubbing against their legs. These are friendly, tame cats and they should not be left in the colony but they are. It is nothing more than outside hoarding like you say. Crazy cat ladies earn the title of crazy for sure.

Anonymous said...

News from Arizona: Yuma council members are expected this week to do something about an explosive feral cat population.