Monday, February 28, 2011



On January 24, the Los Angeles Daily News published an article about the City Council considering shutting down city agencies one day a week. Here’s the quote about Breeder Barnette, “

“On the humane front, Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette said it will mean euthanizing more animals and even more limited kennel space. According to a quote in the LA Daily News about the City considering shutting down some city services by one day a week it will mean more euthanasia.”

But “more euthanasia" didn’t seem to bother her last weekend, when she sent the following notification about closing both the East and West Valley shelters for Saturday afternoon to New Hope partners and another rendition to employees. She reportedly told one rescuer that closing both the East and West Valley shelters for what should be one of the busiest times of the week for people to find lost animals and adopt a new pet, wasn’t a problem because
they only adopt out about five.

Now, if the GM of one of the largest shelter systems in the world can only get five adoptions on a Saturday afternoon in two of the busiest shelters, I’d say there’s something wrong. I suggest we see if we can get more bang for the $180,000 bucks per year that we pay her from tax money.

The notification sent to the New Hope partners:

The West Valley and East Valley Animal Care Shelters will close at Noon on Saturday 2/26/11 in honor of Captain Helen Brakemeier, a dedicated 26-year member of the LAAS family who passed away on Sunday, and to allow our staff to attend her memorial services. The other shelters (WLA, NC, SLA, & H) will maintain regular business hours.
While New Hope Partners do have access to the Animal Care Centers after business hours with prior scheduling to evaluate animals, there will not be any Clerks available to process New Hope Adoptions at the East Valley and West Valley shelters after 12pm on 2/26/11. West Valley and East Valley will be open again at 11am on Sunday, 2/27/11 for regular business.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WOMAN THINKING? CERTAINLY SHE DOESN'T THINK LIKE AN ANIMAL CONTROL AGENCY MANAGER. What if there had been an emergency or disaster and all the officers were in one location out of Los Angeles? What if a cattle truck had overturned on the freeway? What if there’s been a big structure fire in the Valley where lots of animals needed to be removed? This is how Barnette “honors” a career employee who devoted her life to saving animals? Capt. Helen Brakemeier, would have never thought closing the shelters and risking even one animal being killed or not adopted or not taken home is a “tribute” to her!

Why didn’t the shelters stay OPEN in honor of Capt. Brakemeier? Why didn’t a living, growing tree get planted at the shelter with a plague in honor of Capt. Brakemeier’s life? I’m sure Helen Brakemeier would have opted for life for those five animals, even if Breeder Barnette thinks five “precious lives” (to quote the ADL-LA) are insignificant.

Councilmen Paul Koretz--this serves your district, is it OK with you? Councilman Bill Rosendahl - what do you think of this "most qualified" manager now?


Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd and AKC No Kill Torture kills more dogs

Jeff Burgess of Ohio, another No Kill Killer


(What irresponsible animal controls were giving this creep dogs so they could lie and pretend to be No Kill?)

OTHER people spend their time and money cleaning up after his No Kill torture.

He was shoving hundreds of dogs in crates in hog barns, living with rats. These dogs were just suffering.


Anonymous said...

This guy is facing animal cruelty charges,but he's already begging for money for another one.


Look at the typical Nathan Winograd AKC No Kill propaganda

"We believe that approximately 95% of all dogs taken in by animal shelters can be adopted out if enough focus is placed on their rehabilitation."

Looks like that's a lie, Jeff Burgess and Nathan Winograd, you liars.

Why isn't AKC spending money cleaning up after this? They say that No Kill is ok and that this dog torture is ok, just so they can oppose laws and keep running puppy mills. They don't care if the dogs just get shuffled off to places like this to suffer and die, hidden.

Anonymous said...

Someone in Nathan Winograd and AKC's gang, a State Representative who is a puppy miller along with his scumbag mother!

Rep Jason Smith of Missouri


This dog torturing scumbag and his family's puppy mill business gets money to the AKC so they can get people like Nathan Winograd to push No Kill torture and oppose laws so the puppy mills can keep doing these things.

This is the kind of person Mr. Civil Rights Winograd is supporting and Brenda Barnette as well.

Jason Smith is representing the puppy mills and AKC, who both are getting him to keep torturing dogs in puppy mills of Missouri.

The AKC is working with this Smith directly so the puppy mills can keep torturing in MO!

This is what "AKC lobbyist" is all about, getting people like Jason Smith to help them.

HonestyHelps said...

I can just picture all those rednecked Missouri puppy millers casting ballots for this jerk Smith. Heard what Brent Toellner has to say about this guy by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Koretz and Rosendahl are doing the same thing with AKC in California to help the puppy mills, putting them in the same league as Missouri puppy mill legislator Jason Smith!

They are basically doing the same thing as Missouri puppy mill family breeder Representative Smith, protecting the mills and even trying to expand the puppy mills by weakening laws.

This is how Brenda Barnette's and Rosendahl and Koretz's AKC operates, with corrupt "legislators" like these (lobbied by AKC's multimillion dollar lobbyists that are very generous) protecting animal abuse industries for dollars by fooling around with laws, and opposing or weakening them, all stuffed into a bunch of lies.

They try to hide it, they try to lie about it, they try to convince rescue groups to help the breeders and puppy mills by having scum like Barnette try to tell them it's
"good" for animals to weaken laws or remove laws.

But they all have one thing in mind. Enable the puppy mills, enable the abuse, hide the cruelty, and keep the money flowing. The money is in the puppy mills. The AKc needs to have those mills producing as much as possible to keep financially alive, so they can buy more lobbyists to push for expanding the mills more for more money, and so it goes.

That's Winograd's and Barnette's AKC world, and when legislators like Koretz and Rosendahl "pull a Jason Smith" with the AKC, they might as well pack up and move to Missouri with their puppy mill business friends!

It means more and more animals flooding into the shelters, rescue groups going broke, more abuse, while AKC profits even more and AKC breeders get rich.
And those rich AKC breeders and puppy millers are making videos and trying to tell rescue what to do? And using Barnette as their mouthpiece to tell rescue what to do and order them around and control them?

If the AKC just spayed and neutered the pet quality dogs they are selling before the sale, the percentage of dogs in the shelters would sink immediately. But that would mean less profit for AKC! No more expensive dog shows!

The rescuers are supposed to spend their money cleaning up so AKC breeders can keep having multimillion dollar dog shows and other luxuries.

Koretz and Rosendahl are the Puppy Miller Jason Smiths of California!