Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I expect any moment for the Comedy Store to have a big picture of Pam Ferdin or Terri Macellaro as an opening act. The latest "alert" from the ADL-LA comes across as total desperation. C'mon Pam, Terri, face up, your gal ain't cutting it, never did cut it, and never will be able to cut it. Now you are standing proud of having a full blown breeder to head animal control and actually defending breeding? Geez, hell has surely frozen over!!!

Let's re-word your alert to it's truer meaning.

So any rumors about Barnette being "in" with the breeders is false "on it's face" and "as applied." She doesn't breed and all her companion animals are spayed/neutered and she likes it that way! Do you really believe that, Pamster? Did Miss BB stop paying her dues to the AKC or better yet, did her daughter stop paying her dues on her water dogs? Her daughter is still breeding with her Mama's blessings. Did Miss BB tell the breeders at the "Meet and Greet" that they should stop breeding because shelter animals are dying? Did she educate those breeders about their responsibility in all of this? Of course not, silly Pamster. Boy has she pulled the wool over your eyes. Believe me that the breeders would not be saying "she is one of us" if they thought any differently. The woman ran a commercial breeding kennel, for God's sake, a puppy mill.
"Seattle Humane Society Director Brenda Barnette is as concerned as the breeders about the proposed new law."

ADL-LA: Barnette is a bridge builder and a team player and that's why she is willing to work with any person or any group that will help her reach these goals. As the head of a City Department, she has a very broad constituency and it is appropriate for her to work with all community groups.

According to those employees that Barnette hired this ain't so, Pamster.

OMG, with all the things saying just the opposite, where are you getting off Pamster? Not at my station, that's for sure. She conspired, yes I said conspired, to create instability while in King County.
But over the past three years, we (Claire Davis, Kim Sgro, and Brenda Barnette) have worked by your side to create instability in the system, for the very reason that a broken, failing system should not be stable. This lawsuit is still on going. Barnette was ordered to relinquish her emails and that is when she tucked tail and ran for LA. It ain't over yet, Miss BB.

And then to add insult to injury, the ADL-LA is trying to defend breeders by bringing up a "training" video. Pleeeeeeze!! First Cathie Turner wanted to donate their rags and newspapers to the shelter and now they want to train staff. The ADL-LA surely doesn't believe that breeders are true rescuers, what an insult to the rest of us. The Vincent Bill was designed specifically to address the fact that breeders were pulling their breeding stock from shelters, thus a law to alter all shelter animals. How soon Pamster forgets this little tidbit of the Vincent Bill. How easy it is to pull a purebred from the shelter and pass it off as a "papered" product if your product has died. The vast majority of purebreds look alike so this is easy to do.

I pose this question to you Pamster, how many breeders have you walked the street with in demonstration? Got an answer? Wouldn't take you long to add them up, right Pammie? Where's the $$$$ dollar pledge from all these high-income breed clubs??? How many hours a week is each breeder pledging to come down and clean shit out of kennels?? Guess that wouldn't fit the pattern of "caring" as much as making a training video of something that "looks like a shelter dog" or "doesn't look like a purebred." Why don't you ask these breeders for money for advertising for LAAS?

This is the bottom line, ADL-LA. You made a mistake, you refuse to admit to it. Should be easy enough since BB failed your Messiah in King County, he ain't poking his head around too much, is he? You are a disgrace to everything, what you stood for, what we all thought you stood for, and a disgrace to your lack of helping the animals in the shelters. You disgust me, Pammie, you and your kind.


Anonymous said...

Honesty, are you getting threatened by Brenda Barnette or Pam Ferdin? If so, they are things that can be done to stop this terroristic activity.

Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette is listed by the AKC as a breeder lobbyist for them.

No one else has to say it. The AKC does!

HonestyHelps said...

This is Pat Dunaway. Anon:13 I can't say who it was that came to my front door and delivered a physical threat. All I know is they told me to back off of "No Kill". Plus they threatened to burn my house down with my pets in it. You can make your own assumptions.

Anonymous said...

You gotta hand it to the breeders, they're a smart bunch. All they have to say is they want no kill and the rescuers think they're kindred spirits.

Jeez, that one breeder's got it down best. Just bring a few rags to a shelter and you're in like flint. I'm sure that will off set the cost of all the extra needed spay neuters the breeders create.

Does anyone know if the breeders use rape stands like Mr. Vick?

HonestyHelps said...

That is why the breeders jumped on the Whino's bandwagon. It makes officials think that the Whino is the way to bring all of us "together". I would say it was a smart move, to have their puppet Winograd, set the stage. Part of that training video is to help animal control better identify pit bulls also. Can you imagine that AC in LA doesn't know how to identify pit bulls? How arrogant.

One of the breeders, Cathie Turner, avoids ordinances by saying she doesn't breed in city limits. I guess she has her rape rack located in Kern.

Anonymous said...

I heard the breeding contract for her kennel in LA states breeding is on the premises.

Do they use rape stands?

HonestyHelps said...

If you can get your hands on one of her contracts, let me know. I know that she states that she doesn't breed on property because that falls under another catagory of permits. I don't know about the rape rack for her except there are always those times when the two dogs don't get along. When they don't get along, then rape racks are called out.

Anonymous said...

Sylmar is in LA.
Maybe she owns another home outside of Sylmar too.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, that is a possibility always. I think she is just lying to avoid paying out the money to get a breeding kennel permit and to have to pay taxes on her breeding.

Anonymous said...

Well, I gotta head out now.
I hope some sense can be knocked into some of the rescuers and animal lovers out there. They need to know that breeders do not reduce shelter deaths, nor do they care. The breeders have an agenda and that's to undo any spay neuter law in place and to stop any new ones from forming. Their strategy is working and I fear we will only see a continued increase in shelter litter impounds (and deaths).
May the dear souls of these innocent beings rest in peace.

HonestyHelps said...

One person can make a difference so I encourage you to spread the word. BB isn't an animal lover, she's shown that by breeding. And you know what we say: