Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Contest: Who's the Biggest Liar - the ADL-LA or Brenda Barnette

Recently the ADL-LA, the newest supporters of agribusiness cruelty and research on animals, issued a statement that employees of LAAS and rescues are supporting BB. Yeah, right, and my s**t doesn't stink. No names of course to back up this ridiculous statement. As usual the ADL-LA makes their general statement to the effect they have insiders. No one in animal control that has a right mind would report to the ADL-LA. So I thought I would post a couple of emails that were sent to the Council members and Barnette.

Brenda Barnette has been sending loads of dogs in the back of cargo vans to Canada to get them out of her shelters and keep her numbers down. Many rescuers said they were worried about these animals going out of the country and to somewhere that they couldn't be traced to see what happened to them. An article on a newsite last week disclosed that Canada still has "pound seizure." They release animals from the shelters for medical research--any lost dog may possibly end up in one of the medical lab cages also. Thousands of animals go from shelters to labs each year. Here's the link to the article that tells about it.

So, wouldn't we expect the ADL-LA to be yelling and screaming? Aren't they supposed to be leading the charge against pound seizure and research on animals? Aren't they worried about the horrible prolonged suffering and painful death of these precious animals? Shouldn't they tell BB to knock it off and get out of L.A." But, NO, the ADL-LA this week gave Breeder Barnette an A+ on her job!! So I guess that shows what liars they are. ADL stands for ALL DUMB LIARS!
Subject: [stopthekilling] LAAS's SmART Team does it AGAIN!
To: brendabarnette@lacity.org
Cc: L.A. City Council

Honestly, Brenda…..

Your staff rescued a cat from under a chaise lounge in Beverly Hills. Really, Brenda? What a marvelous feat. Really deserves boffo press coverage.

What happened with your "flyers" and your "aCATemy Awards" Brenda? Haven't heard anything about those. How about that foster program that puts animals in basements (which few people have in L.A.)? What’s happening with that? What happened with the hundreds of foster homes you promised? Haven't seen a press release about that. How about doing actually doing something about the horrible guard dog situation in South LA and the many illegal breeders about whom you’ve been alerted? Haven’t seen any action on either of those fronts.

Busting illegal breeders whom you can easily find by looking at Craigslist - there are new ads for pit bull and chihuahua puppies every day - now THAT might deserve a press release.

You have done absolutely nothing to decrease the killing of cats and large dogs, pit bulls in particular, which are the two largest populations of animals in the shelters. Are you ever going to actually do the job our taxpayer dollars are paying you for or just continue keeping a low profile and meeting with your AKC/breeder friends?

And killing shelter animals?

Many people involved with the shelters suspended any negativity about you after your appointment was confirmed by our City Council, and everyone has been watching to see if you perform. Doesn't seem to be much going on, does there? You've been here long enough to have made a positive, dramatic difference by now, but all you've shown is that you are not up to the task.

The kill numbers are up, and adoptions to the public are down - both significantly. What ARE you doing? The most recent stats, posted by YOU, are hideous:
(insert stats)

We have long memories and little patience for your incompetence. How much longer are you planning on staying here? Do you have a time frame for your real intentions, which are obvious?

It has been clear from the beginning that you want to repeal the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance that we worked so hard to enact. As a breeder and the AKC Legislative liaison who has been directly involved in fighting mandatory spay/neuter legislation here in L.A. as well as elsewhere, you really have no business even being a City Shelter Manager. Amazing that your appointment was confirmed. Your appointment is akin to putting a crack dealer in charge of our health care system.

It is also clear that you wish to help your AKC/breeder friends by increasing the pet limits without requiring spaying and neutering.

I and others would really would like to know when you plan to leave so that maybe - just maybe - the next GM might be someone who cares about doing a proper job and actually saving animals' lives.

That would be miraculous.

Subject: Re: Fw: [stopthekilling] LAAS's SmART Team does it AGAIN!
To: "Brenda Barnette"
Cc: councilmember.reyes@lacity.org, councilmember.Krekorian@lacity.org, councilmember.zine@lacity.org, councilmember.Labonge@lacity.org, paul.koretz@lacity.org, councilmember.cardenas@lacity.org, councilmember.alarcon@lacity.org, councilmember.parks@lacity.org, Jan.Perry@lacity.org, councilmember.wesson@lacity.org, councilman.rosendahl@lacity.org, councilmember.smith@lacity.org, councilmember.garcetti@lacity.org, councilmember.huizar@lacity.org, councilmember.hahn@lacity.org
Date: Sunday, January 30, 2011, 4:09 AM


We all agree on those 3 points. The problem is that you are doing nothing to accomplish any of those goals. You say you are willing to work with and communicate with those in the community, but you have not demonstrated so. Everyone that has met with you has walked away shaking their collective heads, and you are doing nothing to stop killing animals in our shelters. I've heard many in the community say that they actually miss Ed Boks. That speaks volumes about you.

You've been here 5 months collecting a fat paycheck and making no progress. I only wish to participate with those who are trustworthy and display public accountability, transparency and honesty. That doesn't include you.

This response you sent me doesn't address any of the issues I presented. You seem to be adept at rhetoric, but not forthcoming with real solutions or even information.

What about the breeders? Your friends and others? What about innovative programs to stop killing shelter animals? What about the stats that show a huge increase in killing on your watch? Care to explain? What about the guard dog situation? What about the foster homes? What about the Craigslist postings? Cats and Pit Bulls? Your AKC connection and the fact that you fought our mandatory spay/neuter law? Care to address ANY of it, Brenda?

When a pathetically attended unsuccessful adoption event was held at our $19 million shelter you ducked out to meet with your AKC breeder friends at Galpin Ford. You didn't even take the time to market the event and actually do something to ensure adoptions. Care to discuss that?

That poor cat who was shot with a tranquilizer gun in Beverly Hills was identified as a male. In this email you say "she." Do you not even know the sex of this poor cat?

And don't you think that this was overkill? This was a house cat - not a mountain lion. I'm sure your SMART team is well-intentioned, but couldn't they have used less drastic measures than dart guns to capture a small cat?

This is another example of your non-existent plans and ideas to help cats.

This cat has been available for adoption since Thursday January 20th at 8 am, and is still not adopted tonight, nine days later on Saturday night January 29th.

Your "news release" does not describe the cat in a positive manner that could make someone want to adopt. Your "news release" attempts to make you and the SMART Team look good, but not the cat who is in peril. The cat is possibly in isolation where no one will even see him.

The cat looks (appropriately) terrified, is an adult, and is not particularly remarkable on his own. For a cat who is the subject of a "news release," you would think the General Manager would at least make sure a good photo is on the LAAS website. You didn't even do that (see below).

What are the odds that this cat will be adopted? It appears the "Good Samaritan" has no plans to rescue the cat after calling attention to him.

What will you do with this cat now, Brenda? Transport him to somewhere else to be killed and then boast to everyone that he was saved from LAAS?

This is despicable. Please do the animals a big favor and leave. Leave now. We can't afford you for another 5 years.



Anonymous said...

What does the ADL LA actually do? Do they function in any way? Do they accomplish anything whatsover?

Why are they supporting an associate of Rick Berman, lobbyist for all they claim to despise?

Where does their money come from?

HonestyHelps said...

As far as I know, the ADL-LA does nothing other than run their mouths along with an occasional pipe bombing incident.

And your guess is as good as mine as to why they are still supporting the likes of Nathan Winograd whose buddy is Rick Berman. Also why would they support an AKC legislative rep when the AKC allows puppy mills to exist is beyond me.

Berman has loads of money, does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

Here's the news release about the cat that was rescued:

Small Animal Rescue Team Rescues Cat in Beverly Hills
After Cat Evades Several Efforts of Help

On Sunday, January 16, 2011, the Small Animal Rescue Team (SmART) was called out to rescue an injured cat in Beverly Hills after several previous attempts to capture the cat had failed. The cat, a sweet, black and white male, had an injured front leg, which appeared to be infected and possibly broken. A Good Samaritan, Yasi Zarnegin, tried initially to capture the cat using a humane trap so she could take it to a veterinarian, but she was unsuccessful. She then attempted to capture the cat using tranquilizer pills, again unsuccessfully. Frustrated and worried for the cat, which was limping and appeared to be in pain, she called the West LA Animal Shelter.

Los Angeles Animal Services sent an officer to the location in an effort to rescue the cat, but the cat continued to evade the attempts, and the officer ran out of options. That is when SmART was called.

SmART members with specialized training for situations like this arrived at the scene. They prepared a tranquilizer dart gun along with several specialized nets. The first dart was unsuccessful and the cat ran off into the dense jungle-like hills. SmART located the cat three houses up, perched on a swimming pool shed. A second dart was loaded and shot. The cat ran down and hid under some pool furniture. Within minutes, SmART members safely rescued the cat with one of their specialized nets.

The cat was taken to the West LA Animal Shelter for treatment. Luckily, he did not suffer from any broken bones and is healing from his wound. He will be available for adoption on Thursday, January 20, 2011, at 8:00 a.m. The cat’s animal ID number is A1182494.

The Small Animal Rescue Team, which became an official team for Los Angeles Animal Services in January of 2009, maintains a 100% success rate.


HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I doubt that Barnette even knows the law. Look at what she did with the Kern County animals, brought them across two state lines illegally. When questioned, she stated she didn't know. Duh, wouldn't you say that a shelter manager/director of a humane society should know the law???????

Anonymous said...

I noticed that McClatchy newspapers in CA are laying off, for example at the Sacramento Bee where AKC lobbyist breeder and Winograd shill Gina Spadafori used to work and still has connections (Berman type people who are anti-animal rights and dump on animals for the sake of the profiteers) and the San Francisco Chronicle where Gina's business associate and AKC lobbyist and propagandist Christie Keith is.

Since Christie Keith is basically writing Winograd's propaganda to push the Pro-Breeder No Kill so the breeders can control animal control, is it these cretins that have a relationship through Winograd with that wacky newspaper heir woman in Tompkins County that had a relationship with Winograd and was giving him money (now embroiled in a family lawsuit)

I wonder if Winograd was not the grease to allow these AKC clowns to manipulate and trick this woman into using her money to promote the Pro-Breeder No Kill and help the puppy mills for the AKC. She may well have no idea what a bunch of puppy milling, pro-cruelty profiteers she is dealing with. Keith doesn't even admit she's a breeder at the SF Chronicle, where she issues forth breeder propaganda and tries to pretend she's just a pet writer.

Spadafori and Keith have been the main pushers behind Winograd No Kill, and also push some other of their personal hobbyhorses and interests for Winograd to promote, which is totally against the beliefs of many of the other breeders. Spadafori and Keith like to tell other breeders what to do too. They think their low rent, common journalism degrees give them rank over other breeders, and they are trying to run the show, and they also think they are smarter than everyone else, despite obvious indications to the contrary.

Funny how Winograd and Winograd No Kill has spilled the beans on the whole breeder industry, the puppy mill connection, and everything else. Things that most people never knew of, who are learning about it now.

HonestyHelps said...

The lawsuit in Tompkins is probably one of the reasons why Smith is jumping ship. Not only is she leaving with a deficit, she knows it will only be worse without this woman's money coming in. Poor Austin, they will be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Breeder lobbyists Gina Spadafori and Christie Keith funnel money to Winograd via their for-profit breeder business, Pet Connection, also owned by extremely DUBIOUS vet Marty Becker who colludes with this lobbying

They give money to Winograd via sponsoring his conventions which are just sleazy breeder rah rah meetings pumping Winograd to be the slave and getting him to act stupid (which in the end bites them in the rear, but they don't seem to figure this out)

These "sponsorships" seem to be a weird kind of laundering to Wino from the puppy mill contingency

Christie Keith also works for another sleazy pet profiteer and breeding/sales/pet store/dealer company, have the name somewhere

Anway these two zeros have money in Winograd. The California gals want to tell the other states breeders what to do and who to push, along with their other very personal agendas

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you may like this. The NAIA has this blog posted on their yahoo members only site and they are visiting to read up on their gal, Barnette.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, Christie Keith and Gina Spadafori are trying to wrest away control from Patti Strand and others like her.

The Winograd rants about certain non-dog related topics come from these two fools and their certain special interests.

Well, the rest of the country's breeders don't quite go along with that kind of California thinking and politics.

But Gina and Christie think they are smarter than Patti and her friends, and the Walts of the world. They think they can force their general values down the throats of those in VA, Mo, etc

Sad for them, Gina and Christie are screwing them over with this Winograd no kill thing. Not many people would have learned about the others and how they work if Gina and Christie weren't so pushy and bigheaded, and made people look into what's connected to Winograd.

Patti Strand in particular got screwed over by Gina and Christie big time. They think they are smarter than she is.

Anonymous said...

Barnette too screwed up the others big time. Barnette is too stupid, and now everyone is looking into the Pattis and the rest.