Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ya Missed One, Nathan J. Winograd

""Burgess has a similar operation in Medway, authorities said, and it is under investigation. As many as 500 dogs are believed to be at that facility."" This "no kill" has another place with 5 times the amount of dogs in this bust. Stay tuned for more of the legacy of "No Kill".

Where were you on this shelter, a "No Kill" shelter? Anyone else notice that the Whino never has condemned "No Kill" shelters although so many are busted for the horrible conditions and overcrowding? Not a word from the man to these shelters or any advice about watching themselves against overcrowding, poor conditions, whatever. His silence only confirms what I feel about him, that he isn't doing this for the animals, that he doesn't care about the animals, he's on an ego trip.

February 6, 2011 PIQUA, Ohio -- The Piqua Health Department, police and the Miami County Humane Society shut down and condemned an animal rescue facility that was in the process of relocating to Piqua from near Medway in Clark County.

The facility is the One More Chance Pet Rescue and Adoption Center located on Clark Ave. in Piqua.

Officials taped four notices to the facility's front door, shutting the place down.

The center is a no-kill operation, but Marcia Doncaster of the Miami County Humane society said what she saw took her breath away.

She said there were 98 adult dogs inside and 10 puppies, and as many as seven dogs to a stall on concrete without any type of bedding.

The building has been condemned, a no trespassing sign attached, on the front door you'll find a Common Pleas Court order attached allowing officials to remove dogs in immediate need of medical care and a fourth notice lists the violations in the building as no utilities and unsanitary conditions.


baywatch1greta said...

hydzMr. Winograd is to cowardly to come forward and claim his own bastard child.

HonestyHelps said...

Hell, he has an entire country of bastard children, this is just one.

Anonymous said...

The breeders don't care if these dogs suffer and die.

They just want to sell No Kill so they can destroy animal control laws and get animal control officers fired, so they can expand the puppy mills and dog fighters.

Anonymous said...

Someone sent me this comment from an AKC breeder that posted some comment on a Peta article about adopting from rescues and shelters

"I can say that many, many shelter dogs are unsocialized and/or unhealthy with genetic problems you seldom see in purebred litters. "Hybrid vigor" is a falacy"

Rescues and shelters, these AKC breeders HATE mixed breed dogs and rescue dogs. They think they are trash. They may be pretending to care now because they want you to oppose laws breeders don't like for them, but they call your rescue dogs garbage!

And this idiot breeder doesn't even understand the basics of biology, that with all purebred dog breeding there is a higher incidence of disease and physical and mental flaws. Purebreds have the most problems.

Barnette and her friends lie to ADL LA and the rescues, but that comment is what they really think about shelter dogs!

They don't care if these shelter dogs get tortured at a hoarders, go to a dog fighter or a lab, die and suffer.

All they care about is destroying the laws and animal control so these crazy breeders can flourish and suck up the dollars for themselves!

HonestyHelps said...

I say to that breeder "Where the hell do you think mutts come from? They aren't a deliberate breed but they come from your deliberately bred pet quality dogs that you sell unaltered".

Then Barnette and Winograd will take the "segregation excuse" with Barnette being a "responsible" breeder who doesn't agree with the AKC, blah, blah, blah. Right, but when her daughter's litters need papers, the money is sent to the AKC willingly. Barnette's money isn't put aside with specific instructions to not pay for the cruelty of puppy mills, oh no. Her heart is with the purebreds of the world, and the agency that is responsible for so many of them.

Anonymous said...

"Barnette's money isn't put aside with specific instructions to not pay for the cruelty of puppy mills, oh no. "

Every time they go to a dog show, that dog show is paid for with puppy mill registration blood money.

The AKC lobbying is paid for with puppy mill registration blood money. And Barnette was an AKC legislative lobbyist.

Every AKC breeder personally benefits from puppy mills, the more the better, because the more mill dogs get born and AKC registered and AKC microchipped, the more money they have for their breed clubs, shows, events, absd lobbying, dog sales promotion.

Rick Berman costs money!

HonestyHelps said...

It's all blood money no matter how it's cut.