Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pacific Palisades SLAMS Door on Brenda Barnette And Rosendahl

Pacific Palisades literally cut off Barnette from her presentation on the pet limit increase. This is a major blow to Rosendahl since PP is in his district.

""Hot on the heels of Moore’s tip on barking dogs, Animal Services’ Barnette addressed shacking up with dogs and cats. The proposed ordinance to increase the number to pets per household to five dogs and five cats “may increase the public nuisance level and impair the quality of life in Pacific Palisades,” according to the Council. One councilmember warned of “unintended consequences of endangering household pets.

Urine run-off and fecal matter accumulated will be calculated from a scientific POV and then they will render a decision out of the Planning Commission and make a decision.

The Council was not receptive to Barnette’s argument: “The city is trying to cut costs and you’re going to have to police this? This will add millions to the city budget,” said one member.

“That is your opinion but it’s not fact based,” Barnette responded, respectfully.

“What is the purpose of increasing from three to five [animals per home]?" exclaimed a councilmember. "That makes no sense!”

Barnette said, “There’s maybe 10 percent of licensed animals out there…There’s no argument the department is not good at collecting licenses but those are apples and oranges. I agree this needs to be stepped up because we need to increase those revenues.”
(Apples and oranges??? The emphasis should be on collecting those 90% of unlicensed dogs, that would surely raise revenue! If LA can't collect on those dogs, then it can't collect on the 66% increase, can it?)

Without allowing Barnette to finish reading her statistics, the Council shut down the conversation pretty swiftly and unanimously voted against the measure.""
Looks like she didn't make any friends in that meeting.


Anonymous said...

If the BREEDERS were paying taxes on their millions of dollars in revenue that they hide and don't report thanks to lax laws, as well as properly paying their licensing fees which they are refusing to do (more lawbreaking), think how much revenue would be generated by cracking down on these breeder tax cheats.

Instead, Barnette wants to increase the breeder tax cheating and failure to license, and let puppy mills and dog fighters set up shop freely.

Anonymous said...

Think about the MASSIVE cost of policing that increase in animals in the households of all the millers, dog fighters, backyard breeders, selfish cruel people, hoarders.

The cost would be huge, and all so the AKC can open more puppy mills and cheat on their taxes more?

HonestyHelps said...

You would think that BB would be ashame to admit she hasn't concentrated on collecting the 90% of unlicensed dogs. They need to question her as to what her plans are to do that first. Then she wants to increase those unlicensed dogs by 66% basically. How much dumber can you get? Yes, if she concentrated on catching the illegal breeding going on in LA, that would produce much more money than this increase will.

Barnette wants to make this a breeder's heaven, that's her goal. She must have further aspirations and knows the breeders with their ill gotten money will support her.

Anonymous said...

A little insight into how the AKC puppy mill operation works, along with their Hunte Corporation friends and Petland.

This is what Brenda Barnette and all the SCUMBAGS at that breeder get-together she attended support. They need the puppy mill blood money to keep playing their games.


"I just got in a rescue that has paperwork from HUNTE corp. He was an owner turn in (due to moving). He has all the paperwork and lineage of his parents. I didn't even know who Hunte was until I needed to find out what micro chip company they use"

The microchip is sold through another AKC business. The dog is AKC registered. AKC works with Hunte Corporation, who brokers the mill puppies.

"the tricky part was they have AKC paperwork in the packet but it was to register for chipping or tracking purposes and had a little AKC tag." This is how the AKC makes still more money off the blood of puppy mill dogs. Another puppy mill business of the AKC.

Rescues, you are paying for the dogs that AKC makes money from with Hunte and Petland and the rest, while the AKC and puppy mills rakes in the buck so that people like Brenda Barnette can profit. Rescues get the dumped dogs and the bills and heartbreak.

That's what Barnette supports. That's why she wants to destroy the laws so the puppy mills that supply AKC with money can expand.

Anonymous said...

More "Golly guys, If I'm not mistaken lot's of the dogs that are rescued have been brokered by Hunte. Straight from the puppy mills to your local rescue. Talk about uncontrolled breeding principles."

AKC and Hunte work hand in hand.

Also some interesting comments from the AKC breeders wanting AKC to help them "fight the animal rights people" and fight against humane treatment of animals.

Barnette and ADL LA eff over the dogs. ADL LA, Barnette and her breeder friends and AKC have been trying to destroy you! Now you are slaves for their blood lust?

More from one of these scumbags that Barnette and AKC represent

"i've been reading alot of the post and reviews lately. I'm considering a job with hunte, despite all the knocks against this company I'll still put my app in. One thing I know is that everyone has an opion, whether it's right or wrong! I have 3 pitts, full blooded, champion blood lines, & and they are my BABIES! I do plan on breeding them once and making a little money"

and this classic about the kinds of breeders Barnette's AKC is doing business with, and all those breeders at that get-together profit from. And anyone wonders why they want to destroy animal control laws? They need all the pig farmer dog breeders they can get to register with AKC and use the AKC puppy mill breeder microchip service. It's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. AKC has a business relationship with Petland AND Hunte. THESE pig farmers are the breeders AKC is profitiong from and lobbying for and supporting.

"I called them after and they said there was nothing they could do but contact the breeder Katie Bendlage. OK first of all her name is on the pedigree but she is not a registered breeder??? She states on the internet she has the parents on site ect.. but I have emailed and called several times and realized this is a scam and using JC kennels (her brother) to send to Hunte corp and ship to puppy mills all for Petland Petstores. She is all over the internet selling different breeds and needs to be shut down! She is a pig farmer now breeding dogs the same way her family breeds pigs!"

HonestyHelps said...

And the ADL-LA condones all this as well with their support of Brenda Barnette. That's what is so shocking after the way they have acted in the past for far less than this.