Friday, February 25, 2011

Brenda Barnette & Best Fiends Bomb at “Acatemy”!

The highly touted Acatemy Awards adoption event in LA by Best Fiends, was a BOMB!

Only 58 cats were adopted in this "Big event". And they were doing the infamous hoarder sale, two-fer-one. Anyone looking to get a pet on sale probably can't afford the upkeep. You don't shop for a pet according to price. It's been shown that these "two-fer sales" result in a high number of returns. Any reputable rescue will tell you that unless two cats are bonded it is a mistake to do two together most of the time. Of course, there are exceptions and the two cats might work well together, but most often that doesn't happen. People get these cats home and one of two things happen. Either the cats don't get along together or they bond with each other and not the owner. A sure way for them (or at least one of them) to be sent back to the shelter or dumped.

Out of a city of 4-1/2-million people, only 58 cats adopted!! Possibly less than 30 people adopting. But Best Fiends thinks that is a success. Fair from it, it is a joke They took 137 cats to this event and only about a third were adopted. AND, how many of those went to rescues?

What is the definition of success, Best Fiends? I call this a FLOP. I bet at least a third to half are going to be returned to the shelter, but, of course, we’ll never know for sure. Are you finding cats homes or are you selling shoes, BOGO? Disgusting garbage, Best Fiends. Wonder how many donations were raised for Best Fiends because that is the real reason for these events. It has little to do with the animals, but a lot to do with donations and building a mailing address you can sell or use to solicit.. Let’s call for the City Council to prohibit the soliciting of donations whenever these events are held or having people sign things that give their contact information to ask for money later. The only ones who should be soliciting during events should be local charities, not one sitting in Utah or LAAS itself. If that happens, you won't be seeing Best Fiends around anymore.


Anonymous said...

All Best Friends wants is money, money, money for their own gains. That operation is being used like a personal ATM for some pretty greedy people.

But they will keep on getting the rescue community to help make them richer.

HonestyHelps said...

Best Fiends uses these events to gather names and addresses so they can solicit donations. They don't do it for any other reason.

LeeAnn Links said...

They called it "tabling" back when they were the Process Church of the Final Judgement and then the Foundation Faith of the Millennium.
The church never wanted to pay taxes in America and that's the only reason Best Friends exists.
We are being killed by pit bulls every ten days because this cult hit upon a more lucrative scheme than selling Satan and Lucifer.
The name change does not make Best Friends any less evil.
Even if some of them were initially faking belief just to belong to something or to live off of handouts, they have absolutely achieved their stated goals of creating chaos and mayhem, now.