Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, well, Miss BB, seems you have assured yourself of job security by pimping Best F(r)iends to the LA City Council. You had no intentions of letting anyone else have it, did you? Alarcon was correct in his calling you a sham. Now you've opened the door for this cultist group, you've assured yourself of a job with them, the question is WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING?

Breeder Barnette didn't even give the local groups a chance at this opportunity and that was deliberate. She wanted to make sure she gave it to Best F(r)iends for her own job security. Richard Alarcon called it a sham and he was right to do so. It won't save lives, it will take lives. Now the evidence pets will have to go into the other shelters, taking valuable space, and that will cost other animals their lives. Evidence pets can stay in shelters for months or years on end, taking up that valuable space. Now they will put moms with their litters back in the regular shelter instead of the peace and quiet of where they were. We all know how this will affect them, the moms will be stressed, milk will dry up and again, lives will be lost. Barnette doesn't care, she was only thinking of a new job so she can get outta LA.

How is Best F(r)iends gonna sink money into the shelter when they are claiming they don't even have enough money to provide adequate fencing at their own sanctuary?

Last year two of Vick's dog broke containment and ripped the head off an adoptable, non Vick dog.
Note how they closed the comments on this one. That's because their employees and ex-employees were telling the tale on the comments about how BF has refused to spend money for proper precautions. 

So there is an up side to losing a shelter and the LA Taxpayer is actually paying to get her outta town. High price but in the long run, it will be for the best. Breeder Barnette has assured herself of a job with Best F(r)iends with this move. We wish her well with her new position. Now instead of worshipping her evil master, Winograd, she can openly worship her Satan. 

Wonder what Nathie Boy thinks about this since he is now condemning BF along with everyone else? The only question now is "HOW SOON CAN YOU PACK, BREEDER BARNETTE?" I will even volunteer to help you on that. 


Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Winofraud and Best Friends?

HonestyHelps said...

If you can stomach it, go to his blog, he is down now on Best F(r)iends just like he is down on everyone else. Does he have any friends at all now other than the NAIA, Berman, and the breeding community? Those were his friends all along anyway.

Like the Winofraud, good one.