Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am extending an invitation to my readers to go to this blog

It seems that many people are becoming disillusioned with Nathan Winograd and this is one of them. So welcome him with open arms. We can't win the war if our soldiers are hiding and more are coming out all the time.

Here's another one.  Sharon Adams of the Virginia Beach SPCA writes a good piece, an accurate piece, and now she will be in the sights of Nathan Winograd. Let's wish her good luck.

Here's another questioning the Whino's sanity.

Another blog that was offline for awhile due to efforts probably by the Whinonettes to silence us. But it is back up and well worth a read.

Oreo is back online too and keeps tabs on Washoe.

Hey, Nathie, the list is growing, you're gonna lose. We know what you are, a pawn being used by Rick Berman and the breeders. You're just a little man with a short man syndrome and you've done enough damage. You won't win, only justice and right wins and you are neither.


Anonymous said...

In Tucson, AZ, a no-kill cat shelter is having financial problems. News story:

The comments that follow are quite interesting. Here's an excerpt from one of them:

"The animals shouldn't have to pay the price for heartless, irresponsible humans... but we also should not encourage pet ownership the way we do. We've become a pet-obsessed society and that's at the root of the problem. Every year Pima County euthanizes 10,000 pets a year and thousands more live out their lives in shelters. We need ad campaigns to discourage pet ownership by anyone unable or unwilling to be fully responsible... instead we encourage it and offer discount days so that people who couldn't afford a $50 animal can bring one home. But if they couldn't afford $50 how can they afford pet food and vet bills. It's a cycle that needs to be broken."

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, we are not selling shoes here, we are selling lives. And these "No Kill" shelters have cheapened these lives with these BOGO sales. Cheap lives means more suffering, more animals coming into the shelters. Why can't these people understand that? We're not in a competition, we are trying to do right by pets. And doing right means making it harder to get a pet. If you work for something, you appreciate it more. Pimping pets is immoral but then again since when does Nathan Winograd have any morals?

Anonymous said...

"And these "No Kill" shelters have cheapened these lives with these BOGO sales".

And you've cheapened them to say they have no value at all and should be terminated. The value on life doesn't get any less than discarding it and ending life completely.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:26, are you pissed that we want to stop their suffering and your ability to jack yourself off thinking about the suffering? Yes, I think people like yourself are perverts because you want them to suffer before they die an inhumane death. Go wipe yourself with the toilet paper of Nathan Winograd because your shit is stinking up the world.