Thursday, August 4, 2011


Of course, Winograd will say it isn't true. The Country of India says differently.

The most recent death of a child trying to get away from stray dogs by running out in front of a speeding truck is only one death contributed to India's stray dog problem. Just days before one two year child was ripped to pieces while another survived a horrendous attack by stray dogs. 

India has put considerable money into spay/neuter in hopes of eliminating these stray dogs but it is to no avail thanks to the "No Kill'ers that have invaded. Seems these "No Kill'ers prevent the government from rounding up strays, leaving them on the streets. And the results are children dying. 

"Animal lovers have condemned the BBMP for blaming them.  Followers of what appears to be the equivalent of the American “no kill” movement,  have come together in protest, suggesting that the BBMP invest in massive housing of the animals, instead of in “dead initiatives.”"

And the cult followers of the Whino just insist that he is all for spay/neuter. Well, I say actions speak louder than words. And these cult followers of the Whino want bigger and bigger and bigger shelters rather than facing the reality of the situation. India is not exactly overflowing with the funds to build and house all these strays, no place really is. Why aren't these people concerned about the safety of the community?
Whenever our dog catching vehicles approach an area from where complaints have come in, animal activists stage protests and force us to leave," Ahmed said.

Rabies is a problem in India. A survey conducted by the department in the year 2003-04 revealed that 32,000 dog bites were registered. Post this report, the department adopted several animal birth control measures put forth by the Supreme Court, following which 20,000 dog bites were reported in 2010-2011, including pet dog bites. Twenty deaths due to rabid dog bites were reported in 200-02 and in 2010, one death was reported in this category. Obviously the solution of spay/neuter is having a very positive effect.

Here's a good example of how these "animal lovers" think. We all know that a quarter acre is not very big yet this "No Kill'er" keeps 40 dogs on just that!! And you think "No Kill" is not cruel? That's cruelty, yes it is. Imagine the fights that occur every day probably.  

"Animal lovers however have slammed the BBMP for blaming them. Pramod, an animal lover who has adopted 40 strays, which he keeps in his quarter acre plot said, "The idea of culling stray dogs is immature."

What is immature about wanting a community safe? What is immature in wanting to save the lives of children from dog attacks? Let's not even talk about the disease and filth of allowing roaming dogs. We already know about that from our experience with the feral cats. 

Take a good look, America. This movement is already condemning shelters here. I predict that one day, in the near future, that the name of Nathan Winograd and "No Kill" will be ended with spit on the floor.

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