Sunday, August 14, 2011


Here is one of the most perfect examples of the deceptive practices of the Center for Consumer Freedom. One has to ask, who taught whom? Rick Berman and Nathan Winograd must have been born twins and maybe separated at birth, who knows? I came across this and just wanted to show the world how these two deceive people.

HSUS has a horse sanctuary in Springfield, Oregon. They have 1120 acres for rescued horses and probably other hooved animals as well but we will concentrate on the horses. I came across this in my research and thinks it proves beyond a doubt as to how these two practice their deception.
Watch the video. In this video, note the feedlots, several of them. See the small amount of space that this video covers and then think in terms of 1120 acres. Now use common sense, something that Berman and Winograd are severely lacking in, to realize that all the horses on this 1120 acres will show up at these feedlots at least once a day. Also this video was taken in February and anyone that knows Oregon also knows the amount of rain that Oregon gets in February, a lot!! They focus only on a small area, probably no more than a couple of acres. It makes sense to know that when a lot of horses are tramping around in the same area, you won't see grass, you'll see mud. Mud from the rain plus the urine. Feedlot areas always look like this, you won't see grass growing around them, you'll see mud. They focus on a few down branches, piled up in a small area. Well, geez, horses aren't going to get into these branches and hurt themselves, they have better sense than that. Besides, fallen branches are a fact of life anyway. If you go on trail rides, you'll encounter branches and far worse things for a horse. 

CCF has managed to get a vet to say dangerous conditions. I say that vet needs his license pulled for unethical reasons. CCF gets some "horsemen" to comment, yeah right, let's go see how these "horsemen" keep their horses because in February in Oregon, their feedlots will look the same, believe me. 

CCF talks about HSUS pressing charges against a woman because her horses were in the mud. Excuse me, but her horses were confined in mud, they didn't have 1120 acres to roam around in that isn't muddy. There's a difference.

This shows that CCF is deliberately deceptive. Imagine them saying that they are only going to show a small portion comparing it to HSUS showing small portions. Doesn't make sense at all. 
It's worth noting that the above video is just 40 or 45 seconds of video, out of the roughly five minutes of film that we got from the undercover videographer. We did this quite on purpose, 

It's only 40 or 45 seconds because that is all they could film to suit their purpose. Had they filmed the rest of the sanctuary, it would have made them a laughing stock. 

IT'S CALL DECEPTION, FOLKS, AND WHO IS LEARNING THIS FROM WHOM? These are the same things that Winograd does. Only showing something and describing it in his terms rather than the truth. I can't wait until Berman and Winograd stand before the Gates and try to explain themselves. Look in hell, that's where these two will be.

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