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I'm not meaning to insinuate anything here actually but you can read for yourself. Go Kathy!!

Remember a short while ago, Breeder Barnette made the mistake of firing the last of the "old regime", Kathy Davis?  And when Kathy left, that was the last of those who could cover your ass for you. Big mistake, BB. 

Now it appears it was an even bigger mistake than you realized. Kathy Davis has been hired by the Heigl Foundation as it's Executive Officer. CONGRATS KATHY!!


For Immediate Release August 2011

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation Announcesthe Hiring of Kathy Davis as its Executive Director 
Los Angeles, Calif. – The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (Heigl Foundation), is announcing the hiring of Kathy Davis to serve as its Executive Director,effective Monday, September 5, 2011. “We are thrilled to have someone as experienced and compassionate as Kathy Davis join the foundation and are confident that her leadership, experience and tireless work ethic will guide our foundation toward meeting our ultimate goal of ending the needless suffering of companion pets and to serve as the voice of our compassion revolution.” (Katherine and Nancy Heigl). Ms. Davis has over 20 years of experience in animal care and control, most recently serving as the Assistant General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing various programs targeted at reducing the number of pets entering and subsequently euthanized at local shelters and placing particular attention toward the launch of low cost spay/neuter programs made available to residents in high need areas. Ms.Davis was instrumental in the successful launch of the “Apollo Initiative”, a program subsidized by the Heigl Foundation, which aims to offer free spay/neuter services to the general public from designated zip codes in an effort to decrease unwanted and accidental litters and increase awareness. “I am delighted to join the Heigl Foundation as itsExecutive Director and excited for the opportunity to expand the foundation’s existing programs and develop additional programs to continue to save the lives of companion pets throughout our cities and be on the forefront of finding a collective solution to the pet overpopulation crisis.” (Kathy Davis).

And the effects of Breeder Barnette's stupid mistake are already being felt. We've already seen the effect in emails and letters written by 7th grader Barnette. But this effect is even better. Here's is BB's announcement of the loss of spay/neuter funding by the Heigl Foundation on August 9th.

From: Brenda Barnette RE: HEIGL FOUNDATION
On August 9, 2011, we received the very unexpected news that the Heigl Foundation, after more than years of consistent dedication to and generous support of LAAS and its New Hope Partners, was no longer funding its valuable program which provided spay/neuter surgeries for animals adopted from LAAS by New Hope Partners. Without the Heigl Foundation contribution, the price for all New Hope Partners to rescue from LAAS shelters increased by $40 per animal.

Well, needless to say BB was bombarded for an explanation for this withdrawal. That means that the New Hope partners will need a little bit more change to rescue animals from the shelter. It also means that they probably won't be taking too many out anymore. Thus BB's numbers will really go down down the toilet, even more than they have been doing for the past year. 

In Brenda Barnette's August 9th notification to New Hope Partners, she explained the reason for Heigl Foundation's decision this way:
“At this time, the JDHF Board has decided to change the focus of some of their philanthropic giving and they have discontinued their subsidies for New Hope Partners rescuing from Los Angeles City Shelters.”

That was BB's explanation for the loss of the Heigl Foundation's steady support to the tune of well over $1 million to LAAS. NOW, here is the explanation directly from the horse's mouth to your ears. This was sent to the rescues to clarify the "statement" made by Breeder Barnette.

We have received information of LA Animal Services' notice to New Hope partners of the Heigl Foundation's discontinuation of funding for the New Hope program. Unfortunately, the notice was misleading and failed to provide the appropriate context and relevant facts regarding the decision to suspend the subsidy for the near term. (A polite way of saying "Barnette, you lied!!) Despite our continued and tireless efforts to work cooperatively with the department in providing financial and strategic planning support various programs, LA Animal Services has been unable to reciprocate the same spirit of partnership and working collaboratively to address the challenges we face in our efforts to better the lives of animals in our cities. (More politeness saying "Barnette, you are a screw up and are screwing LAAS)  We would like to assure you that the Heigl Foundation will continue to work with and support any department (including LA Animal Services) tasked with caring for the homeless pets of our cities if the leadership of such department is committed to the ultimate goal and takes actions that communicate that spirit of cooperation. Additionally, please have no doubt that the Heigl Foundation will continue to fully support the amazing efforts of reputable rescue organizations that work tirelessly to care for our homeless pets. We are excited to look forward to announcing various new programs and increased funding support for various existing programs in the coming months to help you in saving lives of animals at our municipal shelters and throughout our cities. We are honored to be your partner and will continue our dedication to support your efforts.
JDHF Board

ARE YOU HAVING A BAD DAY, BARNETTE?? JUST SIT BACK AND HAVE ANOTHER GLASS OF WINE, OR TWO GLASSES, OR THREE. Besides you have assured yourself of a job by pimping out one of our shelters to the Best Fiends. Are you planning to join their little church as well? Maybe you are already a member. I'm sure they will offer you some comfort and maybe a little blood for that wine glass too. 


Anonymous said...

This is a truly great blog entry! It reveals the essence of the inordinately profane politics pushed upon us by the philistine greed of corrupt policy headline makers only interested in a fix -- like Brenda Barnette.

Congratulations! the the Heigl Foundation on their moral courage and fabulous work. This post should be linked and sent everywhere in the city, all Rescues!

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon and feel free to cross post anywhere and everywhere.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the strong possibility that Barnette is a BF MOLE then you can see she was actually being Smart to get rid of Davis, who could finally see through the true agenda when Barnette was pushing to get the BF into the city -- against the recommendations of Davis. You will recall Barnette told the City Council, on the 16th, that she did have lunch with the Heigl Foundation months earlier, who was not happy with the BF coming into the fold as part of Barnette's program. I would venture this is when Davis was recognized by Heigl Foundation as a real warrior and forged the plan to come to be the Exec Dir of the HF down the line.

Barnette has made some serious enemies so she is smart to have gotten rid of Davis -- and note the similar time stamps when teh Heigl Foundation ceased funding Barnette's programs? HAH!

You will find what Barnette is doing out of Machiavelli's The Prince. But more importantly, if we can find the earliest connection (as in years back), I do not doubt we will find out Barnette is actually taking ORDERS from the Process Church's front group, Best Friends Society!

Francis Battista, who was a founding leader of Process Church's later church incarnation and brought his flock to their current Utah "sanctuary", was in front of the City Council on the 16th of August representing the Holy Mission of Best Friends for Los Angeles.

Hello? Anybody out there? Hello?

HonestyHelps said...

I'm here, Anon, and believe me, I am listening. Considering that I average a great many hits from LA City Hall, I bet they are now listening too.

Anonymous said...

Trying to locate documents of Church members is almost impossible. What's troubling is Mr Battista brushes off their activities as a sort of counter culture movement as though it's a heartwarming memory.


Denying the incredible harm done to children born from members says a lot about who and what they are today. It's very scary.

HonestyHelps said...

Someone said, one man's cult is another man's church. I'm a pretty liberal, live and let live, sorta person, but these guys are way over my head. I don't to have anything to do with them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone here and elsewhere certainly knows the ancient wisdom Rule(at least I hope they do) if something seems just too goddamn good to be true -- it ain't!

To the utter astonishment of modern LA intelligentsia Best Friends has been selected and given a 19M animal shelter -- to continue their "adoptions". Right in the face of making many enemies of the largest animal rescue foundations in the County. Right in the face of removing Davis and all helpful advisers.

On the face of it, looks like she is crazy, making big mistakes, blowing the job, etc. Totally seemingly against her background as a manager, etc. But Ladies and Gents, let up apply the above Ancient Rule: meaning, she is NOT that stupid; she is NOT that crazy. All of this is intentional and is like a crowning achievement to BB! She is in fact achieving her TRUE goals! The long-standing Los Angeles Rescues are being treated like enemies -- oh-oh, which Church has a 50 record of doing same? Which church did the Process Church originate from? Duh!

So you see, from this perspective then, everything BB is doing makes sense.

You guys want to stop it? Forget about "guilty through association". Find the smoking gun! Find her actual history -- with pictures, please :-)

Anonymous said...

Let me explain a bit more about this "enemy" thing, since the reality-staring-you-in-the-face is shocking.

Why would an intelligent, obviously experienced politically minded executive intentionally create enemies of the biggest Rescue groups in LA? Normally, a person in her position would really BE political and try to get both sides in on the deal, to satisfy both ends. In this case she would have tried to negotiate a mutual situation between all who wanted to participate in the Shelter's application to the City's needs, right? She would then be a "hero" and maintain friendships with all the other parties she will need help from in the future.

Yet she was obstinate about getting the BF exclusivity where she could have easily negotiated more leniency ("we will lose the deal" she threatened Cadenza).

Yet she was uncaring if she made enemies with all the Rescue Groups -- especially Heigl -- who she put down to the City Council (and everyone watching) that the Foundation didnt "Say anything" to her about wanting the Shelter -- just as she put down all the others, publicaly. Why would she act so outrightly hostile?

There is only one answer: she already considered everyone to be her enemies! She had already planned their outing from City political offices. Her masters, the Church behind the BF, are proud of her, because now they have wedged themselves into soon controling the largest animal rescue city in the country!

Read up on BF's Las Vegas shindig, with BB as a featured speaker. Hello! Anyone out there listening!!??

HonestyHelps said...

In other words, Anon:41, job security. LA is proving to be too much, she's not so dumb she doesn't realize it and her days are numbered in LA. So hey, deliver the shelter, assured yourself of a job, probably making more money with a national organization. Yep.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, first let me say, no it is not "over your head" at all. And no, IMHO, job security has little to do with it -- she already HAS a job with the BF :-)

In our great country, everyone is FREE to practice their own personal religious beliefs. There are probably as many versions of GOD as their are people praying to him/her :-) That is the beauty of being an American. So anyone can say, "we are practicing our beliefs" and form a church. That is not the problem and never was. It is the abuse of this freedom which always is the exception, not the rule.

What we are looking at a the results of very long range planning. We are looking at the classic methods certain religious cults have employed to "handle" their enemies: 1) Denounce and discredit them publicaly. 2)Denounce and discredit them to their customer or financial base
3) Hire private investigators to find the "dirt" (or make it up if not found), then make it public-or threaten to. (In lieu of "Dirt" threaten cutoff of life services), and 5) Harass them privately & Endlessly, until they submit.

Anon:41's Predictions: A war is coming, between Barnette and the Rescue groups of LA.

Prediction #1) Already Barnette has blamed the Heigl Foundation for causing the City to charge $40 more for each adoption. Hear the Tone of her Press Release - the Heigl Foundation's Betrayal of the City! Where there are complaints she will have all her minions publicaly BLAME the Heigl people for this "attrocious anti-animal behavior". This is to announce how self-righteous she is -- to the people who donate to the Foundation! (See #1 and #2 above)

Prediction #2) Barnette will threaten the smaller Rescues who side with Heigl, et al, with tougher laws against their rescue work, if they do not agree with her:

Take another read of the Heigl's Response -- of cooperation from the City -- read, how BB placed MORE importance on an out of state group like the BF against all the YEARS of work by Heigl and the others.

War is coming, Ladies and Gents. Heigl, Amanda, and all the others need our help! Find the Smoking Gun!

HonestyHelps said...

I stand corrected. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, I wouldn't have believed it myself had you not had the courage to publish all the relevant pieces! All I did was see the connections. If I hadn't been told about the City Council meeting and saw Barnette -- then saw the press releases you published -- OMG -- there it is! (he said to himself, mouth gaping).

But know what? it takes an enormous amount of Cash to pull this kind of planning off. Lots of Cash! Unaccounted Cash! and the BF sure has it.

Think of all the programs they will now be invited to -- because most people cannot see beyond the Cash waived in front of them!

I wonder, Honesty, do you think the BF will "graciously" come in and offer to "replace" the Heigl City donations? Talk about manipulation!

To quote Brando in Apocalypse Now, "...The Horror. The Horror")

Thanks again for your great blog and letting me speak.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:04, you are very welcome. Use this info to do what you can to fight what they are trying to do to us. The Council should be able to trust the head of any department and their trust has been used for personal gain. Barnette strikes again, just like she did in King County. She was found out there and she will be found out here.

Anonymous said...

anon-you hit a bulls eye. That is why I was trying to find a historical connection between BB and BF.

And, to quote back even further, might I credit Joseph Conrad in "The Heart of Darkness" who initially wrote about "the horror, the horror?" In the book and the movie, Marlow acknowledges the depths of man's banality if he should take it to the max. That is "the horror."

BTW...I understand, in the movie, the cow was really slaughtered. How telling and befitting under the circumstances.