Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well, well, so Councilman Paul Koretz has  published that he's had "TREMENDOUS" success and adopted out a FEW animals at a shopping mall. Are a "few animals" a tremendous success? Why doesn't he tell us how many animals were shown and how many got adopted? Koretz needs to be realistic and admit that it is NOT easy to get homes for shelter animals, and just taking a few to malls isn't going to solve the problem. If he got his head out of Barnette's sandbox, he might be able to see that we've got a REAL problem and he isn't helping it.

Take Me Home Day

Councilmember Koretz joined Westside Neighborhood Council and LA Animal Services for a "Take Me Home" day at the Westside Pavilion. The Westside Neighborhood Council has been working with various shelters and rescues throughout the district to hold weekend adoption events in the mall to find homes for dogs and cats. The adoption events have been tremendously successful, with several dogs and cats finding permanent homes. (Several doesn't sound like "tremendously successful" to me!)

Or is Koretz learning just how hard it is to adopt out shelter animals? Show us the numbers, Koretz, not just your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of adoptions, I heard that the BF cult members are urging rescuers across the country to sell their animals for 5 dollars each on a particular day.

Any truth to that rumor?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:30, we both know BF well enough to know the answer to that. It's disgraceful how the likes of BF, Whino, and others have cheapened life so much.

Anonymous said...

So sad-I'm sure the bunchers and dog fighters are chomping at the bit.

HonestyHelps said...

For sure they love this "No Kill" shit. No longer does the seller to research labs or the dogmen have to chase them down the street, now they walk into a "No Kill" shelter instead. The bunchers and dogmen have never had it so good since the advent of "No Kill".