Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hi there this is Kristie Ceith and I have just returned from the conference. I am still suffering, however, from my head up my ass but I'll contribute that to jet lag. But I can say that I am still just as stupid and ignorant as ever, not to mention I am still a breeder.

I can still hear the ringing in my ears from all the whining. And Bonney Brown announced that she will be leaving Reno to become a photographer. Then she plans to write a book of names for shelters to use.

What's in a name anyway? At the No Kill shelters, since they turn away desperate owners, dogs are then dumped on the shelter, left at the door step, tied to the building, and no one leaves a name. Just because it has been a beloved pet for years and using the name it knows would help relieve the stress in the shelter, doesn't mean that the shelter can't give it a new name.

And all those overworked shelter workers will be glad to take all day to make a wonderful photo of one dog and take hours pouring over a list of names for one that is appropriate. And if the new owner doesn't like the shelter name, then they can change it and confuse the dog all over.

Hell, I think that shelters should name all the dogs after me. Gotta go now, busy breeding my dogs so I can give my tithe to my Messiah.


Paul said...

Did she really say she was going to write a book about dog names? Wow, talk about a great use of time.

HonestyHelps said...

It would be a better use of her time than what she currently does, which is dog breeding and promoting it under the guise of "I care about animals".

The point I was making with this satire is that experience shows that the "No Kill" shelters turn owners away (Make an appointment is how they claim to not do this). When someone wants to "get rid of" their pet, they will do it whether the shelter takes it or not. Rancho Cucamonga, who bought the Whino's NKE program, went from a hundred or so "public" surrenders a year to over 4600 a year. Public surrenders are those of good people picking up a stray and bringing it into the shelter. There is no charge to do this. If you are an owner, there is a fee to surrender. So since the Rancho shelter was turning away owners who flocked there after they declared "No Kill", the owners were then turning around and sending their pet to the shelter as a stray. This means the pet is left without a history or a name. I find it disgraceful that they would allow this to continue. If a pet has a name it knows, it makes it so much easier on it at the shelter.

So this woman I wrote the satire about is complaining that shelters don't name a animal and use numbers. First of all, all records are kept by number not by a name. Second, it makes it harder on staff if something personal such as a name is put on an animal, particularly if the animal has to go down. And third, if the animal get use to the name assigned by the shelter and then goes into a home where they change the name, it confuses the dog who is already confused by everything.

This woman has a regular blog on Pet Connection.

Anonymous said...

It's much worse than breeding.

She is a LOBBYIST for AKC and related concerns, actively involved in lobbying AGAINST things like anti-cruelty laws, anti-puppy mill laws, and the rest.

This makes her position at this newspaper even more unethical!

Keith is a business lobbyist, and hides this from her readers when she uses her column to LOBBY FOR HER BUSINESS INTERESTS and spread lobbying propaganda.

And promoting Winograd is business lobbying.

Anonymous said...

Also she doesn't just write on that Pet Connection. She has a relationship with the owner (one of them.) Gina Spadafori.

Keith and Spadafori have a BUSINESS relationship as well as a personal one.

They often lobby together as well.

Pet Connection is a BREEDER website that tries to hide that interest under some sort of cooked up "pet journalism" front.

Keith also works FOR PetHobbyist, a breeder company.

Anonymous said...

With regard to Center For Consumer Freedom (involved with Winograd), the AKC (whose members use CCF propaganda, as do AKC breed clubs and lobby groups) and puppy mills


"the state’s Department of Agriculture even went so far as to distribute anti-HSUS literature from the iniquitous Center for Consumer Freedom, a front group for animal use industries"

Puppy mills, AKC, the Department of Agriculture, Nathan Winograd, Center For Consumer Freedom

A family united.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer to see an animal keep the name it came in with. If it has no name then leave it that way and let the adopter name it. I read the Pet Connection piece and it was grabbing at a straw.
Pixie had a name and I used it, the new girl has a name and I kept it. She's had it for 7 years, why confuse her more ?