Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OMG, The Messiah and Doug Rae

Well, you have heard me refer to the "Messiah", how the Whinonettes proclaim that the Whino is the second coming. I thought I was clever, however, I have learned that this is indeed true. Want confirmation of this, listen to the review written by Doug Rae, formally of the infamous PACCA fiasco, and now making his own fiasco in Indy. I will say a prayer for Indy, they know not what is about to hit them.

The only guide ever needed for Shelter Management!!!!, September 14, 2007

What a well-informed read REDEMPTION was, and what a kick in the pants for those who sorely deserve it. This industry needs a good shake-down and Winograd is not afraid to do just that in this book. More people need to stand up and call it like it is but sadly most `Leaders' in animal welfare are in it for the personal spotlight....Not Winograd. His priorities are in line with Henry Berg's vision on protecting animals `from' people. Something the leaders in this industry clearly have forgotten along the way.

I plan to read REDEMPTION at least 3 times a year to keep my mind fresh, motivated and crystal clear as to why I chose animal welfare as my career - to save lives...PERIOD!! Just as the Bible is available in a pocket sized edition, so should REDEMPTION. Every Director's job description should include verbiage speaking to "carrying REDEMPTION in his or her back pocket at all times; reviewing to its principles as needed". Within REDEMPTION is a roadmap of proven success; but I have little doubt this book will have its fair share of cynics.

Yes, the same cynics who claim that the only way to manage an animal shelter is to kill, kill and kill some more while blaming the deaths on the general public. Not here. REDEMPTION tells it like it is, as Winograd calls out the organizations (and people) who hide behind multi-million dollar budgets, 6 figure salaries, and excuse after excuse as to why they can't get it done in their city. REDEMPTION is the industry's best read and Winograd will one day go down as the savior to animal-welfare.

I've said it before and I will say it again, the second coming will not be in a "dog pound". How dare this ignorant failure make a comparison to my God and Jesus. First, it pisses me off that this fool thinks like this and second, it really pisses me off that he compares the Whino to God. What a total jerk this man is. Let's just hope that his role in all of this is one of Judah.


HonestyHelps said...

To update and answer a comment sent in, I saw about Indy at about 6:00 this morning. Ruined my day. However, Mike Speedy assures me that he will continue fighting and he is no fan of "No Kill" either. Thanks for making sure I knew this, I do miss things sometimes, good to know I have backup.

HonestyHelps said...

Forgot to mention that Indy is not going to required regulation of pit bulls despite the rash of attacks. Anyone wanting to support Mike Speedy in his attempts to do this and you are a constituent, please get involved.

Anonymous said...

If the public is not responsible for pet population, who is?

Watchman on the Wall

HonestyHelps said...

Haven't you heard, there is no pet overpopulation and thereby no irresponsible public. I wonder what you call those who abuse animals if they are already part of a responsible public.

Anyway, there is a complicated formula that says there are plenty of homes. Yeah, and if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn.

All those involved in this complicated formula are basically competition for the open door shelters. My question is why not go after those others and create less competition for the shelters.

The answer for that is who would buy the Whino's book if he offended the breeding industry and crazed "rescue" people. The good rescue people keep their mouths shut for fear of reprisail.

Who is responsible? My vote is the public, responsible or irresponsible. If you don't speak out then you are just as irresponsible as those others.

Paul said...

It's totally amazing to me that these assholes think that even though every moron with a dog is breeding them, people think neutering their dog is stealing its manhood, and that shelters are totally full already, that EVERY dog could and would be saved. Most galling are the ones who use resources that could be put to use re-homing good dogs in order to defend and replace dogs who are aggressive or have bitten.

HonestyHelps said...

PM, that is the biggest point of all. Spending money to "save them all" when so many truly good, adoptable dogs are put down. I say that when we get to a point where no good dogs need be put down, then we can start spending money to save the less than good dogs. It's such a waste, it is so disgraceful.